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  • Opinion: Having it all: Accessing files from the road

    Reader Aiden Andrews is planning to venture out but would like some of his most important files available to him. He writes:

  • Opinion: Can Skype really take the place of a face-to-face meeting?

    It's the ultimate business hack: Instead of traveling to meet with a client, a design team, or anyone else you need to see face-to-face, you stay put and set up a video call instead. The technology is there--Skype, WebEx, etc.--and it can save you considerable time and money.

  • Opinion: Mozilla unveils the Firefox Marketplace and Facebook integration

    The release of Firefox 16 may not have been as tidy as Mozilla would have liked it to be thanks to the security flaw that was discovered soon afterwards, but apparently that didn't have much of an effect on uptake of the new browser.

  • Opinion: As Mobile Grows, So Does Cloud Computing

    As PC sales decline and smartphone and tablet sales climb, the world of computing is poised for a dramatic shift. While mobile users do, in fact, 'compute' with their devices, application data and functionality actually reside in the cloud. To accommodate this, columnist Bernard Golden says, the cloud will have to grow in ways that few can currently comprehend.

  • Opinion: SMS embedded links weaponize smartphones

    I just got my first seriously nasty SMS: text-message with embedded links. As we know, never EVER click on embedded links in an email. I knew that SMSs can carry these malicious links, but until one came sailing into my phone last week, I hadn't stared at one on my smartphone screen.

  • Opinion: How to not be a jerk on the Internet

    I've been a technology blogger for more than six years--four of them right here at PC World. And in that time I've developed a pretty thick skin.

  • Opinion: Four Web-based scheduling tools for small businesses

    If your business involves meeting with clients, you know what a hassle scheduling can be. Doesn't matter if you're a real-estate agent, a financial advisor, or a contractor--appointment management can be a full-time job.

  • Opinion: Apple cedes US dominance to Japan and China

    "Apple Maps is the worst-received new product to come out of Cupertino since the 1993 launch of the Newton...the child of a nasty divorce between two of the world's most powerful companies." "

  • Opinion: Group chat showdown: Which instant messaging service is best for your business?

    What happens when your team needs to have a conversation, yet coworkers are scattered across town or even around the world? Conference calls can be pricey and inefficient: Talkers often overlap, no one can hear each other well, and there's no record of who said what. Oh, and you can't exactly share a file over the phone.

  • Opinion: Cloud Computing Pushes Vendors to Seek New Roles in IT Value Chain

    Cloud adoption means that companies are increasingly signing pay-as-you-go SLAs and renting servers. This means traditional software and hardware vendors must dramatically reconsider their business models, columnist Bernard Golden says.

  • Opinion: Firefox 16 arrives with a raft of critical fixes

    Shortly after Firefox regained its No. 2 position in the browser arena, Mozilla on Tuesday unleashed the next version of its popular open source browser complete with fixes for numerous critical vulnerabilities.

  • Opinion: FailBetter Games' Alexis Kennedy is trying to make browser games that don't suck

    A smoggy cityscape. A single lampost cocooned by shadowy tentacles. An introduction that promises the ability to cavort with devils, converse with cats, wrestle tigers and navigate resolutions. A sly greeting, "Welcome, Delicious Friend."

  • Opinion: Toyota going all in with Microsoft's Office 365

    Microsoft has been fairly open in its push to the cloud. The pricing model for Office 2013 compared with Office 365 is clearly an effort to make Office 365 the more cost effective, no-brainer option. The plan seems to be working, too, as Microsoft announced this week that Toyota is making Office 365 available to it's 200,000 plus employees around the world.

  • Opinion: Exploring iCloud Backup

    Now that we've settled into Mountain Lion, the iPhone 5, and iOS 6, it's time we devoted several minutes to a feature that's common to all of them--iCloud syncing and backup. I'm joined in that devotion by staff writer Lex Friedman who recently penned How to Free Up iCloud Storage Space, available right here on Macworld.com.

  • Opinion: 28 pieces of computing advice that stand the test of time

    Technology never stops moving foward. Hardware gets faster, and operating systems gain new features and (we hope) finesse. This is natural computing law.

  • Opinion: Facebook: For ads, clicks aren't all that counts

    Traditional wisdom—and online ad budgets—measure success in clicks. While that may work for ads on Google, Facebook says that focusing on the per-click return isn't the best method for businesses seeking to spread brand awareness. Per-click metrics don't show the "outcomes that happen in the grocery store, in the car dealership, or in the local coffee shop," said Brad Smallwood, Facebook’s director of pricing and measurement, as TechCrunch reported Monday.

  • Opinion: igHome gives displaced iGoogle users a familiar home

    A couple months back I suggested three alternatives to iGoogle, the popular personalized Google home page that's scheduled to be switched off about a year from now.

  • Opinion: Gmail adds support for search inside message attachments

    If you use Google's webmail service, Gmail, you can now search attachments in your e-mail messages that are in formats from popular programs, such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office, and others.

  • Opinion: The Week in iOS Apps: Albert Einstein's brain

    This week’s roundup of iOS apps is all about the multimedia entertainment: We’ve got video, we’ve got music, we’ve got games, and we’ve got the brain of Albert Einstein.

  • Opinion: How to move from Hotmail to Outlook.com

    Late in July, Microsoft unveiled Outlook.com, a new Webmail service designed to take the place of the aging Hotmail.

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