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  • Opinion: A word to the web-wise

    Privacy has made a lot of headlines over the past couple of years and caused many of us to think about just how easily some of the apparent ‘gotchas’ that appear in the tabloids and broadsheets could apply to us. If you’re an aficionado of mobile computing or a smartphone user, you may be at particular risk.

  • Opinion: Upgrade to Windows 8 and say goodbye to the internet

    The internet has been constantly evolving since the day it was born, but the next-generation web will be the least democratic ever. Why? Money, of course.

  • Opinion: There's something in the air

    This year’s Mobile World Congress show in February was noticeable for being about the clamour to become the ‘other’ triumphant tablet alongside the Apple iPad. It was also the first tradeshow at which smartphones officially reigned supreme.

  • Opinion: Is it time to downgrade your broadband?

    Despite more than 40 percent of Brits paying for an “unlimited” broadband package, few people are taking full advantage of the service they're paying for - with just 9 percent downloading between 21GB and 40GB a month.

  • Opinion: Digging your social scene

    ‘Follow the bear’ read the TV slogan for a beer brand popular in the 1980s. A bear market indicates one that’s in decline, so the advice may not be that wise, but tracking something that’s not doing so well at first but gradually gains in popularity may pay off in the longer term.

  • Opinion: Superfast broadband: a must-have for 2011

    Whether you regularly download music and films, enjoy gaming or simply want a better surfing experience, a superfast broadband package could bring your internet connection up to speed.

  • Opinion: Web scams that could fool you

    Maintain your PC properly and keep your antivirus software up to date and you needn’t fret too much about malware bringing it down. So goes the mental mantra many of us work by.

  • Opinion: Opinion: Who's afraid of the Maverick Meerkat?

    You may have heard this before, but the latest release of Ubuntu - Maverick Meerkat - shows that Linux is ready for the prime time. The reason? The unifying nature of the web.

  • Opinion: PCs with the personal touch

    There’s something very satisfying about the creative process. No matter that the finished object isn’t as polished or slick as a similar one you could buy from a shop; the act of creation and lavishing attention on assembly is rewarding in itself.

  • Opinion: Google: friendly giant, benevolent despot?

    When Google first found its way into the public consciousness it was as a quirky but effective service: a simple search tool that cocked a snook at the monolithic giants of the PC industry. Its ‘Don’t be evil’ slogan and unusual working practices made Google seem like a creative breath of fresh air, churning out innovative free products and enjoying positive PR that the likes of Microsoft and IBM would kill for.

  • Opinion: Final Third is absurd

    Seven years ago this month, for the 100th issue of PC Advisor, we reflected on the technologies and products that had been launched within the life of the magazine. We each made a case for the one we thought had had the biggest impact. Digital photography was – and probably remains – my favourite, but the most disruptive technology was, of course, broadband. So vital has the web become to our everyday lives that lack of connectivity significantly affects our ability to get things done.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite online learning website?

    We want to hear your recommendations of the best learning resources on the internet.

  • Opinion: Internet Explorer 9: Next Stop, Public Beta

    With the success of Internet Explorer 8 - gaining 1.38 percent market share in the US to lead the pack with more than 42 percent of the market  -it is easy to forget that Microsoft is hard at work developing Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft has unleashed the fourth Platform Preview release for developers, and told partners and developers to start preparing - the public beta of IE9 is coming soon.

  • Opinion: Google's New Image Search: Thanks, Bing

    It's good to see the smart people at Google Search are keeping a close eye on the competition. The company's official blog has announced a series of minor but useful tweaks to the popular Google Image Search, which has mushroomed from a relatively tiny index of some 250 million images when it launched in 2001 to more than 10 billion today.

  • Opinion: YouTube Premium: is it time to charge for videos?

    YouTube's popularity continues to make for impressive statistics, but it also serves as a reminder of how little the site has changed through the years.

  • Opinion: Wanted: someone to pay for a new web

    Unlike at the 1990 World Cup, fans these days can follow their heroes 24/7 via the web.

  • Opinion: The real reason Google pretended to be Bing

    Google’s homepage is back to its old white self and peace returns to the quiet world of search after 14 hours of sheer, excruciating visual hell.

  • Opinion: What's your favourite wedding website?

    We want to hear your recommendations of websites related to weddings.

  • Opinion: Google TV proves one thing: TV needs a 'hide' button

    Google demonstrated its revolutionary new Google TV initiative this week but also revealed something we already knew: TV is rubbish.

  • Opinion: Facebook needs to face up to privacy issues

    Facebook, Schmacebook. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has both feet in the air and his head firmly stuck inside yet another dung hill, after Facebook's recent changes to its 'information-sharing' policies.

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