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  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita: What You Need to Know

    Sony's gearing up to launch the PlayStation Vita in North America later this month and we've got all the details you need including specs, price, and a look at the Vita games that will be available at launch.

  • Opinion: Double Fine Raises One Million Dollars for New Adventure Game in Less Than 24 Hours

    Well that didn’t take long. Not content to wait for funding help from Minecraft creator “Notch” Persson, game studio Double Fine has launched a campaign on crowd-funding site Kickstarter to finance a new adventure game. The campaign, dubbed the Double Fine Adventure, was published late Wednesday night with an ambitious $400,000 goal. Even though that was one of the highest goals in the history of Kickstarter, Double Fine met it within 8 hours. Less than 24 hours later the project had earned over $1,000,000 in pledges.

  • Opinion: Preview - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    The Resident Evil series has yet to reach the two decade milestone but the same kind of heroes have been saving the world from a full-blown zombie apocalypse for about 15 years now.

  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita Hands-On Report

    The PlayStation Vita, Sony's newest entry into the portable gaming world, launches soon (February 22nd in North America) and we've gone hands-on with the device to tell you what you need to know. The Vita's got a lot of potential, a few problems, and games that don't quite know what to do with either just yet.

  • Opinion: Don't Own A Kinect? Play With One Over the Internet

    It seems like the recent release of Kinect for Windows has caused a resurgence in Kinect hacks over the last few days. The official Microsoft SDK makes it easier than ever to come up with interesting new uses for the depth-sensing camera system, and now there's a Kinect hack you can play with from the comfort of your own home without even buying a Kinect.

  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita UMD Passport Program Is Not Coming To North America

    Sony has officially announced that North America will not take part in the UMD Passport program, which allows PlayStation Vita owners to buy digital copies of physical PSP games they already own in order to play them on their Vita.

  • Opinion: PS Vita Firmware Update Brings Maps, Mac Support and More

    The PlayStation Vita hasn't even been released in North America yet and Sony is already sweetening the pot with a new firmware update that adds new features, including video recording and a new Maps app, to the device. The update, announced Monday, will go live for Japanese PS Vita owners on February 8th. Presumably the new features will be available on North American Vita units at launch.

  • Opinion: Play PC Games on Your HDTV

    Playing games on your PC is fantastic if you have the right hardware. Sure, playing console games on a big-screen HDTV is convenient when you have a group of friends gaming together, but games will always look better on a gaming PC with a beefy graphics card and plenty of extra RAM. Hooking your PC up to your TV is also a great way to play pixel-perfect re-creations of classic console games on your HDTV, the way they were meant to be played. This guide will walk you through what to do to get those pixels in order, no matter the emulator or the TV.

  • Opinion: Kinect Inside: Asus Bakes Motion-Control Tech into Laptops

    It sounds like Asus wants to cash in on Microsoft's recently announced Kinect for Windows setup -- the company roll out actual laptops that include Microsoft's motion-sensing technology built in. Why is anyone's guess, of course: Do you really want to wave your hands, arms (or legs, don't forget) around in front of your laptop?

  • Opinion: Valve Releases Steam Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

    Steam is coming to your smartphone! Well, sort of; you won't be buying mobile games with your Steam app, and you won't be able to play your PC games on your iPhone, but then again, would you really want to? No, what you want is the ability to track Steam sales from the comfort of your couch or your spot on the train, and you can do that when Valve ends the beta period and releases the Steam Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. With the Steam app you can chat with friends, view profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content, and take advantage of the incredible Steam sales to pick up great games for a song. While the app may be free, that last perk will certainly impact my wallet, and I'm betting the folks at Valve know it.

  • Opinion: HyruleCraft Is a Complete Minecraft Re-creation of 'Ocarina of Time'

    Minecraft is a great place to make whatever world you want out of virtual building blocks-- whether it be a Game Boy emulator or the Death Star trench. For this week's Minecraft highlight, the mod group GenGame have made 1:1 scale re-creation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OOT).

  • Opinion: Hacked PS3 Firmware Busts PS Vita Remote Play Wide Open

    At a time, one of the PlayStation Vita's biggest selling points was a "Remote Play" feature that would essentially allow people to play any PlayStation 3 title on the shiny new handheld. As it turns out, the feature is maddeningly restricted to a paltry selection of games (Peggle? Bejeweled 2? Really?), which is carefully managed by a series of mandatory firmware updates. However, a hacked version of the PS3's 3.55 firmware highlights a very interesting loophole.

  • Opinion: Crysis Team Developing A Free-To-Play Shooter Called Warface

    Sometimes a game is so good, you don’t even need to play it to praise it. At least that's how the staff of China’s IT community portal (and general tech news hub) Yesky seems to feel about Crytek’s new free-to-play game Warface. According to Yesky's “2011 annual horizontal evaluation,” the game’s graphical fidelity makes it the most-anticipated online first-person shooter in China. The editors at Yesky have singled out this otherwise-unkown game for its visual effects, notably the flashy lighting, shading and motion blur, and have gone so far as to compare it favorably with the visually stunning (and decidely not free to play) Crysis 2.

  • Opinion: There's a Problem with Xbox 360 1080p Playback? Yep, and a Fix Incoming

    I don't use my Xbox 360 to watch (or stream) video, so I missed this, but it seems the recent "Metro" dashboard update made a mess of high-definition video playback — specifically anything running at the tip-top resolution, 1080p.

  • Opinion: Resident Evil 6 Confirmed, Coming This November

    One of gaming's worst-kept secrets has been officially unveiled. A rather bleak-looking piece of graffiti in London has been linked to a viral marketing campaign arranged by Capcom to promote Resident Evil 6, and today Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil 6 is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20, 2012.

  • Opinion: BioShock Infinite Will Include Finger-Breaking '1999 Mode'

    LOL Irrational Games, you know us well: The developer of games like System Shock 2, Freedom Force, and BioShock just announced that BioShock Infinite, due out this year, will include a game mode designed to take you back to the twentieth-century. You know, when gamers had to actually work to beat stuff!

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Requires Origin, Will Not Debut On Steam

    Ready for Mass Effect 3 to launch this March? If you're planning to purchase the game on PC you'll need to download a copy of Electronic Arts' Origin digital distribution client, because it looks like the game won't be available on Valve Software's Steam service at launch. After rumors began to circulate that Mass Effect 3 would not be available for purchase on Steam (as has been the case with EA’s recent PC releases such as Battlefield 3) Bioware’s community coordinator Chris Priestly took to the Bioware forums to clear up rumors and address your concerns about the PC release of Mass Effect 3.

  • Opinion: Play Angry Birds Chrome in Your PC's Web Browser

    Getting too much work done? If so, fire up your Web browser and head over to chrome.angrybirds.com. This is where you can play Chrome Angry Birds, the browser-based version of Angry Birds. It's just as addictive and as fun as the mobile version. And that's why your productivity will end here.

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming February 14

    Four years and two months, that's how long it's been since Mass Effect ended the hard sci-fi roleplaying drought. Mass Effect 2 followed a couple years later, fixing much of what — despite the game's lovely graphics and D&D-love-letter gameplay — BioWare got wrong with the original. In less than two months, Mass Effect 3 will bring the story of Commander John Shepard (or whatever you named the protagonist) to a close.

  • Opinion: May Payne 3 Delayed Until May, Take-Two Revenue Tumbles

    How does the company that owns stuff like BioShock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto and over a dozen other iconic game properties suddenly post a loss? Welcome to the world of too-big-to-profit companies!

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