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Latest Internet Opinion

  • Opinion: Handy rebrands to be the name you remember for help around the house

    On-demand cleaning and housework platform and iOS app Handybook has dropped the "book" from its name. It might not seem like a big deal, but CEO Oisin Hanrahan says the change will clear up some confusion.

  • Opinion: How to start blogging with Microsoft Word

    Blogging with Microsoft Word lets you use the richly featured word processor to circumvent many of the underpowered, sometimes unfriendly aspects of browser-based interfaces used by platforms like WordPress or Blogger. We'll show you several ways to write and publish blog posts directly from Word, using the tools and shortcuts you already know.

  • Opinion: Comedy Central, MTV, and other Viacom channels coming to Sony Cloud TV

    Cord cutters will finally be able to stream some cable networks without having to, uh, "borrow" a pay-TV subscriber's login. Viacom is letting Sony's upcoming cloud TV service to carry at least 22 of its most popular networks. The deal will let Sony OTT subscribers tune into "BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons, Spike, TV Land and VH1, BET Gospel, Centric, Logo, CMT Pure Country, MTV Hits, MTV James, mtvU, Palladia, TeenNick, Vh1 Classic and Vh1 Soul and all available in HD," said a Viacom news release announcing the arrangement. "The deal marks Viacom's first-ever agreement to provide its networks for an Internet-based live TV and video on demand service."

  • Opinion: Why Twitpic is really shutting down

    It's difficult to imagine, but when Twitter launched eight years ago, there was no way to tweet photos. The network was fairly limited in its early days, and a slew of third-party apps filled in the holes using Twitter's API. Users would upload their photos to a third-party service Twitpic and then tweet the link as a way to get around Twitter's limitations.

  • Opinion: Hands-on with Rdio's redesign: History is history, Favorites and stations are now

    When you have millions of songs at your disposal, the trick is figuring out what to listen to. I've always appreciated the way Rdio makes it easy to see what's popular among your friends and alerts you to new releases by artists you already like. On Thursday the streaming music service launched a redesign across its website, desktop players, and mobile apps, rebranding your collection as your Favorites, all the better to include playlists, stations, and your favorite artists' entire catalogs.

  • Opinion: Primed for pigskin: How to watch NFL football anywhere

    Editor's note: This article originally ran in 2012. We updated it on September 4, 2014 to reflect the latest information for the 2014 season.

  • Opinion: What to do when Chrome keeps crashing

    I switched over to Google Chrome as my preferred Internet browser a couple of years ago, relegating Firefox to back-up browser status.

  • Opinion: Two Google scheduling tricks to keep you organized in the fall

    Ah, the back-to-school season. There's no other time of the year that simultaneously strikes fear, dread, and excitement into the hearts of students and parents across the country.

  • Opinion: Say hello to Somebody, the world's strangest messaging app

    Every Miranda July fan knows the indie filmmaker/writer/artist is full of interesting ideas. Her latest, a messaging app called Somebody, takes July's signature quirkiness to a whole new level.

  • Opinion: Hands-on: Chrome beta gets guest mode and a new profile switcher

    Google is changing how people switch between different user profiles and also moving guest mode from a hidden feature to a regular part of the browser, at least in beta.

  • Opinion: 5 apps for making friends in a new city

    Making friends is difficult, especially if you've just moved to a brand-new city. And you work from home. And you have strange interests. And you sleep unconventional hours.

  • Opinion: You'll never believe how Facebook plans to fight click-bait

    More than a third of Facebook users get their news from the site, but lately the stories being shared are light on information and heavy on crap--commonly referred to as click-bait. So Facebook is cracking down on headlines designed to rake in page views without offering substance.

  • Opinion: Even with built-in audience, rumored YouTube music service faces hurdles

    What's in a name? That's the question streaming experts are debating, following this week's revelations that Google was planning to launch a subscription music service on YouTube called Music Key.

  • Opinion: Tweet and tune in: ABC previews upcoming show on Twitter

    How do you get young eyeballs to watch your new TV series? By going to where those young eyeballs happen to be.

  • Opinion: Report: Xbox Entertainment Studios not quite dead yet

    Like an unexpected twist in one of the original programs it had hoped to produce, Microsoft's recently shuttered Xbox Entertainment Studios may come back from the dead. That's according to an August 14 story in the Hollywood Reporter, which says Warner Bros. may be in the frame to revive Microsoft's attempt to create video content for its gaming console.

  • Opinion: The Premier League has had it up to here with all your soccer Vines

    England's Premier League is a waving a red card at fans who plan on recording goals and posting the six-second clips to Vine.

  • Opinion: Girl power: 10 films full of remarkable women, streaming on Netflix

    It's no secret that the movie business has long been a men's club, but it doesn't have to be that way. These 10 films, currently streaming on Netflix, show that great things can happen when men and women work together to create more opportunities for women behind the scenes and in front of the camera. And adding some truly interesting female characters never hurts, either. In fact, we found so many performances worth celebrating that there's a bonus list of 10 more girl-power films at the bottom.

  • Opinion: FAA says Lyft-like platforms for private planes are illegal

    Private plane pilots and the high-flying ballers who book seats on their aircraft can no longer use Lyft-like platforms to buy and sell seats. The Federal Aviation Administration put the kibosh on startups that let pilots advertise rides on their tiny planes in exchange for gas money. I don't know about you, but I hate sharing my jets anyway.

  • Opinion: YouTube starts cleaning up its streaming apps, starting with Xbox One

    Xbox One users should spend less time hunting and pecking and more time streaming videos to the big screen, thanks to a just-released update to YouTube's app for the gaming console. And other set-top boxes and gaming consoles will soon follow suit.

  • Opinion: Twitter promises to fix policies after bullies target Robin Williams's daughter

    Twitter champions freedom of speech and allows its users anonymity, but that hands-off approach comes at a cost: Many users, especially women, face constant abuse on the network. One high-profile incident might finally spur Twitter to action.

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