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  • Opinion: Ditching your 360? Amazon offers Xbox One game upgrades for $10

    The Xbox One may not be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, but if you decide to upgrade to the next-gen console this holiday season, Amazon can help you bring your favorite game along for the ride--assuming it's from a select list of hot new titles and you have an extra $10, that is.

  • Opinion: Shooters on a budget: 7DFPS game jam serves up new ways to frag

    So what'd everyone do last week? Oh, that's nice. While we were twiddling about, a number of enterprising game developers made a bunch of first-person shooters. The event was called 7DFPS: a game development jam in the spirit of Ludum Dare, it challenges folks to cobble together something like a first-person shooter in the span of seven days. It ended this weekend--you can sift through the contributions at the game jam's site, but here are some of my favorites.

  • Opinion: Deep inside Razer's design lab, home to gaming hardware that shouldn't actually exist

    Razer, the company that built its reputation on gaming mice and keyboards, is now doing what Acer, Dell, and Microsoft seemingly won't: building topflight laptops and tablets with hefty price tags. This year the upstart company introduced both the thinnest gaming laptop and the most powerful Windows 8 tablet we've ever seen--at a time when PC sales are struggling, and cheap tablets are predicted to outship laptops 2-to-1 in 2014.

  • Opinion: Here's what Super Mario Bros. might look like as a modern game

    You might not have ever wondered what Super Mario Bros. would look like if it were made today, but YouTube user Deloix did.

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: A new take on old games

    The classics are great, but sometimes you'd kill for a fresh coat of paint. Having mastered games like checkers and chess through sound strategy and flawless tactics, you might not have the drive and desire to continue. Well, here's your chance to love them again. Following are three classic games and three radically different ways to play them--all for free online. Be prepared to get your butt kicked all over again!

  • Opinion: Xbox team creates community deputies to fight trolls

    Angry, mocking murmurs rattled off the walls of the player lobby. The caped avenger barely paused. Then the epithets began: stinging, hateful words that juxtaposed one toon's manhood with his mother. That did it. The hero spun, hurling his all-powerful mallet at the offender's head, and sounded the cry feared by evildoers everywhere:

  • Opinion: PSA: Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide edition now available on Steam

    Good news everyone! Skulls of the Shogun is now available for your downloading pleasure... for the rest of us, that is. The game has spent the last few months in a sort of purgatory: its PC release was exclusive to Windows 8, so if you're among the majority of folks who don't own Microsoft's latest operating system, the PC version remained out of reach--until now.

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: Addictive, rage-inducing logic puzzles

    Logic Color Infection

  • Opinion: Sturm und drag: Firefall is a free-to-play shooter you should play--with friends

    My chief problem with Firefall lies with the pacing. It's technically my fault--I've always had a bit of an issue with wanderlust, but Red 5 Studios served up a free-to-play shooter with a gorgeous, fairly large world to explore, and then added jetpacks. Jetpacks! There's a giddy feeling of wonder to be found from sprinting through dense forests, taking potshots at the local fauna and blasting into the air to escape. A feeling that's irrevocably eclipsed the first time you strap on a glider, barrel over trees, down a canyon pass, and faceplant into a boulder because really, you have no idea how this works. Time to find another one.

  • Opinion: Using the Force: Angry Birds Star Wars II lands Sept. 19 with toys that teleport into the game

    The Angry Birds Empire is preparing to strike again, but this time, the target is the ho-hum Star Wars prequels rather than the classic films digitized in the first Angry Birds Star Wars game.

  • Opinion: Why AMD's next-gen console victories are a big win for PC gamers

    Let the light shine on the next generation of consoles. Let Microsoft and Sony slug it out in an epic battle for the eyeballs of living-room gamers everywhere. Let the headlines sing about slightly tweaked gamepads and bundled Kinect sensors. Why? Because these consoles harbor a portentous secret: Beneath all the drama about online DRM and executive shuffling, AMD hardware sits at the heart of every single next-gen game console. Every. Single. One. (Yes, even the Wii U.)

  • Opinion: Xbox 'Mix Party' app lets guests decide the jams

    So what do you need for true party awesomeness this Fourth of July? An Xbox. And a smartphone. And the new Microsoft/Nokia "Mix Party" app. And some kickass music.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 game of the week - Cut the rope

    It’s the simple things that help to keep us occupied and Cut the Rope is one of those seemingly simple yet massively addictive games that you can happily spend hours in.

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: Jumpstart your imagination with these text adventures

    Ever hear your grandfather's speech about how back in his day they needed to use their imagination to have fun? Well now you can give yours a nice workout while venturing through creepy morgues, lost empires and barren forests with these awesome free text adventure games. They all offer their own spin on the genre and each has something unique for the imaginative adventurer. Nostalgia ahoy!

  • Opinion: Roaches get put on autopilot with the power of Kinect

    We've been more than a little disappointed with motion controlled gaming ever since Microsoft and Sony released their respective hardware to compete with the Wii. It might not be the killer app the Kinect needs, but a group of NC State researchers have incorporated the motion sensor into a "system for automated control of terrestrial insect biobots." That's right, they are steering bugs electronically.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 game of the week: Where's my Mickey?

    The most famous mouse in the world now has his very own Windows 8 compatible game - this puzzle-based adventure takes you on a journey through physics with Mickey as your main character

  • Opinion: Take it easy: Nintendo's futile fight against the future

    In Nintendo's Animal Crossing, you're only ever punished for moving too fast. Run around the series' idyllic forest towns and you'll scare off bugs and fish--your primary source of income--crush flowers, and miss out on candid, comical conversations with anthropomorphic critters. But if you take it slow, saunter down those well-known paths and have casual chats with your virtual neighbors, you'll discover rich worlds and a striking amount of depth eked out of colorful vistas and familiar, simplistic systems.

  • Opinion: Backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES is up on eBay, and it's totally the bomb

    Cue dramatic music, please. This backlit Mega Man 25th Anniversary NES is, according to its creator, the first and the only of its kind in the world. Maybe. Regardless of the veracity of that statement, however, a refurnished Blue Bomber-themed NES is still, well, the bomb. It has custom decals for the AV ports and the cartridge door, a backlit Mega Man comprised of 50 individual parts, and love. Lots of love.

  • Opinion: Free-to-play World of Tanks rumbles into your living room

    When World of Tanks arrives on the Xbox 360, it'll introduce the 48 million-userstrong Xbox Live community to free-to-play gaming on an unprecedented scale. The game's "freemium" model has earned developer Wargaming.net a tidy sum, but will console gamers long accustomed to upfront pricing and balking at downloadable content take kindly to--ostensibly--being nickel and dimed?

  • Opinion: Lego Songbird from Bioshock Infinite looks like it could sing you the song of its people

    Imagine Reyney's rendition of the Songbird from Bioshock Infinite makes my heart want to soar. The details are lovely, and the Songbird is pretty much a spot on replica--from the ever-so-slightly tattered wings to the building it has half-crushed below a claw. The chaos depicted on ground level is pretty awesome as well (though I am still undecided as to whether Lego minifig Elizabeth quite works). Be sure to check out the Flickr gallery for more photos.

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