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  • Opinion: Lima: The Piracy-Free App Store for Jailbroken iPhones

    If you've ever jailbroken your iPhone, you probably know--and love--Cydia. While there have been a few alternatives over the years (such as Icy), the simplicity and polish of Cydia has cemented its reputation as the go-to iOS jailbreak app installer. The problem, however, is that Cydia not only makes it easy to install jailbreak-only apps, but DRM-stripped pirated apps as well. This has given jailbreaking a fairly deserved stigma in the eyes of Apple and many iOS developers, who obviously don't get paid for pirated apps downloaded from Cydia.

  • Opinion: RIM and Microsoft Alliance: Who Wins?

    RIM introduced an unexpected guest speaker at BlackBerry World--Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer unveiled a new partnership between the two which will have Microsoft's Bing replace Google as the default search provider on BlackBerry mobile devices. Microsoft stands to gain from the alliance, but it's hard to see what value is there for RIM.

  • Opinion: AT&T Transforms Yellow Pages into Groupon Clone

    AT&T is transforming the Yellow Pages into a daily deals portal similar to Groupon and the slew of other deep discount coupon sites and apps available. The updated Yellow Pages is available only in Atlanta, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Los Angeles but it will be rolled out to more cities in the future.

  • Opinion: Hey Twitter, Don't You Dare Ruin TweetDeck

    If Twitter really is buying TweetDeck, the best thing that can mean for users is nothing.

  • Opinion: How Apple Can Make iCloud Business-Friendly

    Apple's acquisition of the iCloud.com domain name may be for more than just its long-rumored cloud-based iTunes storage--and the discovery of the "Castle" codename in the latest beta release of Apple Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion"--point to an upgrade of its MobileMe cloud suite.

  • Opinion: Julian Assange: Facebook an 'Appalling Spying Machine'

    Julian Assange claims that Facebook is complacent in providing the U.S. government with a way to spy on its citizens, calling it "the most appalling spying machine ever invented."

  • Opinion: Day 2: So Far I'm Not Loving Google Docs

    30 Days With...Google Docs: Day 2

  • Opinion: Internet Explorer and Firefox Continue to Slide

    New browser market share data shows that both Internet Explorer and Firefox lost ground in April. While Microsoft and Mozilla trumpet their latest browsers, publicly trade jabs, and beat their chests at one another, Chrome and Safari are quietly gaining market share.

  • Opinion: 109-Terabit Broadband Test Breaks Records

    We've got a new 109 terabit-per-second broadband speed to aspire to--and secretly envy. The new record holder is the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Tokyo. This record-setting broadband speed was not produced through any regular old fiber-optic cable, though.

  • Opinion: 30 Days With...Google Docs

    You can do anything for 30 days, right? I mean, it's only one month. How hard can it be? Well, I'm going to find out because today is the day I start my new project: "30 Days With..."

  • Opinion: Edit Your Browser's AutoFill or AutoComplete

    Tom Guthrie wants to selectively remove the usernames, passwords, and other bits of text from his browser's AutoFill--or AutoComplete--feature.

  • Opinion: Why you shouldn't care about location tracking

    I sat down at my computer, prepared to sync my iPhone 4 with iTunes. But I looked at the simple white cord I use to connect the phone, and it suddenly seemed more ominous -- like it was some sort of spy transmitter, sending the private details of my life directly to Apple.

  • Opinion: Stop the Cloud, I Want to Get Off!

    Remember when the "cloud" was just called the "Internet?" This absurd fascination with naming online services after suspended atmospheric condensation is kind of driving me nuts. For around 14 years, millions of people have used Hotmail, but they didn't use a "cloud email solution." When we were all ripping our CDs a decade ago and looking up track information on the CDDB, we weren't using a "cloud music information service." Look, it's just the Internet, people. We don't need a new word to say that data is stored on a central server. I can't wait for the day when "cloud" joins the dustbin of overused and meaningless technology marketing words, along with push, virtual reality, and multimedia.

  • Opinion: How to Keep Local Access to Data During Cloud Outages

    The Amazon cloud services outage that knocked out several popular Websites last week raised questions about the reliability of the cloud, but the general consensus is that it works if you plan for failure. Like any good business plan, a good cloud plan should include provisions for failure, including plans B and C, and plenty of backups.

  • Opinion: Newest Internet Meme: Flower Girl Upstages Kate and Will

    Internet records were smashed Friday by the first royal wedding of the social media era, as streaming video enabled billions to avoid the event's brutal 2 a.m. wake-up call and watch the goings-on later instead of working.

  • Opinion: Save Time in Gmail With Smart Queries

    Right now, Gmail tells me I'm using about 2.6GB of the 25GB storage capacity that comes with my Google Apps for Business account. For many of you Gmail users out there, the amount of data archived in your account could be a heck of a lot more. My point is this: The more messages you've got archived in Gmail, the harder it can be to find what you need when you need it. So if you're not already deeply intimate with Gmail's advanced search operators, there's no time like the present to get to know them.

  • Opinion: A word to the web-wise

    Privacy has made a lot of headlines over the past couple of years and caused many of us to think about just how easily some of the apparent ‘gotchas’ that appear in the tabloids and broadsheets could apply to us. If you’re an aficionado of mobile computing or a smartphone user, you may be at particular risk.

  • Opinion: Upgrade to Windows 8 and say goodbye to the internet

    The internet has been constantly evolving since the day it was born, but the next-generation web will be the least democratic ever. Why? Money, of course.

  • Opinion: There's something in the air

    This year’s Mobile World Congress show in February was noticeable for being about the clamour to become the ‘other’ triumphant tablet alongside the Apple iPad. It was also the first tradeshow at which smartphones officially reigned supreme.

  • Opinion: Is it time to downgrade your broadband?

    Despite more than 40 percent of Brits paying for an “unlimited” broadband package, few people are taking full advantage of the service they're paying for - with just 9 percent downloading between 21GB and 40GB a month.

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