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  • Opinion: Will Ultrabooks Slow the Tablet Revolution?

    A new report from analyst firm Juniper Research forecasts that shipments of ultrabooks will grow three times the rate of tablets over the next five years. The initial reception and anticipation of the cadre of ultrabooks announced at CES is impressive, but if we look closer at the stats the tablet really isn't in any danger of being relegated to irrelevance by the new class of laptops any time soon.

  • Opinion: Asus Introduces Its B23E 12.5-inch Business Ultraportable Laptop

    Asus now has a sleek business-oriented ultraportable dubbed the B23E. This 12.5-inch laptop is built to take the abuse that professionals and road warriors are known to throw at their notebooks.

  • Opinion: How Do I Install Software from a CD When My Laptop Lacks a CD Drive?

    Recently I became the mostly happy owner of an HP Pavilion dm1z. I say “mostly happy” because I wasn’t thrilled with its performance. To give the system a boost, I decided to swap the pokey 5,200-rpm hard drive with a speedy Solid State Drive (SSD).

  • Opinion: CES: a hundred devices to rule them all

    What struck me most about this year's CES was the sheer variety of products on show. Far from consolidating, personal tech grows ever more diverse. And that's a good thing.

  • Opinion: Tablets will Kill Laptops, Say Nearly Half of Americans

    Although super-thin Ultrabook laptops are all the rage at CES this year, the majority of surveyed adults in one poll predict the tablet will ultimately take the place of the laptop altogether.

  • Opinion: Dell Aims High With the XPS 13

    Dell laptops of the last few years have been mostly...boring. Boring, and sort of cheap-feeling. It seems as though Dell was leading the charge in a "race to the bottom", producing inexpensive and bulky laptops that could be outfitted with a wide variety of upsell options like faster processors or bigger hard drives. Sometime last year, it seems as though the company caught on to what customers want these days: fewer confusing options, better design, and quality materials. The XPS 15z was the first laptop from Dell I had seen in a long time that really got it right, and the XPS 14z continued the legacy.

  • Opinion: An Early Look at the HP Envy 14 Spectre

    HP's Envy line of laptops are the best PCs they make for consumers, with their focus on powerful specs, sleek design, and premium materials. The latest models were only available in 15.6 and 17-inch sizes, so those who wanted Envy design and performance with a little more portability were out of luck. Today, HP is expanding the line with a slick new addition, the HP Envy 14 Spectre.

  • Opinion: Asus Launches Colorful, Slim Eee PC Flare Netbooks and $399 Ultraportable Laptop

    Asus Monday announced several new models of netbooks with a new "Flare" design and an incredibly priced ultraportable laptop. The Eee PC 1025C, 1025CE, 1225B, and X101CH netbooks will come in a rainbow of colors and sport Ultrabook-like thinness.

  • Opinion: Hands-On Preview: Samsung Series 9 (2012 Model)

    Last spring, Samsung impressed me by kicking off its high-end luxury Series 9 brand with an incredibly thin and light laptop. It was a fantastic competitor to the Macbook Air that came months before every laptop maker started cranking out Ultrabooks. In some ways, you could even call it the "proto-Ultrabook." So if you're Samsung, and everybody else has a similarly slim laptop on the way, what do you do for an encore?

  • Opinion: Intel's Ultrabook Plan: Cheaper, With Touch Screens, and Marketed Like Crazy

    If you needed evidence that tech specs are becoming irrelevant, Intel's ultrabook-obsessed press conference was place to find it.

  • Opinion: Vizio Officially Announces All-in-One PC, New Laptops, and 10-inch Tablet

    Vizio officially branched out into the PC market, with announcements of its new all-in-one PC and two new laptops. The value HDTV maker has also unveiled (without revealing very much) its next-generation 10-inch tablet.

  • Opinion: Toshiba Readies 'Thinnest and Lightest' Tablet, Laptop for CES

    Toshiba is pledging to exhibit not just the world's thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet at CES next week, but also the thinnest and lightest 13-inch laptop.

  • Opinion: U-Book Dual-Screen Laptop to Launch at CES 2012

    New laptop manufacturer NajmTek plans to launch a dual-screen laptop called the U-Book ("Universal Notebook") at CES, much like Acer announced its dual-screen Acer Iconia last year at CES.

  • Opinion: Siri Can Now Control Your Mac, Will Control Your Vacuum Next

    Love it or hate it, Siri is quite a hit, and not just for it's general voice assistant capabilities. If you're not content with it helping you control your iPhone 4S (or jailbroken iPhone), it can also start your car, play the piano and set the thermostat. Sadly, your laptop was left out of all the voice control fun, until now. Enter Air Dictate.

  • Opinion: 2012 predictions: What to expect in technology in 2012

    Our special 200th issue of PC Advisor includes a look back at the ground we’ve covered over the past 16 years. But let’s briefly look forward to the immediate future of computer technologies we can expect to see over the coming year.

  • Opinion: Dell Abandons Netbooks in Favor of Ultrabooks

    Dell has confirmed it will no longer make consumer netbooks. Instead, the company will focus on developing higher-end, premium "thin and powerful" laptops, following the industry's shift to Ultrabooks.

  • Opinion: Uses for a 'blind' MacBook Pro

    Reader Sigil has an interesting question regarding a MacBook Pro with ailing i-sight. He (or she, I suppose) writes:

  • Opinion: 10 Top Holiday Deals for Tablet, Laptop, and Desktop Bargain Hunters

    The holiday season is closing in and time is running out for shoppers looking to send or receive gifts across the country in time for Christmas. Time may not be on your side, but the deals are. Here's a look at this week's best sales for all the computer geeks on your list. Whether they're looking for a tablet, laptop, or desktop we've found something for everyone. Take a look.

  • Opinion: AMD Ultrathin Laptops to Take on Intel-Based Ultrabooks?

    AMD is purportedly working on its own category of slimmed-down laptops as competition for Intel's Ultrabooks and the hugely successful Apple MacBook Air. While that might not be a big surprise to anyone (every computer manufacturer these days seems to be latching onto the thinner and lighter trend), it's interesting that sources say these ultrathin laptops with AMD processors may appear as early as next month.

  • Opinion: Channel your negative thoughts

    Being connected allows us to take advantage of all sorts of things: above all else, the web is an exceptional source of information. But it also lets us channel our negative thoughts.

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