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Turn Your iPhone Into a Walkman With Audman

A Kickstarter project hopes to transform your iPod and iPhone into a Walkman for ultimate retro appeal.

Do you miss the days of the eighties when music was just that little bit more analog? If you do, a recent Kickstarter project may well scratch your retro itch. Audman is a new all-in-one case for the iPod Touch and iPhone that turns your device into a Walkman-style hitmaker.

Inspired by Sony's much-loved portable cassette player, the Audman fully encases your iPhone in its ABS plastic shell, offering a good level of protection as a case. But the Berkeley-born Audman project, which currently seeks $42,000 in funding on Kickstarter, is much more than just a humble case.

This geeky accessory's main appeal is its fully functional analog-style buttons that run along the Audman's side, offering old-fashioned buttons to press for volume and track skipping. If that isn't retro appeal I don't know what is. I mean who presses buttons these days?


Beyond that, the Audman packs in dual speakers, a belt clip, and two headphone jacks--one positioned on either end of the case--so both you and a friend can listen at the same time.

The Audman's built-in dual speakers are powered by an internal battery, which can also be used to provide extra power to the device docked within.

Finally, to complete the Walkman-replica look, the Audman also has an integrated application, which turns your iPhone's screen into one that mimics a cassette tape--you can also use the app to make your very own mixtape.

The fully featured Audman will set you back a pledge of $125, whereas a more basic Audman can be snapped up for an $85 pledge.


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