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  • Opinion: Wanted: more and faster storage

    As computing tech all around us steadily shrinks in size, our need for more outboard storage expands. You can fit only so much expensive flash storage into a phone, tablet or even a laptop.

  • Opinion: Mystery Dell XPS 14 Laptop Packs High-End Features in Ultrabook Form

    What's this? An unannounced 14-inch Ultrabook called the Dell XPS 14 has popped up on Amazon. The specs suggest this superthin laptop will give other Ultrabooks a run for their money--it's got an Ivy Bridge processor, Nvidia discrete graphics, an HD+ display, and 12 hours of battery life.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Renews Free Xbox 360 with Purchase of Windows PC Deal

    If you missed last year's free Xbox 360 with the purchase of a Windows PC deal from Microsoft here's some good news. Microsoft is repeating the offer.

  • Opinion: AMD's Trinity Processor vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

    AMD's next-generation A-Series processors, code-named Trinity, are the chip manufacturer's answer to Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors now appearing in the new Ultrabook laptops.

  • Opinion: Lenovo Launches Fleet of New Ivy Bridge ThinkPads and IdeaPads

    Lenovo Tuesday officially announced its new portfolio of business-friendly ThinkPad laptops, IdeaPad Ultrabooks, and IdeaPad multimedia laptops. Come June, it'll be raining Lenovo ThinkPads and IdeaPads.

  • Opinion: Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Carbon: Lightest 14-Inch Ultrabook in a Narrow Field

    Lenovo claims that its ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the world's lightest 14-inch Ultrabook, with a weight of just under 3 pounds. It's an easy claim to make, though, because the company doesn't have much competition in that size.

  • Opinion: Five Good Laptop Bargains to Consider

    Laptop manufacturers are hard at work updating their laptop lines and making new models using Intel's latest Ivy Bridge processors. If you're in the market for a new laptop, however, it may make more sense for you to buy a slightly older laptop running second-generation Sandy Bridge and save a few hundred bucks. Here's how to decide which purchase is your best option.

  • Opinion: Sony Vaio T Ultrabooks: Ivy Bridge Support, Specs, Pricing Revealed

    When Sony recently announced its first Ultrabooks, the Vaio T13 and Vaio T11, details for only the 13-inch model were provided, with no mention of pricing or Ivy Bridge processor availability for either model. Now German websites, including Sony's official German site, fills in those blanks.

  • Opinion: Ultrabook Prices Could Dip to $599 Thanks to Use of Plastic Materials

    Wait until the second half of this year, and you might be able to get a super-thin and lightweight Ultrabook for just $599. These lower-priced Ultrabooks, however, will use plastic materials for the chassis, rather than the more pricey aluminum used today.

  • Opinion: Guy Puts Ice Cream Sandwich on His Laptop--the OS, Not the Dessert

    Android seems to be everywhere these days. While we're still eagerly awaiting for it to appear on toasters (and toaster-fridges), at least we now have it running on full-fledged laptops.

  • Opinion: Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks to Get Ivy Bridge Update

    The thin and light Samsung Series 9 Ultrabooks will be upgraded to Intel’s Ivy Bridge. The upcoming 15-inch laptop will sport a Core i5 3317U processor clocked at 1.7Ghz, according to a listing on Samsung’s site, but the company didn’t say when it would be available to buy, or for how much.

  • Opinion: Restarting a remote Mac

    Reader, tech dabbler, and Weeds actor Andy Milder, occasionally contacts me for technical advice. In exchange, I drop his name. I'd additionally like to drop this bit of advice in response to his latest query:

  • Opinion: Dell: Ultrabook Sales Better Than Expected

    Sales of Dell's ultra-slim XPS 13, one of a new breed of Windows-based Ultrabook laptops, are exceeding expectations, the company says.

  • Opinion: MSI GT70, GT60 Gaming Laptops Pack Ivy Bridge Chips, Color Keyboards

    MSI this week unveiled two of the first laptops available to sport Intel's new third-generation Ivy Bridge processor: The 15.6-inch GT60 and 17.3-inch GT70 gaming laptops.

  • Opinion: Patience--Wait for Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks

    Are you in the market for a new PC, and considering the new slimmer, sleeker line of ultrabooks? If so, put your wallet away. Wait for ultrabooks to hit the street armed with the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

  • Opinion: Dell Refreshes Alienware Laptop Line, Discontinues M11x

    Dell is refreshing most of its Alienware gaming laptop line, except for the baby of the bunch, the Alienware M11x. According to the company, the M11x has reached the end of its life and will be discontinued in 2012.

  • Opinion: Intel Shows Off Pricey 'Cove Point' Ultrabook-Tablet Hybrid

    Intel's latest concept for an Ultrabook-tablet hybrid is beautiful, but it's not cheap.

  • Opinion: Ultrabooks: trying to catch Apple four years after the MacBook Air

    Intel's promotion of Ultrabooks four years after the launch of the MacBook Air may help to explain why Apple is now a $600bn company.

  • Opinion: Save a Wet Gadget, Salvage a Laptop Hard Disk

    I can think of few hassles as devastating as dropping your cell phone into the sink or letting it take a tumble in the washing machine. These kinds of accidents happen all the time, often with the result of an expensive trip to the store for a replacement. But maybe that doesn't have to be the outcome. A couple years back, we offered some tips for reviving a wet phone, including the ever-popular "submerge it in a bowl of dry rice." But if you want a more robust solution, consider stocking a Bheestie Bag.

  • Opinion: Improve Your Laptop's Battery Life

    Longer battery life: Every laptop user wants it, but few know how to get it without buying a new machine. Though laptop manufacturers have made great strides over the past few years in increasing the efficiency (and thus the battery life) of their products, even the most efficient modern machines don't last long enough for many users. What you may not realize, however, is that your system is probably loaded with integrated peripherals and bloatware that you'll never use but that consume resources and reduce battery life.

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