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Whoops! iPhone 3G S specs leaked online

PhoneApple has talked up the iPhone 3G S's features and operating system enhancements, but hardware specs have remained a mystery - at least, until now.

T-Mobile's Netherlands website posted a page about the iPhone 3G S that includes detailed information about the iPhone 3G S's processor and RAM. The page, initially spotted by the web-watchers at MacDailyNews, was still online as of mid-afternoon yesterday. The marketing copy isn't written in English, but the specifications require no translation.

The iPhone 3G S Specs

The iPhone 3G S, according to the T-Mobile site, has 256MB of RAM and a 600MHz processor. Compare that with the current iPhone 3G's 128MB of RAM and 412MHz processor, and Apple's assertion that the iPhone 3G S is twice as fast as its predecessor doesn't seem too far-fetched.

To be fair, there's no official Apple confirmation that T-Mobile's specs are correct - and, given the company's share-no-details stance on specifications, it's likely that there won't be. The numbers do, however, match up exactly with some alleged 'insider information' published on a Chinese Apple forum last month.

The truth, of course, is that Apple's secret wouldn't have stayed quiet much longer anyway. With the 3G S set to hit US shelves next Friday, the iPhone's deepest alleys are just days away from being fully explored. Still, between this and T-Mobile's leaked data fiasco, one has to imagine it's a good week to be anywhere other than the T-Mobile corporate conference room.

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