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Star Trek fan shows eBay Enterprise

Sci-fi überfan Tony Alleyne this week sold his Star Trek-styled one-bedroom bijou flat in Leicestershire on eBay for an astronomical £425,000. Even at London prices that's good (and yes, I do mean London, the small village on the planet Zorg).

Tony's Voyage(r) of self-enrichment involved two years of work and £30,000 earth pounds of investment, as he turned his one-bed flatlet into the starship Voyager’s flight deck. The flat boasts a life-sized transporter room (the survey shows it is not currently operational) but no holodeck. Plumbing information remains scarce, so I won't be making a terrible captain's log joke.

Other flats in the block in Hinckley, Leicestershire, have sold for around £80,000, but space-cadet Tony put his property on eBay for £130,000 and finally accepted a bid from a bloke from Brum who, perhaps understandably, wishes to remain anonymous. (Presumably from his wife.)

Tony bought the flat for a mere £27,000 10 years ago. He started on the project after his marriage broke up and completed it at warp speed in just a couple of years. (Must... not... make... inappropriate... gag... about... sci-fi... and... marriage...) Superbly, he plans to spend the cash by boldly going where no man has been before, and building another space-flat. Perhaps this one could be based on James T Kirk's latter-series wig?

I'm indebted to PC Advisor forum member TOPCAT® for bringing this story to my attention: Star Trek themed flat sold on eBay

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