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  • Opinion: Google's Tablet Rumored to Run Jelly Bean and Cost $200

    The biggest surprise during the upcoming Google I/O conference would be if we don't see a 7-inch Asus-built Nexus tablet running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean -- the expected name for the next version of Android. Reports have been circulating for weeks that a 7-inch Jelly Bean tablet would debut during Google's developer conference, which starts Wednesday. And now, hours before Google I/O kicks off, a new report from Bloomberg claims that an Android tablet is slated for unveiling this week, but with a slight twist.

  • Opinion: New Kindle Fire Tablet by End of July?

    On the eve of the expected announcement of a new Google tablet that takes aim at Amazon's Kindle Fire, a leak from within the online retailer revealed that a new version of its slate will be announced by the end of July.

  • Opinion: Can Google Outshine Apple And Microsoft at Google I/O 2012?

    Google will have its chance to show up Apple and Microsoft in the coming days when the search giant is expected to debut the next version of the Android mobile operating system and new Nexus-branded devices. Google's big show will happen during Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference, which includes keynote sessions on Wednesday and Thursday. The Google conference follows a flurry of announcements from Apple and Microsoft during the month of June.

  • Opinion: Report: Samsung Says Galaxy S III Shipments will Hit 10M by July

    Samsung said it expects to ship 10 million Galaxy S III smartphones by the end of July. The phone went on sale in the U.S. last week, it was available in Europe since late May, and began shipping in South Korea Monday, Reuters reports. The company expects its latest iPhone rival to be the fastest-selling smartphone it has ever produced.

  • Opinion: Evernote Hello Comes to Android, Helps You Remember People

    A couple months ago I told you about three smart ways to use Evernote in business.

  • Opinion: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Teased for Galaxy Nexus

    Google's Galaxy Nexus phone may soon receive Android 4.1, codenamed “Jelly Bean,” according to an inadvertent leak by Google.

  • Opinion: Samsung Galaxy S III, the Android Phone to Beat, Say Reviewers

    Samsung’s Galaxy S III is the Android smartphone to beat, the first reviewers of the phones concluded, as the phone arrives in the U.S. on AT&T and Sprint to boot.

  • Opinion: App Spotlight: Protect Your Android Data with Clickfree Backup

    Ever think about what would happen if your phone or tablet got lost? Or stolen? Or broken? Suddenly you're without critical contacts, appointment info, documents, photos, and the like.

  • Opinion: Android Users: Microsoft Debuts a Version of its My Xbox Live App for Android

    Android-wielding Xbox fans, rejoice! Microsoft debuted a version of its My Xbox Live app for the platform Wednesday. Also released: A significant upgrade to the iOS version of the app.

  • Opinion: Songbird Gets Social, Creates The Pinterest Of Music

    Songbird, the company best known for its iTunes alternative on PCs and Macs, is looking to help you discover your next favorite band. On Tuesday the company announced the launch of Songbird.me, a service that helps you discover music relative to your tastes based on what songs you play the most and which artists you've Liked on Facebook.

  • Opinion: Dual Core Processors Wasted on Android, Intel Claims

    Current versions of Google's Android operating system for smartphones make woeful use of their dual core processors, according to an Intel executive.

  • Opinion: Sprint and T-Mobile Reveal Galaxy S III Release, Price

    Samsung announced last night that its much-anticipated smartphone, the Galaxy S III, is headed to five U.S. carriers later this month. This morning, two of those carriers confirmed availability and pricing of the Galaxy S III.

  • Opinion: Samsung Galaxy SIII Teardown Reveals Some Interesting Secrets

    We're immensely jealous of our friends over at iFixit and Chipworks who got their hands on the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII. Doing what they do best--tearing things apart to show you how to fix them yourself--the two teams give us a look inside Samsung's monstrous new phone. While I'm not going to cover every single thing that iFixit and Chipworks found inside of the phone--you can see that for yourself on their website--here are some of the highlights.

  • Opinion: Hotspot Shield Comes To Android, Keeps Your Mobile Browsing Secure

    With mobile phones becoming a bigger and bigger target for would-be data thieves, it's important to make sure your information is safe. On Thursday, Anchorfree released the Android version of Hotspot Shield, giving Android users another tool for protecting themselves.

  • Opinion: Play Safe Android App Gives Kids a Smartphone Sandbox

    As I'm sure you know, hassles often extend beyond the PC.

  • Opinion: Samsung Galaxy S III: Review Roundup

    The Samsung Galaxy S III arrives this week in Europe and the first reviews are in to give you an idea about what to expect from the phone when it hits the US shores. Samsung and wireless carriers have yet to announce when the Samsung will be available here in the US.

  • Opinion: R.I.P. Cisco Cius--Another Tablet Bites the Dust

    Cisco is pulling the plug on its Cius tablet. Despite the fact that the Cius never really went head to head with more consumer-centric tablets, the Cisco device is nevertheless the latest victim of the iPad's dominance.

  • Opinion: Google+ Android App Can Start Hangouts With Ease, Gets New Look

    The Google+ app for Android just received a big update that simplifies the way users can start Hangout video chats from their phones.

  • Opinion: Share Smartphone Photos Wirelessly To Your PC With Bump

    Bump for iOS and Android makes it easy to move photos from handsets to PCs with a new Web-based tool that transfers smartphone photos to your desktop with just one tap of your spacebar. The new tool doesn't rely on a shared network or Bluetooth to transfer files. Instead, Bump uses geolocation capabilities on your phone and your PC browser to send photos to the cloud and then download them to your desktop. This is similar to how Bump's smartphone app transfers contacts and photos between mobile devices.

  • Opinion: Why Office for iPad Is Inevitable

    The rumor is back. There are new reports that Microsoft is developing a version of the Microsoft Office suite for Apple’s iOS operating system--and perhaps the Android mobile operating system as well. I don’t know if the latest speculation is accurate or not, but it makes sense because it’s in Microsoft’s best interests to do so.

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