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Remains of the Day: The land of Oz

Apple's Australian mapping missteps get traced back to a surprising source, the iPhone 5 is the year's best gadget, and Google's head honcho says that Apple and his company's relationship is probably best described as "It's Complicated." Pay no attention to the remainders for Tuesday, December 11, 2012 behind the curtain.

Apple updates maps to remove Australia's ghost-city in the desert (The Register)

You may recall news from earlier this week that iOS 6's Maps software was directing users looking for the Australian town of Mildura to a national park 44 miles away. Seems, however, that the problem wasn't entirely Apple's fault; rather, The Register traced the data back to the Australian Gazetteer, the government's official list of place names and locations. Which just confirms what we all already knew: never listen to the Man, because he's just trying to strand you in a semi-arid, waterless wasteland.

Top 10 Gadgets (Time)

Time's Harry McCracken gives the iPhone 5 the top spot on the list of the year's best gadgets. Apparently he didn't get the memo that the iPhone 5 is just boring.

Fortune Exclusive: Larry Page on Google (Fortune)

Fortune scored a lengthy 70-minute interview with reclusive Google CEO Larry Page. He talks only a little about the company's relationship with its neighbor to the south, Apple. Page describes his relationship with the late Steve Jobs as friendly "at times" and says the contentious relationship between the likes of Google, Apple, and Amazon are "a shame for users." I'm just impressed he didn't call them "data points."

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