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Facebook Gets Fashionable: Like Counters Placed on Clothing Hangers

Do you like this? A Brazilian clothing retailer adds real-time Facebook "like" counters to it clothes hangers to advertise its merchandise.

By now we're all pretty much used to seeing social media buttons (shameless plug: look above the headline) for every frivolous thing on the Web, from hot dogs to Cat Fancy. The Brazilian branch of the fashion retailer C&A is going one step further into real-world sharing by adding real-time Facebook "like" counters to its individual clothing items.

In a new initiative called Fashion Like, you can "like" certain items on C&A website, and the results are displayed on digital readout built into the clothes rack hanger. This way, a customer can look at a blazer or dress's online popularity to help them decide what to buy.

It's definitely an interesting experiment to see if "likes" can draw consumers in like a 5-star product review can. Of course, clothes hangers are hardly reliable--how many times have you picked up a hanger that says something is a medium only to read the tag see that it's actually a XXL? Not to mention the social-media store trolls that might be out there switching hangers.

I'm just surprised that this hasn't happened sooner.

There are already restaurants in my area with social media advertisements to like them on Facebook and review them on Yelp. Within five years we will probably see all store windows start looking like the social media bar on top of this article with likes, tweets, and all manner of online sharing counters.

[C&A Brazil (Facebook) via Springwise, The Verge, Gizmodo]

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