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More Laptops Opinion

  • Opinion: Tablet Sales Overtook Netbook Sales in Q2 2011

    For the first time ever, tablet shipments have surpassed netbook shipments--finally sounding the death knell for netbooks.

  • Opinion: Dell XPS 14z Bests MacBook Pro in Thinness and Price

    Dell unveiled the XPS 14z, an ultrathin laptop Monday that squeezes a 14-inch display in the smaller body of a 13-inch laptop. At less than an inch thin, and starting at just under $1000, the XPS 14z goes head to head with Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro--and just in time to make things interesting for laptop buyers, since Apple just recently refreshed the MacBook Pro line.

  • Opinion: Asus Introduces Zenbook UX21, UX31 Ultrabooks

    Asus has introduced its UX21 and UX31 Ultrabooks, branding the devices as Zenbooks. Calling the Zenbook the "essential companion for this new Ultra Era," Asus chairman Jonney Shih claimed these ultrathin (under 3mm at its slimmest edge) laptops will last more than seven hours, offer second-generation Intel Core i7 processors, and have not just instant-on but a very quick two-second resume time.

  • Opinion: Cheap Laptops: It's Bangladesh's Turn

    India isn't the only nation building low-cost computers. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday introduced the Doel, an inexpensive, Android-based laptop priced as low as 10,000 taka (US $130), the BBC reports.

  • Opinion: Long live the PC

    When you feel the need for a new PC, and have less than £500 to spare, there are now some challenging choices to make.

  • Opinion: Microsoft reaches maturity with Windows 8

    Windows 8 is here, at least in its Developer Preview guise. It’s slick, smooth and primed for use on the tablets many of us would like to be able to use for ‘proper’ computing tasks

  • Opinion: Toshiba Announces a Satellite Laptop for Kids

    Toshiba has introduced a laptop specially designed for kids: The Satellite L735D. This laptop features a keyboard that can be wiped down, neon green accents, and a MSRP of just under $500.

  • Opinion: Asus Ultrabook Laptops to Launch October 11

    Asus's UX Ultrabook, the first in this new class of laptops, to be introduced now has a firm announcement date: October 11.

  • Opinion: Replace a Cracked Laptop Screen

    Chloe Holyoak's laptop has a cracked screen. She wants to know how to fix it.

  • Opinion: AOC Intros 16-Inch Portable Display for Laptop Users

    Laptops, tablets, and smartphones are getting thinner and smaller, but not everyone is happy with shrinking screen sizes.

  • Opinion: Dell Precision M6600 Mobile Workstation

    Workstations are a different beast than your typical business laptop, even though modern workstations look and behave much as PCs do. While the era of the workstation with custom, proprietary processing and graphics hardware is behind us, the Dell Precision M6600 is one of the new breed of mobile workstations; these systems go through the rigorous software and driver qualifications necessary to sell to the professional graphics or engineering markets.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Will Take Laptop Touchpads to the Next Level

    If you've used a Windows 7 laptop with a "multitouch" touchpad, you've likely been a little disappointed to see that it offers only a few gestures: pinch to zoom, twist to rotate, two-finger scrolling, maybe three-finger swiping. The functionality is handy, but it's a long way from having a touchpad that behaves like a little multitouch touchscreen.

  • Opinion: IDF: Ultrabooks, Thin Motherboards, and More

    Thin is in at IDF this year. Read on for a look at Intel's Ultrabooks, thin-ITX motherboards, and the new X79 chipset.

  • Opinion: Laptops to Last 24 Hours on One Charge, Standby 10 Days

    Think you're lucky when your laptop doesn't die after six or even eight hours of use? Just wait until Intel's next processor platform, code named Haswell, arrives. At the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday, Intel claimed that the Haswell chips, slated for 2013, will offer more than 10 days of connected standby battery life and the ability to run your laptop for a full 24 hours on one charge.

  • Opinion: Tablets, Phones to Surpass PCs for 'Net Use in 4 Years

    The personal computer isn't dying, but its days of dominance are numbered. Research firm IDC predicts the number of U.S. mobile Internet users will surpass their wired counterparts by 2015.

  • Opinion: Dell Fits Over 1TB of SSD Storage in Mobile Workstation

    Solid State Drives, or SSDs for short, are taking the laptop world by storm. They've been most widely used in Apple's latest Macbook Airs, giving a solid performance boost to even the most basic configurations.

  • Opinion: Will HP Leave PC Users Out in the Cold?

    The future of Hewlett-Packard's PC business may be a bit cloudy, but that's not stopping the industry leader from forging ahead with new consumer products. The world's largest computer-maker has announced an upgrade and price drop to the very popular Pavilion DM1 laptop.

  • Opinion: Overheating Laptop

    Thelukeman worries that his laptop may be getting too hot.

  • Opinion: Four Reasons Ultrabooks Are Right for Business

    Ultrabooks, a new laptop category introduced by Intel, are the computers of the future. They're less than .8 inches thick and lighter than 3 pounds, and anyone who has used one will tell you it’s hard to go back to a heavy, boxy, full-sized laptop.

  • Opinion: Samsung Special Edition Series 9 Laptop Packed

    If run-of-the-mill laptops -- or even the shapely Samsung Series 9 introduced earlier this year -- just aren't dazzling enough for your tastes, Samsung's special edition luxury versions of its Series 9 ultraportables may be the solution for you.

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