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Latest Laptops Opinion

  • Opinion: Origin launches Alienware laptop "trade-up" program

    Shots fired. Hot on the heels of Alienware's new 13-inch laptop announcement last week, Origin is launching a trade-in program that specifically targets its UFO-friendly competitor. Or, as Origin terms it, a "trade-up" program.

  • Opinion: Computer shutting down on its own? Maybe it's time to play it cool.

    Martin Lønn Naess' PC "suddenly turns off while rendering a video." My guess is that it's overheating. Here's what to do about it.

  • Opinion: Look at this: The first 4K laptop, Toshiba's Satellite P55t, coming soon

    Open your pocketbooks, 4K fans, Toshiba's first Ultra HD laptop is headed your way next Tuesday. The Tokyo-based electronics maker just announced that the Toshiba Satellite P55t will hit U.S. store shelves on April 22, starting at $1,500 for the base model.

  • Opinion: DIY tech

    In the past, a technically apt user might decide to build their own customized PC. They'd buy components that suited their usage patterns--motherboard, case, graphics card etc--and put it all together. Some would tweak a Linux distro for maximum customization. Of course this continues today, but when PCs were pricey and less powerful, the desire to maximize compute power for the desktop was stronger.

  • Opinion: Ouch: HP brings Windows 7 'back by popular demand'

    With Windows 8 bearing a good share of the blame for the declining PC market, HP is falling back on Windows 7 for its latest marketing push. The world's second largest computer maker recently began promoting PCs loaded with Windows 7 on its U.S. website, buoyed by an email marketing push.

  • Opinion: Vizio finally adds Intel Haswell models to its PC lineup

    From the Better Late than Never department, Vizio has announced that its new 15.6-inch touchscreen notebook and 24-inch touchscreen all-in-one PCs will be powered by fourth-generation Intel Core processors (formerly codenamed Haswell).

  • Opinion: Why is HP cutting 1124 jobs in the UK?

    The news that HP is cutting more than 1100 of its UK workforce is tragic for all involved, coming as it does just before Christmas. But how has one of the world's most recognisable companies found itself in this situation? I've been looking at HP's history and the past 10 years of the personal computer to explain why HP is cutting 1124 jobs in the UK.

  • Opinion: Toshiba says its new Kira Ultrabook packs a ridonkulous 22 hour battery life

    What does "all-day charge" mean? For most devices, "all-day" means "all work day," or about 8 hours. But Toshiba just announced a laptop in Japan that's only getting started when your work day ends: The company claims its Dynabook Kira V634/27K gets a jaw-dropping 22 hours of battery life.

  • Opinion: Connect your PC to your HDTV, and control it from across the room

    Peter asked me for the best way to connect a PC to an HDTV, and, once connected, how best to use it.

  • Opinion: How to add a third monitor to your laptop

    If you spend any significant amount of time working at a desk, the single best way to boost your productivity is to connect a second monitor.

  • Opinion: Why you may want a desktop instead of a laptop

    Patrick Moore asked the Laptops forum about the advantages of going with a desktop computer.

  • Opinion: My laptop just hit the floor. You won't believe what happened

    Out of all the computing hassles you can face, nothing quite compares to dropping your laptop on a hard floor. Because, typically, that's the end of your laptop.

  • Opinion: Do specifications matter any more?

    Gone are the days when you bought a PC because of its megahertz rating. The same is true of tablets and smartphones: Apple doesn't even quote the amount of RAM or processor speed. So why do companies still care about benchmark results?

  • Opinion: The PC isn't dead. Far from it.

    People may be buying fewer laptops and desktops than ever before, but the humble PC certainly isn’t being ousted by the upstart tablet

  • Opinion: Why you should buy a laptop bag

    Why a good laptop bag could form a critical part of your personal security arsenal.

  • Opinion: Deep inside Razer's design lab, home to gaming hardware that shouldn't actually exist

    Razer, the company that built its reputation on gaming mice and keyboards, is now doing what Acer, Dell, and Microsoft seemingly won't: building topflight laptops and tablets with hefty price tags. This year the upstart company introduced both the thinnest gaming laptop and the most powerful Windows 8 tablet we've ever seen--at a time when PC sales are struggling, and cheap tablets are predicted to outship laptops 2-to-1 in 2014.

  • Opinion: Could Haswell laptops replace ARM tablets?

    The latest generation of Intel laptops should offer vastly improved battery life, and that in turn may infuse the traditional Windows laptop with a new lease of life. Could Haswell laptops replace ARM tablets?

  • Opinion: Windows 8 app review: IMDB

    The IMDB app for Windows 8 gives you quick access to information about movies and TV shows as well as direct links to celebrities and other TV and film news

  • Opinion: What is Dell Data Protection?

    Dell's encryption service contains your web browsers and office suites in a special virtual environment, reducing the risk of malware spreading to the rest of your system

  • Opinion: Tips for hassle-free computing at 33,000 feet

    I'm writing this from around seven miles high in the sky, where I can't help but marvel at the technology that's allowing my laptop a reasonably speedy Interent connection (never mind the technology that's keeping me--hopefully--from plummeting to earth).

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