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Last pixel on the Million Dollar Homepage up for grabs

In mid-August last year, 21-year-old soon-to-be university student Alex Tew decided that he didn't fancy graduating with a huge debt. His solution? Set up a webpage and sell pixels on it for a dollar each.

The site, the Million Dollar Homepage, coincidentally had 1,000,000 pixels for sale, in blocks of 100. While a million dollars is a big number to go for, Alex thought if only a fraction of the pixels were bought it'd make student life easier.

"I thought, if I aim high (one million dollars, for example) and only get one or two percent of that figure, that would still help me out a great deal. I never expected the site to reach the level of success it has done," Alex wrote on his blog.

And what a success. In under six months he's sold all the pixels, bar the last 1,000, which he's now auctioning on eBay.

If you fancy owning the last block of pixels, you can find the auction here.

Link: The Million Dollar Homepage

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