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More Laptops Opinion

  • Opinion: Setting default programs on your new laptop

    Windows has a habit of trying to be helpful and in most cases it gets things right. However, there are times when you need to take control

  • Opinion: Create a backup image of your hard drive

    You can easily insure yourself against any loss however by using free tools that are built into Windows

  • Opinion: Managing AutoPlay options in Windows

    Use Windows' built-in tools to manage exactly what happens when you plug something into your laptop

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Charm Bar explained

    The new Charm Bar in Windows displays apps and other services in one place and makes it easier to get to the things you use most often

  • Opinion: Add colour to your laptop

    Want to make your laptop stand out from the crowd? With removable lids you can change your laptop design to suit your mood

  • Opinion: Ding, dong, Wintel witch is dead!

    Could it be that the Wintel duopoly of Microsoft’s Windows plus Intel’s processors, a partnership that had the personal-computer industry in a stranglehold through most of the past two decades, is dead?

  • Opinion: Increase your laptop's storage

    When you first get a laptop it can seem inconceivable that you might fill up all that empty space on your hard disk. However, it very quickly disappears. Keeping all your video, music and documents stored safely is easy though as there are plenty of options to expand the storage space you have available.

  • Opinion: How to upgrade your laptop's memory

    Of all the things you can upgrade on your laptop to help it run more quickly RAM is one of the most important. RAM or memory is a small amount of space that your computer processor uses when it’s performing tasks like opening applications and finding your documents. The more RAM your computer has the more instructions it can perform and therefore the speedier it will be.

  • Opinion: Laptop batteries explained

    Inside each laptop battery is a complex combination of chemicals and circuitry all designed to provide the mobile energy you need to get work done.

  • Opinion: Spring clean your laptop

    Getting a new laptop is great as it runs really quickly, opening files in the blink of an eye and booting in mere seconds.

  • Opinion: Recycle your old laptop

    You too can make some simple changes to reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Opinion: Design fail! Our top 10 PC product peeves

    Bad industrial design can single-handedly ruin an otherwise solid product experience. Whether it results from the cardinal sins of sloth or greed, sheer disregard for users, or simple stupidity, it can drive me into a Hulk-smash rage.

  • Opinion: How to increase your laptop's battery life

    Getting four or five hours of mobile work time is fantastic, but there are ways to squeeze even more life from a laptop battery.

  • Opinion: The single best travel accessory you can buy

    Like a lot of folks these days, I routinely play "office" in my local coffee shop. On any given day, I'm surrounded by 10-20 other teleworkers similarly tethered to their laptops.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: Nine unanswered questions about the new OS

    Despite the looming October 26 launch date of Windows 8, a handful of questions about Microsoft's next operating system remain. Some are big, some are small, but all should be relevant to hard-core PC users who have decided to take the Windows 8 plunge, as well as to people who plan to buy new Windows 8 hardware.

  • Opinion: Why you probably shouldn't buy a Windows 8 ultrabook

    The clock is quickly winding down to the official launch of Windows 8. Along with a completely redesigned interface and Windows experience, hardware partners are lined up, ready to offer Windows 8 ultrabooks. The question businesses and consumers will need to answer, though, is whether or not a Windows 8 ultrabook makes sense.

  • Opinion: Chips off a new block

    Time was when the processor wars raged between Intel and AMD. New skirmishes are now breaking out in the smartphone and tablet mobile world, with Intel determined to make its presence known by doggedly reducing the size and power requirements of the ageing PC chip architecture.

  • Opinion: What is an Ultrabook anyway?

    Ultrabook can be a confusing term when it comes to laptops. Here's what it's all about.

  • Opinion: Acer says netbooks aren't dead yet

    Acer is convinced that netbooks can survive in the tablet age, though it's one of the only PC makers left that thinks so.

  • Opinion: Razer Refreshes its Blade Gaming Laptop Line

    Gaming hardware maker Razer recently announced a refresh to its Blade gaming laptop, a high-priced, yet unique gaming system that debuted in 2011. Razer's goal with the Blade line is to offer a powerful notebook with an attractive design that is as portable as possible. Last year's model was certainly a beauty, and the second iteration of the Blade looks to be pretty much the same on the outside.

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