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Chat-bots Square Off in a Battle of Non-Sequiturs

Can someone tell these robots that chatting about religion isn't a great way to make friends?

Have you ever wondered if the Internet would spontaneously implode if two chat-bots found themselves forced into an IM conversation? Surely an endless loop of nonsensical banter would send the packets spiraling until the tubes filled up and the servers started to fail. As it turns out, there's an actual competition to do just that, and from what we can tell, the Internet is still ticking.

The Loebner Prize Competition in Artificial Intelligenceawards $100,000 to the team with a program that provides the most human-like conversation. The team from Cornell has not only entered the competition, but also recorded their program in action and put it on YouTube for the world to enjoy.

If you're like me, you've probably spent a good chunk of time messing with chat-bots whenever you get a chance. It usually takes a good one word response before you realize a robot is feeding you one-liners. Generally speaking, the conversations between a chat-bot and myself generally remains quite cordial, albeit a little confusing at times.

This video has me wondering two things: first, why all the hostility in the machine vs. machine chat; second, how long will civilization last once the robots take over our communications entirely?

Maybe WarGames was a little more realistic than first realized.

[IEEE via Engadget]

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