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Open Web Links Right Inside Thunderbird

Tired of switching to your browser when you click an e-mail link? ThunderBrowse puts Web pages alongside your inbox for convenient viewing.

Reader Dan subscribes to various e-mail lists, and each e-mail he receives contains multiple Web links. Here's his dilemma:

"My reading preference is to open all of the links that interest me and then switch to Firefox to read them. I would like to open all of these links from Thunderbird without having to switch back to e-mail after each one that I open. Is there a way to do this?"

Makes sense to me, Dan. After all, why should you have to click a link, go back to your mail client, click the next link, then wash, rinse, and repeat?

Because you're a Thunderbird user, there's a fairly easy fix: ThunderBrowse, which opens Web pages right inside Thunderbird. In other words, it saves you from having to leave your mail program at all.

Normally, when you click a link inside an e-mail, Thunderbird pops open your Web browser. With ThunderBrowse running, that same click produces a new tab inside Thunderbird, allowing you to view the page alongside your inbox. How handy is that!

The add-on is quite versatile, with plenty of settings you can tweak to customize it to your liking. (I especially like the support for the middle mouse button, which you can configure to, say, open links in new tabs rather than the currently visible one.)

Indeed, in my (admittedly brief) tests of ThunderBrowse, it worked quite nicely. It took me a short while to get accustomed to using it, but after I did, I found myself loving not having to switch back and forth between browser and 'bird.

Consequently, if you're a Thunderbird user, I definitely recommend taking this add-on for a test drive.

Contributing Editor Rick Broida writes about business and consumer technology. Ask for help with your PC hassles at [email protected], or try the treasure trove of helpful folks in the PC World Community Forums. Sign up to have the Hassle-Free PC newsletter e-mailed to you each week.

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