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  • Opinion: 5 Cloud Computing Trends That Will Be Big in 2013

    Will 2013 finally be the year executives stop worrying about cloud security and actually start looking at their bills from cloud service providers? Columnist Bernard Golden thinks so. He has four other cloud computing predictions for 2013, too.

  • Opinion: How to get started with DLNA

    What the heck is DLNA and why you should care about it? I'll keep this simple.

  • Opinion: Is Internet Explorer leaking sensitive information?

    Do you use Internet Explorer? If you do, hopefully you've already applied the updates from Patch Tuesday earlier this week. But, even if you did it seems your browser might still be vulnerable to a potentially serious issue.

  • Opinion: Forrester Outlines How IT Organizations Will Control the Cloud

    Developers love the cloud because it makes their jobs easier. Rather than fight this trend, and risk obsolescence, Infrastructure and Operations should accept it. A recent Forrester Research report offers five hints for controlling the cloud without stifling developer innovation.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Measure once, cut and paste twice

    Microsoft and Apple are at each other's throats over money, so it must be a day that ends in 'y.' Elsewhere, Apple may be inching closer to a TV as one of its partners looks to lay down some acreage in the U.S. and Cupertino's latest product is at least a thirty footer. The remainders for Wednesday, December 12, 2012 are redundant and repetitive.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: The land of Oz

    Apple's Australian mapping missteps get traced back to a surprising source, the iPhone 5 is the year's best gadget, and Google's head honcho says that Apple and his company's relationship is probably best described as "It's Complicated." Pay no attention to the remainders for Tuesday, December 11, 2012 behind the curtain.

  • Opinion: Bugs & Fixes: Troubleshooting iTunes 11

    iTunes 11 arrived on the final day of November, barely in time to meet Apple's self-imposed November deadline for availability of the update. Actually, Apple had originally announced an October release but delayed the launch due to "engineering issues."

  • Opinion: Managing add-ons in Internet Explorer

    With too many add-ons your browser performance can be affected. Change Internet Explorer's settings to prevent pages from loading slowly

  • Opinion: How to dedupe your song library now that iTunes won't

    iTunes 11, which arrived last week, brought some big changes with it. And for the last few days I've been helping you work around some of those changes, like restoring the iTunes sidebar and even returning to iTunes 10.

  • Opinion: Use Content Advisor to protect your browser

    In Windows 8 you can use the Content Advisor to help you manage what is and isn’t available through your browser

  • Opinion: Setting security levels in Internet Explorer

    Use the protection settings in Internet Explorer to help give you a first line of defence when it comes to your security

  • Opinion: Archify free service stalks your Web travels to build archives

    Archify is a free Web service that you might want to have stalking you.

  • Opinion: Google Chrome leads the browser pack at preventing phishing, study finds

    Phishing attacks are an all-too-common threat on the Internet today, but among the top browsers Google's Chrome does the best job of preventing them.

  • Opinion: Why you shouldn't hire a graphic designer on the cheap

    Graphic designers took to Twitter, article comments and email to fight back against an article we published on PC Advisor that claimed to show 'how to hire a graphic-design pro on the cheap'. Here's a snapshot of what they had to say.

  • Opinion: Response to 'How to hire a graphic-design pro on the cheap'

    Tom Actman from London based design company, Mat Dolphin, voices his opinion on websites that offer rock bottom prices for graphic-design work.

  • Opinion: Amazon Goes All In With Data Warehousing at AWS Conference

    The first day of the first Amazon Web Services user conference, known as re: Invent, focused on the way customers are using services such as S3 and CloudFront. Meanwhile, the company unveiled RedShift, which CIO.com columnist Bernard Golden thinks will disrupt the data warehousing market and challenge IBM, Oracle and Teradata.

  • Opinion: RingCentral's new SMS feature keeps your number private

    What do you do when you call a co-worker but they're not at their desk to answer the phone? You might send a text message to their mobile phone to try and reach them, but people using their own mobile devices may be reluctant to share their personal mobile number for business purposes. RingCentral may have a solution for that.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Road to nowhere

    Apple's map manager gets shown the door (accurately, we hope), Siri will soon do everything but drive your car (thankfully), and one user dreams of the Apple TV (that will never be). The remainders for Tuesday, November 27, 2012 know where they're going, but they don't know where they been.

  • Opinion: Keep the internet open: Net Neutrality explained

    You pay for a set amount of data, so what business is it of your ISP to decide where you use it? We explain Net Neutrality, and why it should matter to all web users.

  • Opinion: With shopping scams on the rise, watch for these threats

    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which means only one thing--the glorious chaos we call the Holiday Shopping Season will soon be upon us. Holiday shopping also means a spike in online scams, fraud, and malware, so you need to be aware of the risks and threats, and exercise some common sense to avoid a cyber-Grinch incident.

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