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  • Opinion: Man Carves Smartphone Dock into Prosthetic Arm

    A British man is the owner of perhaps the most convenient smartphone dock in existence. It's actually a slot embedded in 50-year-old Trevor Prideaux's prosthetic arm, custom made to fit his Nokia C7 phone.

  • Opinion: Battlefield 3 PC Multiplayer, a Far Better Place to Hangout

    "Is this re-spawn on enemy thing driving anyone else crazy?" Yes, Odiepookah13, it's sure driving me crazy. Also: the guys in the Ventrillo room I was using last night while playing Battlefield 3 online, putting it through its paces. We died, then we died some more, "deploying" smack in the middle of unfriendly fire. That's a problem, I'm sure you'd agree, though it's the only serious one we ran into playing through various modes and maps. In fact the PC launch of EA/DICE's love letter to online team-frag wonks was pretty much hitch-free, from my vantage anyway.

  • Opinion: Battlefield 3's Pretty, Messy, Tedious Solo Campaign

    Before we get into it, a few Battlefield 3 play notes: I'm running the Xbox 360 version, because that arrived first, and the PC version's still downloading from EA's Origin servers this morning. The 360 version comes on two DVDs: one for solo play, the other for multiplayer. Nothing to sniff about, but plan on installing the high-definition texture pack to your hard disk if you want stuff like the signs to be legible or the zigzag tread on tires to look like they'd pass legal muster. If you want to see the difference between "standard" and "high definition," there's a helpful video here.

  • Opinion: BlizzCon 2011: The 4 Most Important Announcements

    You probably don't want to hear about Blizzard today, what with Battlefield 3 shipping to stores and launching tonight, so here's the Cliff's Notes version of what went down at BlizzCon 2011 this weekend.

  • Opinion: Arkham City's Too-Forgiving Combat System

    I'm asking for it, I really am: I'm nearly finished with story mode in Arkham City, about to ascend the loftiest tower in the prison-city's center, preparing to do battle with forces I won't spoil here. I've been playing on the hardest difficulty setting, which matters for reasons you'll understand in a moment. The game's percent complete tracker says I've seen 51% of everything. I've finished all but two of the side missions ("Enigma Conundrum" and "Arkham Assault" to go). I have most of Batman's toys and ugprades. All that's left is to grab another 300 (or so) riddles, which I'm saving for the replay. So at this point, a few words about the battle system.

  • Opinion: Battlefield 3: Your Xbox 360 is Now Officially a PC

    I'm interrupting this week's scheduled Arkham City gripe-a-thon to talk about: consoles! Because they're so easy—you just pop the disc in and presto, you're playing! Installs? Texture packs? High-def versus low-def texture mucking about? What do you care—that's for all those un-showered PC gamers, right?

  • Opinion: Man Solves 5 Rubick's Cubes in 44 Seconds; Robots May Be Quicker

    Puzzle super-solvers at this year's World Rubik's Cube Championship set out to prove that us humans aren't obsolete just yet, but one deciphering robot has other ideas. Poland's Michal Pleskowicz has just been crowned the current human champ when it comes to solving the six-sided puzzle in crazy record times, an activity known as 'Speedcubing'.

  • Opinion: SideBySide Lets You Play Games Against Friends With...Projectors?

    If you cast your mind back to May this year, you can probably recall MotionBeam, a prototype gaming system that uses a projector as a controller of sorts. While the interactive projection idea was pretty impressive, it was still in the early stages of development. But since then, the team at Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon University have added a cool new feature: multiplayer support.

  • Opinion: Arkham City: Not a Clean, Well-Lighted Place

    A few hours further in, Batman: Arkham City has Arkham Asylum's fingerprints all over it. Batman handles like a Maserati with even more to think about, move-wise. But then we expected that after Arkham Asylum showed other superhero games how it's done, even if Batman's not technically a superhero, and the "world's greatest detective" remains Sherlock Holmes (the forensically unflappable Londoner solving more sophisticated cases with none of Bruce Wayne's money or toys).

  • Opinion: Batman Arkham City Launch Party Ground Zero

    A cloud-veiled gibbous October moon, chill in the air, dry leaves underfoot—close enough to the perfect mood for a Batman Arkham City launch party. The line at the game store last night was just out the door, not long but not short either. Well, two lines: one for the store itself, one for another selling the game vicariously. I live just a few minutes from two GameStops, one that's in a strip mall, one that's in a mall mall. The latter's management didn't want to pay the landlord extra coin to reopen at midnight, so they partnered with the store down the road half a mile.

  • Opinion: Rage Texture Patch to Make Game Look (More) Like it Belongs on PC

    It's getting pretty bad out there when the company once renowned for revolutionizing the graphics side of PC gaming has to release a patch after the fact to "de-blur" the game's textures. Not that Rage looks crummy, but you know, consoles—what can you do?

  • Opinion: Batman Arkham City in Reviews: No Surprises Here

    Was anyone expecting Batman Arkham City to suck? Really? I won't rhapsodize Arkham Asylum's source material—yep, I'm a surly superhero-hater—but speaking about Rocksteady's accomplishments strictly in gaming terms, Arkham Asylumwas near blameless, and the sequel's supposed to be that folded into an open-world framework.

  • Opinion: Highlights from Japan and the CEATEC Show

    The recent Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies trade show and the streets of Akihabara, Japan, were filled with current and upcoming eye-catching technology.

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Getting 'Galaxy of War' Multiplayer Mode

    If you asked me what the thing the Mass Effect series needed most, multiplayer would be my last answer. We're talking about a game by a company celebrated by its most devoted for putting lengthy talking-head sequences betwixt staccato bursts of action—action, mind you, that right through Mass Effect 2, doesn't hold a candle to far better shooters like Halo, BioShock, Half-Life, and Battlefield.

  • Opinion: MMORPG NEStalgia Looks Like 1987, Plays Like 2011

    NEStalgia may be something unique, or at least rare: a game that takes a modern genre, the graphical MMORPG, and transports it back in time to the late 1980s, well before even the oldest MMOs were envisioned. Text-based MU*s were around, of course, but 'MMORPG' generally refers to consumer games with graphical interfaces. Many older MMORPGs, such as Meridian 59, are still kicking but NEStalgia goes them one better creating an MMO in the style of 8-bit NES games such as the earliest iterations of Final Fantasy.

  • Opinion: Dark Souls, or The Hero with a Thousand Pointless Faces

    So I'm rolling a character in Dark Souls, which is like rolling a character in Demon's Souls, which is like rolling a character in most roleplaying games the past three or four decades: gender as aesthetic, ye olde tank/nuke/stealth professions, and eight more or less classic attributes, e.g. strength, dexterity, intelligence. Someone's stuck a yellowish Conan of Cimmeria-style face left of the "Create Character" text. "Everyman" looks like Conan, I guess.

  • Opinion: DICE Swaps Battlefield 3 ThreatHammer for BanHammer

    Didn't your parents tell you cheaters never prosper? Or wait, is it "cheaters never win, liars never prosper"? Or maybe "Liars shouldn't gamble, cheaters can't reproduce"? So confused.

  • Opinion: Comcast, Verizon to Start Streaming TV to Xbox 360

    Comcast and Verizon will begin streaming TV programming to Microsoft's Xbox 360 this holiday season, the companies announced today. This programming will go through Comcast's Xfinity service and Verizon's FiOS service.

  • Opinion: Batman Arkham City's 'Controversial' Perfect 10

    "Stop being jerks, jerks," reads the headline of an op-ed blog, just up, by the author of a "world exclusive" Batman: Arkham City review in Oz's version of Official PlayStation Magazine. In the op-ed, the writer offers a blunt response to allegations he was somehow bribed to give the game a perfect one-zero (out of 10). He's torqued off, and he wants us to know why.

  • Opinion: Dark Souls, Maybe the Second-Hardest Game You've Played

    Today, Dark Souls, and if you've played Demon's Souls, you already know whether you're picking this one up. If you haven't played Demon's Souls, you really should, though you'll need a PlayStation 3 for the privilege. Not so Dark Souls, which developer From Software wisely built for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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