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  • Opinion: PlayStation 4 at E3 Story is Bogus, Says Sony

    That out-of-nowhere, weirdly unsourced claim from British biz site MCV last week bluntly stating we'd see Microsoft's next Xbox and Sony's PS4 at E3 this summer? Baloney, says Sony (about the PS4, anyway).

  • Opinion: Fructels Gametel Controller Brings Physical Controls To Phones and Tablets

    As a mobile gamer, I know how frustrating touchscreen controls can be. They are often inaccurate and hard to use--and don’t even get me started on virtual joysticks and D-pads.

  • Opinion: Notch's Minicraft Now Ported to Android Devices

    A few weeks back, Minecraft creator Markus Persson (aka Notch) created a micro spin-off of his popular Minecraft game called Minicraft for the 48-hour make-a-game-from-scratch Ludum Dare Competition. Now it seems that Minicraft has been unofficially ported by a developer with the addition of game saves and cheats.

  • Opinion: Why Freemium Is Right for 'Microsoft Flight'

    Yesterday Microsoft dropped an F-bomb (the 'F' in this instance stands for 'flight') when it announced its upcoming casual-friendly flight simulation game, Microsoft Flight, would be downloadable this spring gratis (for those who haven't seen Deadwood, that means free). The only catch: If you want more than just an aircraft or two and the island of Hawaii to wing around, you'll have to pay up. The F-word we use to describe that is "freemium."

  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita Hacked To Play Genesis Games

    In what seems like no time at all, the Playstation Vita has already been hacked!

  • Opinion: Microsoft To Give 'Microsoft Flight' Away for Free?

    It looks like Microsoft Flight, Microsoft's casual-friendly revamp of its Flight Sim series, will finally be available this spring — what's more, it'll be downloadable and won't cost a thing.

  • Opinion: Out of the Frying Pan? Nintendo 3DS Sells 4 Million Units in U.S.

    Welcome back to the land of happy press stories, Nintendo: The company says it's now sold four million 3DS game systems in the U.S., adding that its no-glasses 3D handheld has so far sold "more in its first nine months than the Wii did." Altogether, Nintendo sold 12 million total hardware units — Wii and 3DS sales combined — in the U.S. in 2011.

  • Opinion: Ten must-have iPhone games

    Scored an iPhone this holiday season? Or perhaps just delicious iTunes Store credit? We’ve assembled this list of the best iPhone games; if you’re a gamer, these are the must-have apps for your device. Loosen your thumbs, loosen your wallet, and start playing.

  • Opinion: MAME Runs In Google Chrome, Plays All Your Favorite Arcade Games

    Hey! Remember when Google announced that you could play console games in Google Chrome a few weeks ago? Now you can play classic arcade games in your web browser too, thanks to a few Google gamers who got the Linux version of the popular (and free) Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (or MAME) running on Google Chrome's Native Client in just four days. For those of you not familiar with the Google Chrome browser, Google’s Native Client (or just NaCl if you’re feeling funny) is basically a software sandbox to run native code in your web browser. The debut of Native Client makes it easier and safer to run complex apps from within the Google Chrome browser, and that means you can run and play games without having to bother installing them.

  • Opinion: Star Wars: The Old Republic Shatters MMO Sales Records

  • Opinion: Cat Plays Fruit Ninja on iPad, Proves Kittehs Are Better Than Dogs

    Cats obviously rule the internet. There are hundreds of different cat memes (and even games) that prove this. However, our feline friends are clearly looking to expand their awesomeness further, such as playing iOS games better than their owners. Sound ridiculous? It's already happening.

  • Opinion: Humans Gifted With Wings, Thanks to HTC and Wiimote Hack

    On a regular basis, thousands of people are able to fly all over the world. While flight may not be physical human attribute, it's possible thanks to extraordinary mechanical engineering and the airplane. Okay, so flying in a metal tube isn't exactly the same as flapping one's arms or sprouting feathers in order to fly, but one man is finding a way to make this a possibility, armed with a smartphone and controller.

  • Opinion: Sony Releases PlayStation Vita Bug Fix Before U.S. Launch

    Sony has released a software update for the PlayStation Vita to fix bugs with the device ahead of its U.S. launch in February. The PlayStation Vita 1.51 firmware comes just over a week after the device was introduced in Japan and fixes an issue that affects progress in NEXT Dynasty Warriors, one of the 26 games available at launch.

  • Opinion: Anomaly: Warzone Earth Invades Kindle Fire and Other Android Devices

    Two things you never wanna see made: laws and sausages. But who said anything about video games? See what making games is all about in this surprisingly dramatic timelapse video documenting the process of bringing Anomaly: Warzone Earth to the Kindle Fire, with one caveat: it usually takes quite a bit longer.

  • Opinion: The (Not So) Great Holiday 2011 Xbox LIVE 'Oops'

    Can't get online with your Xbox 360 after running the latest Xbox 360 dashboard update? You're not alone, though the number of people affected by this unfortunate Xbox LIVE access goof is said to be small.

  • Opinion: Batman: Arkham City Adds New Skins, Fresh DLC

    The public adulation for Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham City has not gone unnoticed, and they’re showing their gratitude by releasing a free in-game skin for the Caped Crusader. The skin is based on the Grant Morrison comic called Batman Inc., and can be obtained from the Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Games For Windows Marketplace. The Batman Inc. skin doesn’t look too different from Batman’s primary pajamas (as opposed to the Batman Beyond skin, which is very distinct), but let’s be honest: The point for a real Batman fan isn’t to nitpick. It’s to collect as much Batman awesomeness as their hard drive can hold.

  • Opinion: And Facebook's Top Games of 2011 Are…

    Ever heard of Bingo Blitz? DoubleDown Casino? Gardens of Time? Me neither, but they made Facebook's "top games of 2011," a list derived from games "with more than 100,000 monthly active users and giving priority to those games with the highest user satisfaction scores."

  • Opinion: Dragon Age III May Draw Inspiration from Skyrim

    So Dragon Age II, do we need to talk about this? What a mess of a slick-looking mostly action-adventure game and an enormous letdown from a company that's been stuck in a developmental rut since Knights of the Old Republic, turning out clones of the latter designed, one assumes, to appeal to a niche, hardcore, D&D-obsessed audience.

  • Opinion: The PlayStation Vita Brings Gaming Into Your Reality

    Game developers and publishers have thrown about the term "augmented reality" for many years, but with usually disappointing results. Sony thinks it may be able to deliver on the promise, however, as the freshly-released (in Japan) Playstation Vita offers an integration between gaming and reality... all in mobile form.

  • Opinion: Sony PlayStation Vita Launches With Technical Problems

    The Sony PlayStation Vita launched in Japan on Friday, and over the weekend the hotly anticipated handheld console had a bit of a rocky start.

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