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  • Opinion: Hands-on with Firefox's revamped 'Australis' interface

    We got our first peek at Australis, Mozilla's upcoming interface overhaul, in April 2012. Since then, pieces of Australis pieces have slowly worked their way into the latest versions of Firefox, like the new-look downloads arrow. Earlier this week, however, Mozilla finally brought the bulk of the new Australis aesthetic into the nightly preview builds of the popular open source browser.

  • Opinion: Bugs and Fixes: Firefox 25 fixes security holes and adds web audio

    Securing browsers is a full-time occupation, and someone (likely a small army of them) was busy at Mozilla before releasing Firefox 25 on October 29th. The bugs fixed relate to Javascript PDF usage, spoofing the address bar, image decoding, the offline cache, and various memory hazards (e.g. null pointers, non-deallocated blocks). Version 25 also adds a much needed gaming feature: Web Audio. The JavaScript interface to HTML 5 audio is now fully supported.

  • Opinion: Stop the Shockwave Flash Chrome crash

    M A Hameed has a Chrome problem. Web pages suddenly die in Chrome with "Shockwave flash has crashed" messages.

  • Opinion: Juggle multiple Twitter accounts in Google Chrome

    I'm not what you would call a heavy Twitter user (I've lost weight! Kidding, kidding...), but I do have two accounts I like to check daily. And doing that in my browser is quite the hassle, as it means signing out of one account, signing into the other, and on and on. If I had three, four, or even more accounts, it would really be a nightmare.

  • Opinion: The future of video games will be in your browser

    I've had it with interminable game downloads--and you can keep your fancy new Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii consoles. The future of PC gaming is in the browser, and it'll be here sooner than you expect.

  • Opinion: Block online spoilers with Unspoiler for Google Chrome

    The Web can be a dangerous place for the spoiler-averse. You can't so much as look at Facebook, Twitter, blogs, or news sites without learning what happened to Walter White, who bought it on "Game of Thrones," and so on.

  • Opinion: How to stay private now that anyone can find you on Facebook

    Facebook is tweaking your privacy settings again, but it's not quite as serious as it sounds--the change, which removes an option to hide your name in search results, was announced last December and has already been in effect for 90 percent of users. On Thursday, Facebook removed the option for the last users still hanging on.

  • Opinion: Level Money wants your wallet to turn its head and cough

    My current financial status is a little bit like Lost: I have a fair idea as to what is going on there--but I am not really digging it. I have dozens of fitness watches and activity trackers clamoring to measure my steps and calories, but no one is lining up to tally up my bills and accounts into some sort of sexy graph that easily displays data.

  • Opinion: Internet Free Trade Zone

    The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is now open for business. But how open is the FTZ's Internet access?

  • Opinion: Starting over: Tech tips and tricks for settling in a new city

    Last year, I moved to San Francisco. This year, I moved to New York City. I don't recommend making two major moves in the span of 12 months, but sometimes that's the way life goes.

  • Opinion: How to deactivate your Pinterest account

    You've pinned your last pin and you want to leave Pinterest. The good news is that Pinterest makes it easy to walk away. The bad news? You can only sort of leave.

  • Opinion: What does my phone know about me?

    Tech news in late September was dominated by the launch of two new iPhones. The playful iPhone 5c and the serious iPhone 5s – along with iOS 7 – puts more power in users’ hands than ever before. Should that worry us?

  • Opinion: How to ease the transition to a new email account

    Reader Greg is switching Internet service providers, meaning he's giving up the email address he's had from that provider for many years. He wants to know how he can simplify the transition to his new address.

  • Opinion: Restoring a "bricked" Apple TV

    Reader Drew Isaacs is unhappy with the latest Apple TV update. He writes:

  • Opinion: Search files in a flash with SwiftSearch

    Windows 8 has pretty decent file-search capabilities built in, especially if you learn a few tricks for smarter searches.

  • Opinion: What I'm Playing: More like, Lame Theft Auto

    Race the Sun

  • Opinion: Lessons on the Future of IT From 'Future Shock' and 'The Singularity Is Near'

    Alvin Toffler introduced to the term 'information overload,' while Ray Kurzweil told us we'll be overload with more information each decade than in the previous century. There's a lesson for the IT departments of today (and tomorrow): Ignore emerging technology, despite its flaws, at your own risk.

  • Opinion: How to delete Gmail messages so they're truly gone

    Reader Richard Applebaum wants deleted email messages really, truly deleted. He writes:

  • Opinion: Split Chrome into two windows with NiftySplit

    Most modern laptop LCDs and desktop monitors are extremely wide, which doesn't make sense when you consider that most Web pages are narrow and intended for portrait-style viewing. Indeed, if you look at this very page, you may notice some unused white space on either side.

  • Opinion: Sucker-free shopping tips for the lazy bargain hunter

    Shopping online is a double-edged sword. Naturally, it's super convenient to be able to browse virtually any store in the world, even if you live in the middle of nowhere. There's no giant parking lot, no crowds, and pants are optional. Products are delivered right to your home. Did I mention pants are optional?

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