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App Spotlight: CallFlakes automates phone-call follow-ups

Every time you hang up a call, this clever Android app swings into action, giving you a choice of seven useful follow-up tasks.

If your smartphone was truly smart, it would give you a lot more post-call options.

For example, think about the last time you hung up the phone with your boss, a co-worker, or a client. I'll reckon the very next thing you did was schedule a meeting with that person, set a reminder to do something related to the call, or send a follow-up e-mail.

All those actions require a bunch of tapping, a bunch of hopping around to different apps. Why is there no "follow-up" screen to simplify those kinds of actions?

There is, for Android users at least, and it's called CallFlakes.

This ad-supported app swoops in whenever you finish a call, offering six handy follow-up options: Text, Reminder, Email, Meeting, Share, and Call. (There's also a Web-search button in case you want to immediately Google something.)

So it's literally a one-tap affair to launch any of those functions. That's incredibly useful for anyone who makes and takes a lot of calls. It's the kind of functionality that's hard to live without once you start using it. (It also makes me think harder about ditching my iPhone for an Android phone.)

CallFlakes can also sync up with your Facebook account, effectively adding a "Facebook Caller ID" to your phone. When a call comes in from one of your Facebook friends, you'll see his or her profile photo along with recent status updates.

I won't say there's tremendous productivity value there, but it's a nice feature all the same.

On my Motorola Defy XT, CallFlakes worked well for the most part. It's not the prettiest app I've ever seen, but, wow, does it come in handy.

And speaking of handy apps, be sure to check out CallApp as well. It's like an Android contact manager on steroids.

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