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Deals Arrive Early: Many Phones Practically Free Already

Black Friday sales have begun, pushing down contract prices of the Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy S II, and other new models.

It isn't even Black Friday yet, and already prices for some of the hottest holiday gadgets have been slashed down to almost nothing. Amazon Wireless has added the Droid RAZR to its penny-pincher sale, offering one of the top Android phones on the market for just a penny with a two-year Verizon contract.

The regular price of the new RAZR is $300 with a contract. When it launched on November 11, Amazon offered it for a one-day only price of $111.11.

Other big time "penny phones" available right now from Amazon include the Samsung Galaxy S II, the Droid Bionic, the Samsung Focus Flash running Windows Phone Mango, and the brand new HTC ReZound with Beats audio inside. If you activate the hotspot feature on your new, practically free phone, Amazon is also throwing in a $100 gift card.

Spend enough time poking around the web, as I did for less than 30 minutes this morning, and it seems possible to find just about any phone -- outside of the iPhone 4S -- for almost nothing.

Wirefly is dispensing with the formality of the penny transaction and simply giving away a few select phones like the Droid X2 with a contract.

The carriers themselves are also offering significantly discounted phones this week, like AT&T, which will let go of a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3GS for a penny. That also includes free overnight shipping and the activation fee is waived.

Of course, these are just some of the deals that are available right now. Things are likely to ramp up as Black Friday approaches, but if you've got your eyes on a certain phone for the season, odds are you can find it right now for practically (or literally) nothing.

Do be careful though, scammers abound this time of year. When you shop online, stick to trusted retailers or the carriers themselves. If you're not sure about a site, check it out using an independent resource like resellerratings.com

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