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Make Your iPhone Waterproof With Liquipel

Liquipel isn't a case; it's a clear "nano" coating that makes your gadget impervious to water.

No, Liquipel is not simply a case for your iPhone. It is a patent-pending process of coating a device inside and out with a "nano" coating that is impervious to moisture. No, I wouldn't take your iPhone SCUBA diving or anything, but if you're accident prone, this may be just the thing to save yourself another embarrassing trip to the Apple Store.

The process apparently has no effect on features such as battery charging or network strength. It also does not seem to affect the look or feel of your treated device.

One downside is that you have to send your phone off to have the process done, though turnaround time is a mere 1-2 days. It costs $59 and works for all types of electronic devices.

Watch Liquipel in action with this iPhone 4S playing video underwater.

This actually isn't the first time we've seen waterproof nanotech coatings for phones; late last year, HzO demonstrated a similar water-tight seal. iPhone in the bath tub anyone? Use the Comments!

Mike Keller is PCWorld's resident iOS Developer nerd. Catch Diary of a Developer every Tuesday here at GeekTech.

[Liquipel via TUAW]

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