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  • Opinion: Cruise with Ozobot, a tiny robot that races across your iPad

    The Ozobot, a new intelligent game piece for the iPad, is really, really good at following directions: He never wanders off, turns around when you tell him to, and can change pace quickly. Perhaps that's why they were such a hit at CES, where they made their public debut.

  • Opinion: Razer Comms connects gamers with free Android app

    Don't be bothered by those annoying non-gaming friends always trying to invite you out to social events when you're in the middle of a boss raid. Razer Comms, Razer's in-game communications offering, is now available as a free Android app for connecting gamers on the go and rejecting anyone with enough gall to call you.

  • Opinion: Piixl's 'Jetpack' gaming PC straps to the back of your TV

    As a legion of Steam Machines prepare to drag PC gaming into your living room, we're starting to get a clearer glimpse at what the consolification of computing looks like--and as with standard PCs, it looks like "variety" is the name of the game.

  • Opinion: Ride the rails with Pocket Trains

    I'll be very upfront about this: I have invested more time than is probably healthy playing mobile games from NimbleBit.

  • Opinion: Xbox One: Exploring its synergies in the Microsoft ecosystem

    You might think, having pored through all of the early launch coverage of the Microsoft Xbox One, that the new console was some sort of hybrid of a PC and a gaming machine.

  • Opinion: Roll up those sleeves, we're digging in to Farming Simulator 2014

    Ever watch one of those late night jazzercise infomercials? They generally feature a bunch of folks prancing about on screen bedecked in spandex, really getting into the workouts and the music and the whole experience. Out loud you're saying "...Huh" in a derisive sort of way but in your head, deep down, you're wondering--they're all so chipper, aren't they? There must be something I'm missing.

  • Opinion: Stealth Inc. finally brings its speedy brand of subterfuge to iOS

    Oh man do I love stealth games. There's something a little magical about lurking in the shadows, picking locks or hacking nondescript terminals and spending inordinate amounts of time crawling through tight spaces. That thoughtful pace, the careful observation of your surroundings, getting the jump on the opposition: great fun if you're the sort of person who enjoys biding their time. For others it's likely an interactive-ish analog of watching paint dry.

  • Opinion: Rand Miller, the man who made Myst, talks with us about his new project: Obduction

    I've been talking to Rand Miller, co-founder of Cyan Worlds and co-creator of the Myst franchise, a lot recently. If you haven't heard, Cyan is back from a long hiatus. They've got a Kickstarter project running for a new game, Obduction.

  • Opinion: Diving in to Desktop Dungeons

    Just one more click, I say. And that's how they get you, isn't it? "They" in this case being the clever minds behind Desktop Dungeons ($15, PC or Mac), a game that exists somewhere in the gulf between roguelike and puzzler, with a bit of kingdom-building tossed in for good measure.

  • Opinion: Don't fear the fun tax, and try Dead Trigger 2

    I'll admit, I've never really been sold on Dead Trigger. It combined two things I've grown weary of--the undead and mobile first-person shooters--into a package that was amicable enough, but never quite set my world on fire. To its credit, it did serve as a sort of de facto performance benchmark for tablets and smartphones, and was one of those titles (alongside Infinity Blade II, or Shadowgun) that reminded folks these touchscreen devices could crank out some awfully pretty games.

  • Opinion: The White House cares about games, but not for the reasons you think

    Mark DeLoura, the White House's Senior Advisor for Digital Media, expounded on the government's games policies at the Gamesbeat 2013 conference Tuesday, focusing on education and the game industry's problem with "perceptions."

  • Opinion: Will SteamOS be the next big gaming platform?

    Valve, creators of Portal, Half-Life and DOTA2, announces a new Linux platform for its online game distribution service. Is it possible that SteamOS, and the Steam Machines and Controllers that go with it, could define the next generation of PC gaming? It's just possible.

  • Opinion: How to build a killer Windows 8.1 gaming PC for under $1000

    Finally: Windows 8.1 is a major update that brings many improvements and new features to Windows 8. In addition to a bevy of new apps and meaningful interface changes such as a resurrected Start button and a new boot-to-desktop option, Windows 8.1 will also be the only desktop OS to support DirectX 11.2. Couple that with the streamlined characteristics of the OS, and many people--game enthusiasts in particular--may now be interested in making the switch to the cutting edge of Windows.

  • Opinion: Save your saved games: What files upgrading from Windows 8.1 preview will kill

    If you installed the preview edition of Windows 8.1, then a game, stop. Do not upgrade to the final version of Windows 8.1 until you manually back up your saved games.

  • Opinion: The future of video games will be in your browser

    I've had it with interminable game downloads--and you can keep your fancy new Xbox, PlayStation, and Wii consoles. The future of PC gaming is in the browser, and it'll be here sooner than you expect.

  • Opinion: First thoughts on F!rst, the new social network for gamers

    I've got a Twitter account, though I don't get much use out of it. Truth be told, I've always treated it as a sort of interactive RSS feed: a stream of websites and journos advertising their latest pieces, interspersed with the occasional witty repartee from roustabouts. Ditto for Facebook. Back in college it was my social calendar, a place to organize events and then post pictures afterwards--a few years down the road I'm loathe to start mass-defriending folks, but I can't imagine those guys and gals I chatted up between keg stands are keen on discussing the minutiae of GPUs or Pokémon training.

  • Opinion: Experimental game [Code] instantiates love of programming

    I'm walking through the firehouse in Culver City where a good portion of the games at IndieCade are set up, and then I see what looks like "not a game." And I don't mean that in the disparaging, "Your game doesn't have guns so it's not a game," way that the Internet sometimes means.

  • Opinion: What I'm Playing: More like, Lame Theft Auto

    Race the Sun

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: Boom

    Explosions rule. They make up about 70 percent of action movies, without them Michael Bay wouldn't have a career and we celebrate with them every Independence Day.

  • Opinion: Distant Worlds gives 4X Players a huge galaxy and many options

    Distant Worlds is a massive 4X game that shares many of the strengths and weaknesses of the genre: detailed systems, technology, and options; very long games that form their own histories and stories; minimalist graphics and effects; and a steep, steep learning curve.

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