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  • Opinion: Crytek embraces Linux and SteamOS

    Valve's Steam Machine consoles are getting a shot in the arm from Crytek, which has promised native Linux support in its latest game engine.

  • Opinion: Titanfall (PC) impressions: Frenetically fun robot violence -- when the servers work

    I could probably write my Titanfall review right now. I've played about fifteen hours of the game, all-told. I've finished most of one of the multiplayer "campaigns," though everyone left our server before we completed the whole run. I've ranked higher than the beta's Level 14 cap. I've killed some people. I've killed some robots. I've run on some walls.

  • Opinion: Nvidia Shield's 'GameStream' PC streaming is a tantalizing taste of the future

    Lately it seems like everyone wants to help us get away from our gaming boxes. Sony lets you run PlayStation 4 games through a PlayStation Vita over Wi-Fi, and you can play certain Nintendo's Wii U games through its GamePad controller. Valve is also testing "in-home streaming" for its Steam service, allowing one PC to beam games to another on the same network.

  • Opinion: Eyes-on with Oculus Rift's 'Crystal Cove' VR prototype and first launch game

    I've seen the future. Again. In a two-floor, marble-and-glass Vegas suite, an unassuming headset perches near a tiny computer tower. They look almost comically understated within such ostentatious surroundings.

  • Opinion: Slimmer PlayStation Vita set for US debut this spring

    Somewhere there's a Sony executive frantically pounding on the chest of a PlayStation Vita to the rythym of The Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive." "Don't worry, Vita!" he's crying. "We'll make your already-sexy-hardware even sexier. Then they'll have to buy it! Live, damn it! Live!"

  • Opinion: Microsoft working on Kindle-like Xbox reading app for Windows 8

    Microsoft's getting ready to follow Amazon, Apple, and Google into the reading game with an app for Windows to peruse e-books, magazines, and comics. The new app appears be part of Microsoft's cross-platform Xbox entertainment services, which currently include Xbox Music and Video.

  • Opinion: You Should Play: Lollipop 3 and the Eggs of Doom

    These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

  • Opinion: Dark Souls II preview: I died 8 times in an hour and loved it

    Earlier this week I played the first hour of Dark Souls II. I died exactly eight times: Three times by falling off cliffs, once by drowning, once by the hands of a hulking troll whose swipes were so powerful he occasionally over-balanced and fell, once by the poison of a horrific man-lizard-thing with a fleshy sac hanging off its stomach, once by the sword of a fifteen-foot-tall beast of a man clad in fearsome black armor, and once by way of some demon pigs which swarmed me and chewed me to bits.

  • Opinion: Alienware's sleek, sexy Steam Machine will be impossible to upgrade or customize

    I can't explain it, but over the course of the past two weeks, Alienware's Steam Machine started to look good, even to a devoted PC builder like myself. Moderate price for moderate specs, a sleek and sexy case design--I could almost understand why Valve managing director Gabe Newell was so excited about the thing.

  • Opinion: Cruise with Ozobot, a tiny robot that races across your iPad

    The Ozobot, a new intelligent game piece for the iPad, is really, really good at following directions: He never wanders off, turns around when you tell him to, and can change pace quickly. Perhaps that's why they were such a hit at CES, where they made their public debut.

  • Opinion: Razer Comms connects gamers with free Android app

    Don't be bothered by those annoying non-gaming friends always trying to invite you out to social events when you're in the middle of a boss raid. Razer Comms, Razer's in-game communications offering, is now available as a free Android app for connecting gamers on the go and rejecting anyone with enough gall to call you.

  • Opinion: Piixl's 'Jetpack' gaming PC straps to the back of your TV

    As a legion of Steam Machines prepare to drag PC gaming into your living room, we're starting to get a clearer glimpse at what the consolification of computing looks like--and as with standard PCs, it looks like "variety" is the name of the game.

  • Opinion: Ride the rails with Pocket Trains

    I'll be very upfront about this: I have invested more time than is probably healthy playing mobile games from NimbleBit.

  • Opinion: Xbox One: Exploring its synergies in the Microsoft ecosystem

    You might think, having pored through all of the early launch coverage of the Microsoft Xbox One, that the new console was some sort of hybrid of a PC and a gaming machine.

  • Opinion: Roll up those sleeves, we're digging in to Farming Simulator 2014

    Ever watch one of those late night jazzercise infomercials? They generally feature a bunch of folks prancing about on screen bedecked in spandex, really getting into the workouts and the music and the whole experience. Out loud you're saying "...Huh" in a derisive sort of way but in your head, deep down, you're wondering--they're all so chipper, aren't they? There must be something I'm missing.

  • Opinion: Stealth Inc. finally brings its speedy brand of subterfuge to iOS

    Oh man do I love stealth games. There's something a little magical about lurking in the shadows, picking locks or hacking nondescript terminals and spending inordinate amounts of time crawling through tight spaces. That thoughtful pace, the careful observation of your surroundings, getting the jump on the opposition: great fun if you're the sort of person who enjoys biding their time. For others it's likely an interactive-ish analog of watching paint dry.

  • Opinion: Rand Miller, the man who made Myst, talks with us about his new project: Obduction

    I've been talking to Rand Miller, co-founder of Cyan Worlds and co-creator of the Myst franchise, a lot recently. If you haven't heard, Cyan is back from a long hiatus. They've got a Kickstarter project running for a new game, Obduction.

  • Opinion: Diving in to Desktop Dungeons

    Just one more click, I say. And that's how they get you, isn't it? "They" in this case being the clever minds behind Desktop Dungeons ($15, PC or Mac), a game that exists somewhere in the gulf between roguelike and puzzler, with a bit of kingdom-building tossed in for good measure.

  • Opinion: Don't fear the fun tax, and try Dead Trigger 2

    I'll admit, I've never really been sold on Dead Trigger. It combined two things I've grown weary of--the undead and mobile first-person shooters--into a package that was amicable enough, but never quite set my world on fire. To its credit, it did serve as a sort of de facto performance benchmark for tablets and smartphones, and was one of those titles (alongside Infinity Blade II, or Shadowgun) that reminded folks these touchscreen devices could crank out some awfully pretty games.

  • Opinion: The White House cares about games, but not for the reasons you think

    Mark DeLoura, the White House's Senior Advisor for Digital Media, expounded on the government's games policies at the Gamesbeat 2013 conference Tuesday, focusing on education and the game industry's problem with "perceptions."

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