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Latest Internet Opinion

  • Opinion: SoundCloud gets Sonos integration, record deals possible

    SoundCloud is getting integrated with Sonos music systems, as it reportedly tries to become more than just a place for music you haven't heard of.

  • Opinion: AMD Radeon leaped into an epic rap battle on Twitter and it was amazing

    Usually, Twitter fights are prime examples of peak stupid--two or more stubborn sides spouting angry 140-character bursts so short that they'd never truly be capable of conveying nuanced arguments. But on Thursday, that oh-so-short character count turned one Twitter fight into the war of the week, when AMD's Radeon Graphics account took on premium device skin maker dbrand in an impromptu epic rap battle.

  • Opinion: Uber won't surge-price you too much in emergencies

    After hammering out an agreement with New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to cap surge pricing during emergencies and natural disasters, ride-hailing app Uber said it will apply those limits nationwide.

  • Opinion: You say 'potato,' I say 'crowdfunding' -- man turns to Kickstarter to fund his salad

    For most entrepreneurs, getting more than 900 times the amount of money you were seeking for your Kickstarter project would mean a ticket to easy street, your face on the cover of magazines, and the start of an inevitable march to riches and success.

  • Opinion: Why Uber raised all that money: To make your rides cheaper

    Uber hasn't exactly been keeping quiet about its attempt to take down the taxi industry, and this summer, it's ramping up the pressure through price cuts.

  • Opinion: Totally rad films from the '80s and '90s on Netflix

    Back in the 1980s and 1990s, people rented videos from video stores. There was the battle between Beta and VHS, as well as other weird formats, like Super-VHS and the Videodisc. Then there was the Laserdisc, which only caught on with die-hard collectors, but began featuring things like widescreen and director's commentary tracks. Perhaps only the most visionary souls could have possibly foreseen the days when these movies could be watched instantly, at the push of a button, from a computer or even a smartphone. Yet here they are. And guess what--some of the movies from those bygone decades are still pretty good.

  • Opinion: Blackshades: how Police cracked down on the hackers

    Blackshades is a nasty form of creepware that can take control of a computer remotely and give hackers a dangerous amount of access to your data. A worldwide law enforcement operation this month caught the creators of the software, and arrested many who were engaged in criminal use. We explore the story, and see what damage Blackshades wreaked.

  • Opinion: How to delete or disable your Facebook account

    Editor's Note: This is an updated version of an article we originally published on September, 30, 2013.

  • Opinion: PopVote, CloudFlare trump DDoS attack

    Popular events on the Internet tend to jam channels solid. Rugby Sevens tickets, collectible dolls, what-have-you...when popularity spikes, cyberdemand overwhelms servers. Massive e-tailers like Amazon or Taobao, for example, use scalability at high levels when their traffic spikes during seasonal events.

  • Opinion: Facebooks News Feed experiment: Not the end of the world

    When I first heard that Facebook was messing with our emotions by manipulating the stories some users saw in their News Feed, my first thought was: Duh.

  • Opinion: More app install ads are coming to your Twitter Timeline

    Twitter has been testing a new type of ad in your Timeline for a few months now, and it's been such a hit for the network that you'll be seeing a whole lot more of them. The mobile app install ads should look familiar--Facebook has been raking in money from similar types of ads in your News Feed.

  • Opinion: Today Aereo, tomorrow Dish? Broadcasters hope for a slippery slope

    The Supreme Court's ruling against Aereo last week may have done more than just shutter the fledgling streaming service. It's now being cited by broadcast networks in legal battles with other providers of streaming video.

  • Opinion: The right to be forgotten online

    Having everything you’ve ever posted or shared always being searchable by almost anyone is a frightening thought. A new ruling in the EU court of Justice has instituted a right to be forgotten, but how will Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other search companies cope with the implications?

  • Opinion: How to stop Facebook experimenting on you

    Facebook's in the firing line this week for running psychological experiments on 689,000 of its users back in 2012. Sounds scary, right? Well...

  • Opinion: How Android TV will make Chromecast better

    When Google announced Android TV this week, the search giant was quick to note that Chromecast isn't going away. Android TV devices will actually have Chromecast support built-in, providing the same features as Google's $35 streaming dongle with no extra effort by developers.

  • Opinion: YouTube's (finally) adding 60fps video support, tip jar

    If you play a lot of PC games, chances are you can see the difference between a game running at 30 frames per second and one running at 60. Or, if you can't, you've likely at least heard the arguments about this thorny subject. (You can always check out this site to get an idea of what games look like running at different framerates.)

  • Opinion: Google's move into home automation means even less privacy

    Plans by smart thermostat maker Nest Labs to share some customer data with corporate parent Google means the search engine giant will be fending off privacy concerns as it expands into home automation.

  • Opinion: Watch an ad, see a show with Amazon's Instant Video update

    Good news: You're can now watch some free shows on your iPhone or iPad with the Amazon Instant Video app. The bad news: You'll have to sit through some ads to do it.

  • Opinion: Chromecast adds support for PBS Kids, DailyBurn, and Deezer

    The roster of apps compatible with Chromecast keeps on growing. Now you can use Google's $35 streaming stick to access content from PBS Kids, DailyBurn, and Deezer.

  • Opinion: Cord cutters, beware: AT&T's DirecTV buy affects you, too

    Having cut the cable cord, you may glance at the current landscape of big cable providers snapping up slightly-less-big-though-still-large rivals and decide that these megadeals have nothing to do with you. After all, you're getting your entertainment from other sources--over-the-air antennas, online streaming services, and the like. What's it matter to you if AT&T buys up DirecTV or Comcast absorbs Time Warner Cable?

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