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  • Opinion: 'Listen to Wikipedia' turns heated edit wars into soothing music

    When you go to Wikipedia, you're probably going to do one of two things; fall down a rabbit's hole of trivia and information or edit the crap out of said information. Listen to Wikipedia, on the other hand, offers a completely different --and calming-- experience from the bustle of information bits and inappropriately cited information.

  • Opinion: Bill Gates throws cold water on Google's dream of connecting the world

    What good is an Internet balloon if kids are dying underneath it? In a Bloomberg interview, Microsoft chairman Bill Gates implies that the world's burning, and companies like Google--and Silicon Valley at large--are simply inventing better fiddles.

  • Opinion: Find and watch free TV on the Internet

    Lucyer asked about Web sites where you can watch television programs for free.

  • Opinion: How to manually lower Netflix's streaming bit rate

    True story. Last night, while on an Amtrak train from Chicago to Detroit, I was trying to pass the time by watching Netflix on my laptop. Just one problem: The connectivity wasn't great between cities, so there were a lot of pauses while the stream buffered.

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Way, way up

    Google's app marketplace takes a shot across Apple's bow, Tim Cook talks turkey--and iPhones--with China's largest carrier, and a little dose of nostalgia for Siskel and Ebert fans. The remainders for Wednesday, July 31, 2013 will see you at the movies.

  • Opinion: Five bookmarks every computer user should have

    The Boy Scouts got it right: be prepared.

  • Opinion: Add custom news and alerts to new tabs in Google Chrome

    If you're a Google Chrome user (it remains my browser of choice), you already know how to reduce tab clutter with OneTab and add a clock and weather station to new tabs.

  • Opinion: What's the best way to sell products online?

    If you're thinking of selling products or services online, here's some advice on how to decide whether to opt for a marketplace such as Amazon or ebay, or to set up your own unique online shop.

  • Opinion: Internet memes come to life as these adorable plush toys

    How do you capitalize on the most popular memes without causing the entire internet to roll its collective eyes? Well you turn them into fluffy plush toys, of course.

  • Opinion: Twitter power: avoid purgatory by following the pope

    The pope has turned to Twitter and other forms of social media for one of the Vatican's favorite pastimes: handing out plenary indulgences.

  • Opinion: Home of the strange: The web's weirdest places

    The Internet is a strange, odd, whacked-out place. Yes, there are some crazy people out there, and many of them have found the web to be a powerful outlet for their craziness.

  • Opinion: How to delete or move a lot of Gmail messages

    MLStrand56 had a Gmail question for the Answer Line forum: How does one archive or delete every email from a particular sender--or that matches some other criteria?

  • Opinion: 5 streaming TV shows full of badass, shady ladies

    A couple of weeks ago, seemingly everyone on my Twitter feed was linking to Laurie Penny's thoughtful essay in the New Statesman, "I was a Manic Pixie Dream Girl." It's a great piece worth reading, a hopeful lamentation on the idea that "Men grow up expecting to be the hero of their own story. Women grow up expecting to be the supporting actress in somebody else's." I think that's true sometimes, but luckily this week's crop of streaming TV shows is crammed with strong female characters--badass main characters at that. These women can't be packed into neat, boxed-shaped archetypes like MPDG or any other, unless there's a box for "Criminally intelligent, and sometimes just criminal, shady ladies who are up to no good."

  • Opinion: When there are no words, Face to GIF lets you make personal reaction GIFs

    Are emoticons (o_O) or weird reaction GIFs not doing enough to explain exactly how you feel on the Internet? Now there's a new, simple Web tool called Face to GIF that makes it super easy to record your face and turn the resulting clips into motion selfies for the Web.

  • Opinion: How to make a browser's toolbar text larger

    Reader Mary Andrews finds fault with Safari's Bookmarks Bar. She writes:

  • Opinion: Remains of the Day: Gently down the stream

    Apple's radio scheme is good money, iOS 7's colors have historical precedent, and Cupertino's latest ad campaign gets a knock from some expected corners. The remainders for Thursday, June 27, 2013 are but a dream.

  • Opinion: Simplify browser use with keyboard shortcuts

    6/27: Simplify browser use with keyboard shortcuts

  • Opinion: How does the government's data collecting program Prism work?

    On the 6th of June the Guardian and Washington Post newspapers broke a story which stated that the American government had been secretly collecting massive amounts of private data about its own citizens, as well as anyone who used services provided by certain US technology companies. These included well known brands as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, YouTube, AOL, and Skype.

  • Opinion: How to block auto-play videos

    Reader Andy Jensen likes his web browsing to be distraction free. He writes:

  • Opinion: Bugs & Fixes: Users report Internet loss with new MacBook Airs

    Apple's latest updates to its MacBook Air laptops have been getting rave reviews for their incredible battery life: the 13-inch model clocks more than 12 hours on a single charge. Unfortunately, these new Airs have also been getting some unwanted attention for a potential Internet connection failure. In particular, numerous users report that their Internet connection drops out within minutes of them getting online. A bit surprisingly, this occurs even though the computer's Wi-Fi connection still shows a normal strong signal.

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