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  • Opinion: Amazon offering free Fire TV trials to some Prime members

    If you're curious about Amazon's Fire TV set-top box and subscribe to Amazon Prime, you might want to check your inbox.

  • Opinion: All-you-can-read kids service Epic adds a thousand new books from HarperCollins

    I was a voracious reader as a kid. If my mom could have waved a magic wand and had an unlimited supply of books appear in our living room for a flat fee of $10 a month, I'm sure she would have jumped at the chance. Thanks to the iPad and a subscription service called Epic, my kid can gorge himself on children's books until the cow jumps over the moon.

  • Opinion: Another China/USA cyberslap fight

    The US-China relationship is oft described as "the most important diplomatic relationship in the world." Whether true or not (Japan and Western Europe haven't vanished), it's important that Beijing and Washington communicate, and, where possible, collaborate."

  • Opinion: In connected cars, advertising will come along for the ride

    You're steering your car around an unfamiliar city, close to lunchtime, and you're not exactly sure where to eat, let alone where you can park. But your in-car infotainment system springs into action, serving up not only the location of a nearby parking lot but also coupons and offers for restaurants just steps away from where you've left your car.

  • Opinion: It's not all sunshine, as sharing start-ups tackle big issues at industry meet-up

    Bakers who sell home-made sweet potato pies from their homes and struggling city-dwellers who rent out their apartments on Airbnb don't typically have a lot in common--except in some states their money-making enterprises are considered illegal. Yet the "sharing economy" has become the defining buzz phrase that encompasses Airbnb hosts and food co-operatives, grassroots sharing efforts, and new iPhone apps. When you lump a bunch of people under one banner, that's bound to create some friction.

  • Opinion: New Sonos Controller app exits beta with surprise feature

    As it promised earlier this spring, streaming speaker pioneer Sonos released refreshed versions of its controller app for iOS and Android. But there's a very cool feature in this finished version that wasn't around when TechHive had some hands-on time with an earlier version of the app.

  • Opinion: How to mute annoying Twitter users, and why you'd want to

    Twitter is often a lovely place, where people share ideas and have interesting discussions about all kinds of topics. But like any public forum, Twitter has its fair share of annoying human beings clogging up your Timeline with inane--or even offensive--chatter. Twitter has now made it possible to easily mute those people. Bonus: They won't even know it happened.

  • Opinion: Microsoft adding 'All Sources' music locker to OneDrive

    Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage solution can apparently accept user-owned music uploads, for playback on Web-connected devices like the Xbox. That's according to Chinese tech site LiveSino, who noticed the feature when digging into OneDrive's source code.

  • Opinion: Clippers fans look for a hand from the crowd to buy NBA team

    Thanks to crowdfunding, we've been able to back smartwatch makers, help rock legends fund the high-resolution audio player of their dreams, and even bring a long-canceled TV show to the silver screen. So why not use the deep pockets of the crowd to buy up a share of your very own sports franchise?

  • Opinion: Mobile-payment revamp for Hong Kong

    Here in Hong Kong we're accustomed to ease-of-payment. The main driver of course is the Octopus card--the most convenient payment-method yet devised.

  • Opinion: Lyft takes aim at Uber with premium Plus service

    When Lyft launched two years ago, it was a casual ride-sharing service where drivers used their own cars--nothing fancy, but nice enough--to give you a ride in the direction they were already heading. Because the rides looked like regular cars, drivers affixed hot pink mustaches to their bumpers. Lyft is now upping the ante with a higher-end Lyft Plus service offering luxury rides at higher prices.

  • Opinion: TuneIn grafts social and personal features onto plain old terrestrial radio

    TuneIn believes that terrestrial radio is no longer good enough on its own. Instead, it must be social and personal.

  • Opinion: Evernote and LinkedIn want to save business cards--or just digitize them

    It happens to everyone: You go to a conference or a networking event and amass a pile of business cards. Everyone was so interesting, yet you can barely remember their faces, let alone the details of their work. And the business cards? If you're honest with yourself, you know they're going right in the trash can.

  • Opinion: Tumblr takes a page from Myspace with on-the-go bedazzling

    Myspace briefly ruled the Internet with its unique brand of cacophony: garishly bright backgrounds, blinking graphics, auto-playing theme songs. Combined, those elements were a horrible mess, but they didn't detract from Myspace's popularity. Why? People love customization. Tumblr is proving it's this decade's Myspace with an iOS and Android app update that lets you personalize your site's colors, photos, and fonts. Sadly, there are no auto-playing soundtracks.

  • Opinion: Report: U.S. Internet providers allow 'permanent congestion' and want cash to clear it up

    Major Internet service providers in the United States are essentially holding their connections for ransom while letting customers suffer, according to a company that acts as a middleman for Internet traffic.

  • Opinion: Xbox's Halo series may strike covenant with Showtime

    Microsoft's Xbox Entertainment Studios (XES) may release its live-action version of Halo on traditional TV first before it delivers an interactive version to Xbox's Web-connected base of 48 million gamers. According to a report in Variety, the XES series currently in development with Steven Spielberg's Amblin TV may first be seen on Showtime, the U.S. pay cable channel.

  • Opinion: Amazon teams with Twitter to turn hashtags into shopping shortcuts

    Whimsically purchasing nonsense you don't need from Amazon just isn't easy enough. One-click ordering, two-day shipping--or same-day delivery if you're lucky--are fine, I guess, but now Amazon is letting you add items to your shopping cart straight from Twitter. All it takes is a hashtag.

  • Opinion: Rdio plans free ad-supported streaming service

    Rdio.com plans to offer free ad-supported on-demand streaming later this year. That news comes from Lew Dickey, CEO of Cumulus Media, which bought a 20 percent stake in Rdio.com last September. Cumulus, which has about 525 radio stations in 110 U.S. cities, is also Rdio's exclusive U.S. sales agent.

  • Opinion: Adidas, Spotify team up for running routes, with music to match

    Adidas and Spotify have come up with a novel way to tweak your usual running routine.

  • Opinion: Amazon expands same-day delivery service to new cities, but leaves Las Vegas

    Amazon is beefing up its same-day delivery service options by expanding into more cities and lengthening the daily cut-off times in others. Amazon customers in Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco can now get same day delivery on select items. Those three new additions will have until 12:15 PM local time to order same-day products and receive them by 9 PM.

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