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Netflix, Miramax Sign Deal - Finally, Decent Programming

Exhausted the decent content on Netflix Instant Watch? Relief is on the way.

If you've exhausted the decent content on Netflix Instant Watch and are now relegated to endless low-budget horror sequels and the straight-to-DVD dregs, here's some good news: the long-awaited deal between Netflix and Miramax has been sealed, and classic content is on its way.

Starting in June, Netflix will begin streaming "several hundred" Miramax movies to all platforms, including computers, Internet-connected TVs, set-top boxes, tablets, and smartphones, with more titles coming on a "rotating basis," according to the press release. Touted titles include Pulp Fiction, Shakespeare in Love, Good Will Hunting, Bad Santa (yay!), Scream, and Kill Bill.

Miramax gloats that collectively has 284 Academy Award nominations across 83 films, with 68 wins. To really amp up your streaming queue, Business Insider put together a list of 566 other movies in the Miramax distribution catalogue, via IMDB.

Details of the agreement haven't been disclosed, but Paid Content believes the price exceeded $100 million and that it's a contract for at least five years.

The Netflix/Miramax deal couldn't have come any sooner. Content providers such as Showtime and Starz are withholding popular shows or delaying releases, and Netflix's competition is only getting bigger in the form of Hulu Plus, Google streaming movies to Android devices, rumors of a Redbox streaming service, and the ubiquitous iTunes. But now it looks like I won't have to watch Tremors 4 after all!

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