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Replacing the MacBook Air battery is a cinch

A report claims that MacBook Air battery replacement takes just minutes.

Despite concerns, it appears the battery using the Apple's new MacBook Air may be easy to replace.

AppleInsider reports that while the lithium-polymer battery used in the new ultra-thin laptop isn't designed to be user-serviceable, actually installing a replacement may not tax even less technical users, once their notebook passes its warranty.

The report claims that the battery can be accessed with a little determination and a single size-0 type Philips screwdriver. Replacement can be achieved by switching the Mac off, unplugging it from power and turning it upside down. On its underside sit a selection of screws, which, once removed, enable a user to remove the back for immediate access to the battery cavity.

"From there, the battery can be unscrewed from the chassis with the same screwdriver and unplugged from the circuit board with a simple tug - it's not soldered to the board," AppleInsider claims.

Apple has confirmed it will replace the battery inside out of warranty MacBook Air's for an all-in fee of £99. As announced, replacement takes five business days, but the company may eventually offer a same-day service through its retail stores.

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