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  • Opinion: Hey Torchlight II, Take Your Time, We'll Wait for You

    Delayed indefinitely, that's the bad news all you Torchlight II fans who, like me, would rather play this than Blizzard's upcoming Diablo III (if I had to pick one, that is). The good news: The game we'll eventually see, probably sometime early next year, should be the game Runic actually wants it to be, and if it winds up kicking cloven-hoof-to-cloven-hoof with Diablo III, so be it.

  • Opinion: Modern Warfare 3 Has Best 5-Day Sales in History of Known Universe

    The season's most popular first-person shooter is now the bestselling slice of entertainment in the history of the world: Modern Warfare 3 grossed $775 million worldwide in five days time, claims Activision, roundly making it the bestselling video game of all time.

  • Opinion: Zelda Skyward Sword Gets Rare Perfect Score in Famitsu

    Time to brush off those dusty Wii Remotes and Nunchuks, sounds like: Nintendo's nearly-here Zelda Skyward Sword just received a rare 40 out of 40 from Japan's Weekly Famitsu.

  • Opinion: Assassin's Creed Revelations Review Roundup

    What are we, seven games into the Assassin's Creed saga? Eight counting Revelations? The portable versions aside, I've liked (and sometimes maybe even loved) every one to date. Even the first, which a few groused about because of the late-game mission repetitiveness, held me riveted from Abstergo to Jerusalem and back again. I blame my unwillingness to view games as strictly the sum of their rules. Sports like football and baseball are absurdly repetitive, too. It's how you get from A to Z--how a game system lets you--that matters.

  • Opinion: Gamers Go Wild Over Latest Call of Duty

    Gamers are going to great lengths to get their hands on Activision Publishing's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 despite mixed reviews from pros and the average Joe.

  • Opinion: Skyrim Launch Party: 33 Degrees, Snow Coming Down

    True story: The car next to mine was covered in snow when I pulled into the parking lot for Skyrim's launch party last night a few minutes after midnight. I'm in southern Michigan, where snow's no big thing come November, but the other cars in the lot were ice-free, not a speck of white in sight--it's been unseasonably mild here, and we've yet to see our first dusting. I walked around back of this four-wheeled snow-topped anomaly, chunks of ice piled on its wipers, and sure enough: Michigan plates. Where had this guy come from?

  • Opinion: Skyrim: Bethesda's Strange, Beguiling, Magnificent Dance with Dragons

    You begin in a prison cart, hands bound, juddering down a mountain path as a chorus of French horns plays a mournful melody. You'll spend a lot of time navigating Skyrim's mountains—whether you're climbing through their snowy heights or just staring up their slopes, they're a physical presence unlike any you've experienced in a game. They surround you on all sides, their tops shrouded in rolling banks of clouds and reaching for what seems like miles toward the stratosphere. The clouds sometimes descend from the highest slopes, filling pine-thick valleys or rocky, scrub-covered flatland with curls of fog.

  • Opinion: Android, iOS Games Rake in More Cash Than Sony and Nintendo

    Sony and Nintendo are seeing their game revenues drop, thanks to Android and iOS.

  • Opinion: World of Warcraft Loses 2 Million Subscribers in a Year

    World of Warcraft's eventual demise, at least as we currently know it, was probably inevitable. Even the most storied massively-multiplayer games have shelf lives. So to hear that Activision Blizzard lost around 800,000 subscribers in its latest quarter—a drop from 11.1 million to 10.3 million subs worldwide—shouldn't be a jaw-dropper. The game will be seven years old in just a few weeks (it launched on November 23, 2004), and it's been hemorrhaging players since October 2010, bringing total losses the past 12 months to around two million. Whether the decline continues as sharply or slows to a less precipitous bleed or the game even rebounds slightly when its next expansion arrives, the writing's on the wall.

  • Opinion: How To Install Aurora

    Aurora, "the Dwarf Fortress of 4X games," is a micromanager's delight. But installing the free download of Aurora 5.54 can be a little tricky, as there are steps to be performed after the installer program has run.

  • Opinion: Why Do Metacritic Users Hate Modern Warfare 3?

    Once more into the scandalous aggregation something-or-other, this time with Modern Warfare 3, which looks to be coming up red (but not roses) for players rating the game just hours after picking it up. While the Xbox 360 version's already garnered a critically acclaimed 90 out of 100 on Metacritic with 30 critics weighing in, the average user score's hovering closer to 3 out of 10. Ouch.

  • Opinion: Modern Warfare 3 Thieves Crash Into Van Carrying 6,000 Copies

    Remember when a pair of robbers with semi-automatic handguns stole over 100 copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops at gunpoint? Here we go again, only extreme style: Up to 6,000 copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's were reportedly stolen by thieves in France on Saturday morning.

  • Opinion: Modern Warfare 3 'No Russian' Moment Outed in Leaked Video?

    How did we know this was coming: a clip from Activision's Modern Warfare 3 posted anonymously on YouTube depicting a shocking turn of events in the game, and prompting cries across the web that it's the game's "No Russian" moment.

  • Opinion: Angry Birds Tops Half Billion Downloads

    Rovio's mega-popular "Angry Birds" game has surpassed 500 million downloads, an astounding achievement for what was already the world's most popular mobile game. In fact, Angry Birds devotees worldwide play 300 million minutes of the game every day, the company says.

  • Opinion: What's Inside a Giant Box of Skyrim?

    I dislike unboxing stories for one reason: They look like boasting. Look what I got! Before you did! That, and most companies these days unbox these things themselves. Skyrim's developer/publisher Bethesda Softworks did as much when they announced the Skyrim Collector's Edition back on August 5. You already know what's in the box. What do you need us for?

  • Opinion: Twitch.tv Releases iPhone App, Feeds Your Addiction

    Twitch.tv, the games-oriented spinoff division of live-streaming site Justin.tv, launched a new iPhone app yesterday that lets you view live video feeds of pro gamers (and noobs) playing Starcraft 2, Halo: Reach, Super Street Fighter IV, and more.

  • Opinion: How to Misunderstand Uncharted 3 (and Still Enjoy It)

    Uncharted 3 arrives tomorrow, or at midnight tonight for those who can't wait, or have tomorrow off, or just plan to roll today and tomorrow into one single, sleepless day. The consensus: Beloved by all, and probably game of the year for several.

  • Opinion: Apple iOS App Helps Locate Nearest Haunted House

    Apple mobile device users looking for the nearest haunted house this weekend, there’s an app for that, too.

  • Opinion: Nintendo Takes $927 Million Loss, Far Worse than Original Forecast

    This can't be good: Nintendo's earnings statement for the first six months of its fiscal year (April to September) is out, and the numbers are far worse than the company predicted they'd be back in July. According to The Guardian, it'll also add up to the company's first annual loss in over three decades. The last time Nintendo posted an annual loss? 1981.

  • Opinion: Man Carves Smartphone Dock into Prosthetic Arm

    A British man is the owner of perhaps the most convenient smartphone dock in existence. It's actually a slot embedded in 50-year-old Trevor Prideaux's prosthetic arm, custom made to fit his Nokia C7 phone.

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