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  • Opinion: Wii Price Drop Confirmed, 'Select' Value Line Launched

    If you're thinking of buying a Wii, best to hold off a bit longer, because Nintendo just confirmed speculation its little white box would drop in price mid-May. As expected, that drop amounts to a 25% cut, from $200 to $150, and you'll be able to pick one up for as much starting Sunday, May 15th.

  • Opinion: Amazon Tablet In 2011? Now We're Talking

    The world of tablets is about to get very interesting.

  • Opinion: Kinect and iPhone Work Together in Awesome Mashup Hack

    Kinect-based gaming is already pretty cool, as are the hacks of the Microsoft device that followed its release last year. But it can be made even cooler by connecting up an iPhone for an ultimate two player experience.

  • Opinion: EA acquires Flight Control developer Firemint

    Video gaming giant Electronic Arts on Tuesday announced that it will buy Firemint, the Australian developer behind classic iOS games like Flight Control and Real Racing. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

  • Opinion: Modern Warfare 3 Could Be Announced This Week

    Official announcements are so yesterday. I mean actually yesterday. By the time companies get around to “breaking” news, enough information’s accreted that we already know a game like Modern Warfare 3’s going to be a series prequel starring Simon “Ghost” Riley (you know, mister skull-bandana-face) as persona primo.

  • Opinion: Gamewatch: Thor God of Thunder, MotorStorm Apocalypse

    Uh-oh, another wannabe-blockbuster summer movie tie-in. It sounds like the international reviewers don't hate Marvel's new Kenneth Branagh-directed Thor movie, so mayhap there's hope for Sega's Thor: God of Thunder (Nintendo DS, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii). In it, you can expect to "control the powers of the storm" as Thor, battling the usual panoply of Norse bad guys Marvel comics-style (yea verily). There's also the Matt Fraction-helped-with-the-story angle, though everyone's favorite Eisner-winning comics writer is hardly impervious to dull writing. ETA: May 3rd

  • Opinion: Is Sonys PSN Welcome Back Enough?

    Sony Japan’s explanation for the PSN’s takedown yesterday didn’t tell us much, but--nearly a week and a half on--at least the company apologized. Sony’s deputy president Kazuo Hirai took the stage, bent forward as if to touch his toes in a deep and held bow, then apologized “for the great anxiety and inconvenience” caused by the ongoing PSN and Qriocity outages.

  • Opinion: Computer games 'reduce chance of going to university'

    A study of 17,200 men and women born in 1970 has found that playing computer games regularly "and doing no other activities" noticeably reduced the chances of an individual going to university.

  • Opinion: Microsoft makes a bid for your living room

    The battle for the remote control is a staple of family life. Throw a games console into the mix and older family members can find themselves consigned to the spare room. But because the living room TV is the gateway to the digital home, today’s ‘gaming device’ is tomorrow’s gesture- and voice-controlled media centre.

  • Opinion: Evolutionary times

    Not every invention can be an iPhone. Even Apple’s follow-up smartphones have struggled to match the impact of the original model; this summer the company has received negative feedback about the reception and 3G connectivity of its much anticipated iPhone 4.

  • Opinion: Study finds people read slower on e-readers

    A recent study found that readers using an e-reader such as the Kindle 2 read nearly 11 percent slower than reading the equivalent traditional printed page.

  • Opinion: Does President Obama hate technology?

    It's time for more Obama drama. Yesterday, in a speech to graduates of Hampton University in Virginia, the US president made comments about the distracting nature of technology, and they've been bouncing around the web ever since.

  • Opinion: Brain games may do nothing for the brain

    Those brain-training games you've downloaded on to your iPhone or bought for your Nintendo DSi XL may have no actual effect on improving brain function. According to a study conducted by the BBC, printed in Nature magazine [PDF], these grey-matter twisters result in nothing other than entertainment.

  • Opinion: Pay to play video games with girls

    Attention gamers. Do you often find yourself logging onto your Xbox Live account, only to play video games with your (male) friends or (male) strangers? Do you yearn for the soft caress of a female voice over your Xbox headset?

  • Opinion: When four cores aren't enough: Intel i7-980X

    Intel has announced its latest Extreme Edition processor, the Core i7-980X. The i7-980X (previously code-named Gulftown) brings Intel's turbo boost and hyperthreading technologies to the 32nm process, and is also Intel's first processor with six physical cores.

  • Opinion: Does gaming cause rickets? Really?

    Blame too much television, over-liberal SPF-lathering, poor nutritional habits, and video games for a rise in cases of the bone disease rickets, say a pair of Newcastle-based UK researchers.

  • Opinion: 'Porn king' Ron Jeremy disses video games

    Oh, world-famous pornographic actor Ron Jeremy. Could it be you were simply kidding when you called video games a 'far worse influence' than porn at CES last week?

  • Opinion: Study: Wii has 'little effect' on family fitness

    If you're thinking of buying a Wii this Christmas for health-related reasons, you may want to think again. A university study tracked eight families for six months to see if Nintendo's motion-driven console would affect their fitness levels, and found that the console "had little effect on family fitness".

  • Opinion: I've seen the future, and it's the Nintendo DS

    Do you know what the most popular ever games console in the UK is? No? It's the little ol' Nintendo DS. Do you care? 

  • Opinion: Time to boycott the PC Version of Modern Warfare 2?

    The PC version of Activision's heavily hyped first-person military shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - officially available in less than 24 hours - may go down as one of the most contentious launches in games history. Who would have thought it?

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