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TraxItAll for iPhone

TraxItAll lets you track data and generate reports based on those results in an effort to chart your progress toward a goal. Whether you’re tracking how often you go to the gym, how many glasses of water you drink daily, or how many pushups you can do consecutively, this $2 iPhone productivity app from TraxItAll wants to help you record it.

One of the most important aspects to any productivity app of this nature is customization; after all, what good is such an app if you can’t track things the way you want to track them? TraxItAll offers full customization, from the types of tracking (totals, averages, and so forth) to the names and categories of your goals. Let’s say you want to track how often you go to the gym each week (an average) and how many glasses of water you drink daily (a total). TraxItAll handles both tasks with aplomb.

You enter your task by tapping once. If the task requires a yes or no answer, you tap once for yes (and add one tally to your total) and twice for no. If the task requires a simple total (such as the water example) you tap once to enter a new tally. TraxItAll generates reports for both types of data, complete with email and a “share via Facebook photo album” option.

While TraxItAll is relatively straightforward to use, it does contain some interface issues. TraxItAll is available in portrait mode during data entry, however its results reports and charts switch to landscape mode if the phone is held that way. In testing I also found that these charts didn’t always fill the screen and sometimes left as much as a quarter of the screen with a blank background. I was also unable to go back to the previous screen at times after viewing a chart in landscape mode. Although the back button reappeared in portrait mode, I had to close TraxItAll completely to back up while in landscape viewing mode. Neither issue is a showstopper, and both could likely be fixed with a simple update.

TraxItAll is a straightforward productivity app that is helpful due to its easy customization. It lacks polish at times but it represents a good first step in a crowded field.

Macworld contributor Brendan Wilhide covers the sports industry and social media on Sportsin140.com.

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