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Jobs Escapes Carbonite iPhone Case

Apple has no sense of humor about Steve Jobs' brief role as Han Solo.

Ever wondered what Steve Jobs would look like encased in carbonite? Stop wondering.

Society6, an artwork printing company, briefly posted this gem of an iPhone case which features Jobs in a rather Han Solo-like pose. According to Sean Fallon of MSNBC's GadgetBox blog, the product was "immediately pulled from the society6 website after it got some attention."

Apple's Legal Team Strikes Back

Sounds like Apple's legal team requested the product be pulled for using Jobs' likeness. Greg Koenig, who appears to be the artist behind the design, said Society6 took the product down after being contacted by Apple.

"Well, it was fun while it lasted. Yesterday, Society6 was issued a cease and desist from Apple's lawyers," Koenig wrote on April 27. "So I'm sorry to say that the cases and skins are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Apple's move to protect the likeness of Steve Jobs isn't unprecedented.

Apple lawyers sent an e-mail to M.I.C. Gadget in 2010 for producing a Steve Jobs action figure. The letter said: "Unauthorized use of a person's name and/or likeness constitutes a violation of California Civil Code Section 3344, which prohibits the use of any person's name, photograph or likeness in a product without that person's prior consent."

M.I.C. pulled the product and asked people who had already purchased the figure to get in touch with Apple.

Both cases are unfortunate but understandable.

The law seems to speak for itself but at the same time, if a few Apple fanboys want to spend their hard-earned cash buying Jobs paraphernalia it doesn't exactly harm the company. Does it?

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