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  • Opinion: On the Internet, trust no one

    On the Internet, trust no one. Or at least, as President Reagan famously said, "Trust, but verify." In particular, whenever an unusual and unexpected message appears on your computer, be suspicious of its authenticity.

  • Opinion: Adobe Gives Users Privacy Control with Flash Player 10.3

    Adobe has released Adobe Flash Player 10.3 for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android. Flash Player 10.3 represents a pretty significant upgrade for the Adobe software--adding a variety of improvements and features, and giving users more control over their Web-surfing privacy.

  • Opinion: 'Browser in a Box' Runs Firefox 4 with Ultra Security

    Security is an oft-debated topic in the ongoing browser wars, but there's no denying that malware is a common problem for all of the leading contenders.

  • Opinion: Day 12: Google Docs on the Go My iPad

    On a whim, I decided to focus 30 days With...Google Docs today on the ability to use Google Docs while on the go using a tablet--specifically my iPad. So this post is being typed on my iPad from the Safari browser.

  • Opinion: Boost Your Mobile Hotspot's Signal Strength--at Home

    Reader Lois just moved to an area of California where there's no cable or DSL Internet service available. (Hard to believe, right?) She considered satellite service, but learned that those options are "slow and expensive."

  • Opinion: Marketer Beware: 7.5 Million Facebook Users Are Kids

    Marketing to children has always been risky terrain that should be navigated only with the utmost of care--or not at all.

  • Opinion: Day 11: How Google Docs Saved My Life...and Not

    Google Docs saved me today. OK--"saved my life" is a tad melodramatic and sensational. No, it didn't give me the Heimlich Maneuver, or prevent me from seeing that Rebecca Black video, but it did enable me to roll with the punches and remain productive even though I am not using my primary computer today.

  • Opinion: Get Answers to Your Windows Media Center Questions

    As a longtime fan of Windows Media Center, and someone who's encountered more than a few problems with the software, I'm shocked and saddened by the loss of The Green Button.

  • Opinion: Facebook Fingered in Google Smear Campaign

    It looks like Facebook is in the center of another PR gaffe--a Facebook spokesman has confirmed to The Daily Beast that Facebook has been participating in a "smear campaign" against Google.

  • Opinion: Was the Chrome Browser Sandbox Cracked?

    Security researchers claim they have managed to bypass the sandbox protection and exploit a PC through the Google Chrome browser. Vupen Security revealed that it has done what hackers and researchers have failed to do for three consecutive Pwn2Own contests--even when Google put up a $20,000 reward for a working exploit. However, there is growing speculation that the exploit used by Vupen may not actually circumvent the Chrome sandbox after all.

  • Opinion: Day 9: Taking a Closer Look at Google Docs Spreadsheets

    30 Days WIth...Google Docs: Day 9

  • Opinion: Groupon and Live Nation to Offer Local Concert Deals

    Groupon will pair with Live Nation to create GrouponLive, a site for deep discounts on tickets to concerts, sports, theater, and other live events. GrouponLive's site isn't quite live yet but plans on being prepared for the "summer concert season," according to the press release. You can visit GrouponLive now and drop off your e-mail address to receive limited-time deal notifications in the future.

  • Opinion: Does Anybody Still Give a #(^&! About Net Neutrality?

    Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who would like very much for all branches of government to abandon their efforts to regulate anything, ever, ripped into FCC Chair Julius Genachowski Thursday for allegedly doing President Obama's bidding on net neutrality.

  • Opinion: Mozilla Refuses to Help Censor the Internet

    Mozilla, maker of the open source Firefox browser, recently told the Department of Homeland Security that if you want to censor the Internet you better have a good reason or at least a legal justification. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the DHS' principal investigative arm, recently asked Mozilla to remove an add-on called MafiaaFire Redirector from the organization's Firefox add-ons site.

  • Opinion: Google I/O: What to Expect

    Like so many developer conferences, Google I/O is a big deal even if you've never programmed a line of code. With Google's software tentacles extending to smartphones and tablets with Android, televisions with Google TV and laptops with Chrome OS, Google I/O should be packed with news for the consumer tech world. Here's what to expect from Google I/O, a two-day conference that begins on May 10:

  • Opinion: Send a Private Message to a Facebook Friend

    Oh, Facebook. Why are you always messing with your faithful users? Just when we start to get familiar enough with your atrocious interface that we can actually navigate it, you roll out weird, unwanted, and mostly impractical changes.

  • Opinion: Firefox Add-On Feedly Corrals Your RSS and Twitter Feeds

    Want to follow too much news and get too much information, but have too little time? Then you want the free Firefox add-in Feedly, which lets you assemble your own personalized online newspaper from countless information sources across the Web. To get the latest info all you need to do is head to your personal Feedly page, and it's all there, waiting for you, gathered via RSS and Twitter feeds.

  • Opinion: DARPA's Cutting-Edge Video Searching Program Gets Boost

    We've already completely conquered text searches and gained a handle on image recognition software too, but video remains to be a tricky bit. DARPA might have the breakthrough to finding untagged video with no searchable text.

  • Opinion: What Should Twitter Do With TweetDeck?

    Twitter's $40-$50 million purchase of TweetDeck, reported by TechCrunch this week, shows the service is protecting its platform, brand, and revenue stream aggressively. What's next for Twitter, and what do these developments mean for the Twitter community?

  • Opinion: Day 3: Thanks for the Help, But...

    I feel compelled to start today's entry by reiterating the premise of the "30 Days With..." project.

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