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  • Opinion: Why the iPad is the most addictive gadget yet

    My son was watching TV on my Apple iPad the other day. He was sitting in front of our big-screen HDTV, which was turned off. His big-screen laptop was nearby - also turned off. It occurred to me: is the iPad addictive?

  • Opinion: Amazon and Twitter roll out URL shorteners

    Amazon and Twitter are the latest companies to offer their own URL-shortening services, joining a crowded playing field of entrants - and potentially sounding a death knell for smaller URL link players such as Is.gd and TinyURL.

  • Opinion: Why would the 'social generation' pick Microsoft Kin?

    Something about Microsoft's Kin phone just doesn't add up. The Kin, unveiled by Microsoft on Monday, is billed as a mobile phone for the 'social generation' and is meant to appeal to the younger, always-connected crowd, and yet the Kin's social network support is decidedly unrobust.

  • Opinion: Twitter adverts: how will users react?

    Now that Twitter has started displaying adverts - pardon me, Promoted Tweets - in users' search results, the big question is how millions of loyal Twitter fans will respond. Reaction on the micro-blogging site has been muted thus far, and it's apparent that most users haven't seen the new ads yet.

  • Opinion: Policing the web

    The Digital Economy Bill has been passed - or at least the third reading of it had by the time we went to press with our June issue.

  • Opinion: Emergency IE patch fixes zero-day flaw

    A growing number of attacks against an Internet Explorer security flaw prompted Microsoft to publish an early fix that wasn't scheduled to come out until April.

  • Opinion: Google in China: the plot thickens

    It's been just five days since I last wrote about the Google-China soap opera, but so much has happened that it feels like weeks. Here are some of the developments.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite green website?

    We're looking for your recommendations of 'green' websites: sites that offer advice on protecting the environment, living in an eco-friendly way and generally looking after the planet. Tell us why you love it, and how it helps you to help the environment.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0: FAQs

    Microsoft has announced that you can test-drive a 'Platform Preview' of its Internet Explorer 9.0 browser. But how does the next-generation browser differ from IE8 and competitors such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari?

  • Opinion: The trouble with Twitter's @anywhere service

    Twitter CEO Evan Williams has announced that the company plans to introduce a new platform called @anywhere.

  • Opinion: Privacy isn't dead - it's just evolving

    It's a brave new world. Unfortunately - to mix the literary allusion - that brave new world is one in which Big Brother is watching. As social media and other technology makes more information more accessible, the very concept of privacy is under fire.

  • Opinion: Election 2010: it was the web wot won it

    This year's General Election will be the first in which the web and social media play a big part: but can blogs and tweets materially affect the make up of the next Parliament?

  • Opinion: Bing gains again - should Google worry?

    Microsoft's Bing search engine may still be a minor player in the lucrative online search business dominated by Google, but it's steadily gaining users. And it appears that Bing's share is coming at the expense of both Google and Yahoo, the latter company having recently teamed up with Microsoft to be more competitive in online search.

  • Opinion: Microsoft admits IE 6 and 7 vulnerability

    A new security hole in Internet Explorer 6 and 7 can be targeted via code on a poisoned website, Microsoft has warned. A successful attacker could install malware on a victim PC or run any other remote command.

  • Opinion: Why Google's wrong: desktop PCs are still relevant

    Google ad sales boss John Herlihy has claimed that smartphones will replace desktop computers in just three years' time. He's wrong.

  • Opinion: Antitrust spat heats up between Google, Microsoft

    A war of words is heating up between Google, Microsoft and a host of smaller sites over alleged anticompetitive behaviour by Google in the online search market.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite book review website?

    We're on the look out for book review site recommendations. We don't just want to know about the biggest booksellers; we want to know which websites provide the best reviews and are most likely to persuade you to buy a book.

  • Opinion: Google privacy case was always lose-lose

    Even before three current and former Google executives were convicted of violating Italian privacy laws, it became clear that the case was a double-edged sword.

  • Opinion: Google privacy convictions: a dangerous precedent

    A few years ago, I received a poison pen letter. Well, these things happen. But now, I'm going to see if I can get my postman jailed for delivering it.

  • Opinion: PC Advisor Helproom Angel of the year 2010

    PC Advisor is delighted to announce the winner of its inaugural Helproom Angel of the Year award. Forum member VoG, please step forward and take a bow.

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