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  • Opinion: Can Knockdown 2 Review: Simple Gameplay With Impressive Graphics

    Can Knockdown 2 is a collection of three minigames: In the first game, you get five balls, and face a bunch of cans neatly stacked on a shelf. You have to throw a ball at the cans and knock them down. Knock all the cans down (in one shot, ideally), and you can move to the next level.

  • Opinion: PlayStation 3 Firmware Update Turns 4.00, Adds Vita Support

    Everyone ready for the PlayStation Vita's launch in just a few weeks? Well get on over to your PlayStation 3, download the new milestone 4.00 firmware, then get ready to sync your...oh wait, wrong country.

  • Opinion: Test Drive Windows Phone Mango on your Android or iPhone

    Sick of your iPhone or Android handset? Want to try out Windows Phone Mango? Microsoft is letting Android and iPhone users try Windows Phone 7.5 Mango with an HTML5 demo that runs in your smartphone's browser.

  • Opinion: Verizon Launches Xbox 360 Streaming TV Service Offer for FiOS Customers

    Verizon FiOS customers can now get live HD TV streaming on their Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

  • Opinion: Rumor: Kinect 2 Will Read Lips and Track Your Emotional State

    Hackers--and Internet culture in general--have had Kinect fever for a year now, and if rumors are to believed, things are only going to get better with the Kinect 2.

  • Opinion: New Skyrim Patch 1.2 Fixes All Kinds of Stuff

    I wouldn't normally bother writing about a game patch, because aren't there better things to bother you with? But I'm still playing Skyrim, and I know a bunch of you are, too, and that as miraculously playable as Skyrim turned out to be at launch, it has its share of buyers struggling with the game's undocumented technical monsters.

  • Opinion: PS Vita Memory Card Prices Revealed: Far From a Deal

    It's a slow Cyber Monday for game news, so if you're looking for info about the next Xbox or Sony's PlayStation 4 or Nintendo's plans to release a smartphone, well, I could make something up. Or I could just tell you about Sony's PlayStation Vita memory cards, which now have sticker prices, courtesy GameStop.

  • Opinion: Consumers Surprise: Black Friday Bargain Hunters Aim for Big Tix Electronics

    Expectations that consumers would confine spending to modestly priced electronics on Black Friday might to be unsound, according to Black Friday search data from a major price comparison website.

  • Opinion: Nintendo's Miyamoto Initially Fought Mario Kart 7 Features

    This isn't fair, but it's honest: I'll be playing Mario Kart 7 over the holiday break. It arrived yesterday with a glossy review guide and a list of all the stuff we can't talk about until a few dates have come and gone. The one you'll want to know: December 4, the Sunday it'll be in stores, a week-and-a-half from today.

  • Opinion: Microsoft Kinect for Windows: It's Coming

    A few weeks ago, Microsoft delivered the news that Kinect for Windows was a reality, and released the Kinect for Windows SDK. Microsoft Kinect is making waves in the development of tools to help the disabled, assist injured or handicapped with rehabilitation, and lend a hand in the operating room to make doctor's jobs easier (it's the Kinect Effect; you can see it on the Xbox site).

  • Opinion: Skyrim Performance Review: It's Definitely a DirectX 9 Game

    HardOCP just threw the PC version of Skyrim on the bench, pulled it apart, and typed up a nice summary of how it performs on various systems. It's also a nice read for those wondering how Bethesda's new Creation engine works, its strengths and weaknesses, and how fiddling your GPU's custom driver settings might improve the graphics in ways even the game's "ultra" detail setting can't.

  • Opinion: Hey Torchlight II, Take Your Time, We'll Wait for You

    Delayed indefinitely, that's the bad news all you Torchlight II fans who, like me, would rather play this than Blizzard's upcoming Diablo III (if I had to pick one, that is). The good news: The game we'll eventually see, probably sometime early next year, should be the game Runic actually wants it to be, and if it winds up kicking cloven-hoof-to-cloven-hoof with Diablo III, so be it.

  • Opinion: Modern Warfare 3 Has Best 5-Day Sales in History of Known Universe

    The season's most popular first-person shooter is now the bestselling slice of entertainment in the history of the world: Modern Warfare 3 grossed $775 million worldwide in five days time, claims Activision, roundly making it the bestselling video game of all time.

  • Opinion: Zelda Skyward Sword Gets Rare Perfect Score in Famitsu

    Time to brush off those dusty Wii Remotes and Nunchuks, sounds like: Nintendo's nearly-here Zelda Skyward Sword just received a rare 40 out of 40 from Japan's Weekly Famitsu.

  • Opinion: Assassin's Creed Revelations Review Roundup

    What are we, seven games into the Assassin's Creed saga? Eight counting Revelations? The portable versions aside, I've liked (and sometimes maybe even loved) every one to date. Even the first, which a few groused about because of the late-game mission repetitiveness, held me riveted from Abstergo to Jerusalem and back again. I blame my unwillingness to view games as strictly the sum of their rules. Sports like football and baseball are absurdly repetitive, too. It's how you get from A to Z--how a game system lets you--that matters.

  • Opinion: Gamers Go Wild Over Latest Call of Duty

    Gamers are going to great lengths to get their hands on Activision Publishing's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 despite mixed reviews from pros and the average Joe.

  • Opinion: Skyrim Launch Party: 33 Degrees, Snow Coming Down

    True story: The car next to mine was covered in snow when I pulled into the parking lot for Skyrim's launch party last night a few minutes after midnight. I'm in southern Michigan, where snow's no big thing come November, but the other cars in the lot were ice-free, not a speck of white in sight--it's been unseasonably mild here, and we've yet to see our first dusting. I walked around back of this four-wheeled snow-topped anomaly, chunks of ice piled on its wipers, and sure enough: Michigan plates. Where had this guy come from?

  • Opinion: Skyrim: Bethesda's Strange, Beguiling, Magnificent Dance with Dragons

    You begin in a prison cart, hands bound, juddering down a mountain path as a chorus of French horns plays a mournful melody. You'll spend a lot of time navigating Skyrim's mountains—whether you're climbing through their snowy heights or just staring up their slopes, they're a physical presence unlike any you've experienced in a game. They surround you on all sides, their tops shrouded in rolling banks of clouds and reaching for what seems like miles toward the stratosphere. The clouds sometimes descend from the highest slopes, filling pine-thick valleys or rocky, scrub-covered flatland with curls of fog.

  • Opinion: Android, iOS Games Rake in More Cash Than Sony and Nintendo

    Sony and Nintendo are seeing their game revenues drop, thanks to Android and iOS.

  • Opinion: World of Warcraft Loses 2 Million Subscribers in a Year

    World of Warcraft's eventual demise, at least as we currently know it, was probably inevitable. Even the most storied massively-multiplayer games have shelf lives. So to hear that Activision Blizzard lost around 800,000 subscribers in its latest quarter—a drop from 11.1 million to 10.3 million subs worldwide—shouldn't be a jaw-dropper. The game will be seven years old in just a few weeks (it launched on November 23, 2004), and it's been hemorrhaging players since October 2010, bringing total losses the past 12 months to around two million. Whether the decline continues as sharply or slows to a less precipitous bleed or the game even rebounds slightly when its next expansion arrives, the writing's on the wall.

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