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More Laptops Opinion

  • Opinion: The three screens

    Last year Microsoft was trumpeting the concept of ‘three screens and a cloud’ to inspire its customers to look for money-making opportunities beyond desktop PC culture. (Remember, Microsoft’s main customers are not really consumers, but the PC hardware manufacturing companies that it persuades to preinstall its Windows software.)

  • Opinion: PCs with the personal touch

    There’s something very satisfying about the creative process. No matter that the finished object isn’t as polished or slick as a similar one you could buy from a shop; the act of creation and lavishing attention on assembly is rewarding in itself.

  • Opinion: Powerful portables

    Time was when 'desktop replacement' was a euphemism for 'big, noisy laptop that's too thirsty to run off its battery and too heavy to sit on your lap'. And if you could balance it on your lap, it'd probably be too hot to rest there for long. Thankfully, those days are now more or less over.

  • Opinion: Geeks bearing gifts

    If the first PC battle became entrenched into a divide between two proprietary desktop systems, the next will be in mobile computing.

  • Opinion: iPad demand high and rising

    As Google lays the smack down against Apple at day two of its I/O conference, a series of positive reports show us Apple's runaway success with the iPad.

  • Opinion: Will Dell supersize its Mini tablet?

    The latest tablet rumour is a good one for Dell and Android fans. Engadget has obtained an allegedly leaked photo of two upcoming Dell 'Streak' tablets, a 7in and a 10in model, that would complement the company's previously announced Mini 5 device. (Or will it be the Streak 5?)

  • Opinion: How I stopped worrying and learned to love the iPad

    I don't need an iPad. I definitely don't need an Apple iPad. But it's, you know, so pretty...

  • Opinion: Apple iPad not so child's play

    Nearly half a million people have tuned into YouTube to see the cute two-and-a-half-year-old kid instantly understanding how an Apple iPad works (video here). See, it's child's play. Any idiot can use an iPad. Try the same with a netbook, dude!

  • Opinion: Keep taking the tablets

    We may be on the verge of a tablet revolution, but you've probably heard that one before. Microsoft has been plugging away with its concept for slate computing since 2001.

  • Opinion: Caring for your laptop: Top six tips

    You're more likely to damage a laptop than a desktop PC (no one has ever driven off, forgetting the desktop on top of their car) and, once damaged, laptops are harder and more expensive to repair. So here's how to look after your laptop.

  • Opinion: Slate PCs: fad failure or future form factor?

    Along with roughly 4,000 assorted hacks, geeks and fanboys I had the 'pleasure' of attending Steve Ballmer's opening keynote at CES this year. I arrived waiting for the 'big idea'... and left in much the same way. Also, I was jetlagged. Reader, I was whelmed.

  • Opinion: HP ships first USB 3.0 Envy laptops

    HP has announced that certain configurations of its Envy 15 laptops will come equipped with the new USB 3.0 spec. This makes HP one of the first computer companies to offer the incredibly fast technology.

  • Opinion: CES: Samsung netbook shuts down when dropped

    Samsung is showing off a netbook that is built to survive the rough and tumble of student life.

  • Opinion: Intel Atom N450 netbook chip spells trouble for laptops

    Here's a rhetorical question: how are netbooks any less attractive to consumers when Intel improves the Atom chips inside them? That's a question Intel will have to answer with the launch of its new Atom chip for netbooks, the Atom N450.

  • Opinion: 9 things I hate about laptops

    I'm a big man with big hands. And if there's one thing I've learned from testing laptops, it's that a good keyboard and trackpad on a laptop is a bit like a toilet: you take it for granted until you're stuck with one that doesn't work so well.

  • Opinion: Sony's X appeal

    So Sony has a new laptop out - well actually, it's a netbook - and it weighs only 780g. It's also really, really small in spite of its 11in screen: just 278mm wide, 185mm deep and 14mm thick.

  • Opinion: Hands-on: Intel Core i7 920XM laptop

    Intel has unveiled its newest mobile processor. Surprise! Okay, not really. We've heard about this chip for what feels like ages. Well, today we're gonna tell you how a Core i7 laptop performs in initial tests.

  • Opinion: HP takes on Apple with Envy

    Hewlett Packard must have looked upon the success of Apple's MacBook range with envious eyes. Its unashamed copycat tactics have resulted in two notebooks pitched squarely against the Apple MacBook Pro 13in and MacBook Pro 15in. Only this time, the sauce company has decided it should out-Apple the fruit PC vendor, by making its new notebooks more expensive.

  • Opinion: IFA: Sony unveils ultra-slim laptop

    Sony has shown off its latest lightweight, ultra-slim laptop at the IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin. The Sony Vaio X is being billed as the successor to Sony's 2004 Vaio X505 - a forward-thinking laptop that was thinner than the MacBook Air.

  • Opinion: Feminist slags Dell for pink laptop ad

    A female blogger has laid into the latest Dell TV ad, calling it "patronising" and "disappointing" and dreamt up by "a group of middle aged balding [we presume she means men] in marketing".

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