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Remains of the Day: Deja vu all over again

Apple may be having a busy month as it reportedly ramps up production for the iPad mini, supposedly marshals its retail store employees to fix maps, and maybe even has to take on Samsung all over again. The remainders for Wednesday, October 3, 2012 are going back ... to the future.

Apple Suppliers Begin Producing Smaller Version of iPad (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)

According to the Journal, Asian-based suppliers are ramping up production of materials to be used in a 7.85-inch iPad, which it says will ship later this month. Which is obvious--only a complete and total idiot would think otherwise.

Nokia Lumia 920 - Time to #switch (YouTube)

Nokia would like to remind you, via its latest ad, that its newest smartphones come in colors, unlike Apple's dull black and white models. It would also like you to not remember that those phones don't as yet have prices.

Mapping a Path Out of Steve Jobs's Shadow (BloombergBusinessweek)

"Apple insiders say Jobs himself initiated the mapping project, putting mobile software chief Forstall in charge, and he installed a secret team on the third floor of Building 2 on Apple's campus to replace Google Maps on the iPhone." So much for things Steve would never have done ...

Apple Turning to Select Retail Store Employees to Help Improve Maps for iOS 6 (MacRumors)

So, Steve Jobs started the map transition, but what's Tim Cook going to do about it? MacRumors says Apple is enlisting its retail store staff to help update and improve iOS 6 Maps, though it's unclear exactly how that will work. I'm hoping they enlist legions of scrappy kids who can sing and dance.

Samsung claims foreman lied about his past to get on Apple v. Samsung jury (Ars Technica)

Well, we're getting ready for round two between Apple and Samsung. The Korean-based company is trying a number of tactics, including attacking the jury foreman on the case and asking for a reduction of damages by more than 95 percent. To back up the latter, the company cites a J.D. Power survey which said that only 5 percent of customers purchase a phone because of its looks. Yeah, I'm going to let Steve Jobs handle that one.

The "Lost" Steve Jobs Speech from 1983; Foreshadowing Wireless Networking, the iPad, and the App Store (Life, Liberty, and Technology)

Speaking of Jobs, here's a recording of a talk he gave in 1983, in which he predicted things like mobile platforms, Google Street View, wireless networking, and perhaps even Siri. Or, in other words, incontrovertible evidence that Steve Jobs was a time traveler.

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