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Piquant: A Super Cheap Universal Tripod Mount for Any Smartphone

Artist and teacher Jin Tsubota creates a universal tripod mount with suction cups that works for any smartphone or mobile device.

You probably don't think of using your smartphone's camera with a tripod.But what if you ever want to utilize your phone camera with that carbon-fiber tripod and ball head mount? After all, many new smartphone cameras do a good job at capturing photos on the go.

If you do want to use your smartphone with a tripod, you'll probably end up having to put your phone in a hideous-looking case with a tripod mount that looks more like a plastic goiter. Luckily, mounting your smartphone might be a lot more pleasant with the suction cup-equipped Piquant smartphone tripod mount.

The Piquant, designed by Oakland-based artist and instructor Jin Tsubota, is simply a tripod mount you can stick to your smartphone and use with anything that has a standard quarter-inch threaded tripod bolt. It's completely device-agnostic and works on any device has at least three inches of non-rubber surface area. And since it uses suction cups, it won't really matter if you already have a case on your device.

The Piquant is super compact: It's only three inches wide, so you can just stick it in your bag or pocket. When you need it, just whip it out, stick it to your phone, and mount it to a tripod, and you're ready to shoot.

Right now, Piquant is a Kickstarter project, and Jin wants to raise $2,000 to get it into production. It's also really inexpensive; to preorder your Piquant, you only need to pledge $15 (add $5 for international shipping).

[Piquant: Low-Cost Universal Smartphone Tripod Mount (Kickstarter)]

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