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  • Opinion: Valve Releases Steam Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

    Steam is coming to your smartphone! Well, sort of; you won't be buying mobile games with your Steam app, and you won't be able to play your PC games on your iPhone, but then again, would you really want to? No, what you want is the ability to track Steam sales from the comfort of your couch or your spot on the train, and you can do that when Valve ends the beta period and releases the Steam Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. With the Steam app you can chat with friends, view profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content, and take advantage of the incredible Steam sales to pick up great games for a song. While the app may be free, that last perk will certainly impact my wallet, and I'm betting the folks at Valve know it.

  • Opinion: HyruleCraft Is a Complete Minecraft Re-creation of 'Ocarina of Time'

    Minecraft is a great place to make whatever world you want out of virtual building blocks-- whether it be a Game Boy emulator or the Death Star trench. For this week's Minecraft highlight, the mod group GenGame have made 1:1 scale re-creation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OOT).

  • Opinion: Hacked PS3 Firmware Busts PS Vita Remote Play Wide Open

    At a time, one of the PlayStation Vita's biggest selling points was a "Remote Play" feature that would essentially allow people to play any PlayStation 3 title on the shiny new handheld. As it turns out, the feature is maddeningly restricted to a paltry selection of games (Peggle? Bejeweled 2? Really?), which is carefully managed by a series of mandatory firmware updates. However, a hacked version of the PS3's 3.55 firmware highlights a very interesting loophole.

  • Opinion: Crysis Team Developing A Free-To-Play Shooter Called Warface

    Sometimes a game is so good, you don’t even need to play it to praise it. At least that's how the staff of China’s IT community portal (and general tech news hub) Yesky seems to feel about Crytek’s new free-to-play game Warface. According to Yesky's “2011 annual horizontal evaluation,” the game’s graphical fidelity makes it the most-anticipated online first-person shooter in China. The editors at Yesky have singled out this otherwise-unkown game for its visual effects, notably the flashy lighting, shading and motion blur, and have gone so far as to compare it favorably with the visually stunning (and decidely not free to play) Crysis 2.

  • Opinion: There's a Problem with Xbox 360 1080p Playback? Yep, and a Fix Incoming

    I don't use my Xbox 360 to watch (or stream) video, so I missed this, but it seems the recent "Metro" dashboard update made a mess of high-definition video playback — specifically anything running at the tip-top resolution, 1080p.

  • Opinion: Resident Evil 6 Confirmed, Coming This November

    One of gaming's worst-kept secrets has been officially unveiled. A rather bleak-looking piece of graffiti in London has been linked to a viral marketing campaign arranged by Capcom to promote Resident Evil 6, and today Capcom confirmed that Resident Evil 6 is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on November 20, 2012.

  • Opinion: BioShock Infinite Will Include Finger-Breaking '1999 Mode'

    LOL Irrational Games, you know us well: The developer of games like System Shock 2, Freedom Force, and BioShock just announced that BioShock Infinite, due out this year, will include a game mode designed to take you back to the twentieth-century. You know, when gamers had to actually work to beat stuff!

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Requires Origin, Will Not Debut On Steam

    Ready for Mass Effect 3 to launch this March? If you're planning to purchase the game on PC you'll need to download a copy of Electronic Arts' Origin digital distribution client, because it looks like the game won't be available on Valve Software's Steam service at launch. After rumors began to circulate that Mass Effect 3 would not be available for purchase on Steam (as has been the case with EA’s recent PC releases such as Battlefield 3) Bioware’s community coordinator Chris Priestly took to the Bioware forums to clear up rumors and address your concerns about the PC release of Mass Effect 3.

  • Opinion: Play Angry Birds Chrome in Your PC's Web Browser

    Getting too much work done? If so, fire up your Web browser and head over to chrome.angrybirds.com. This is where you can play Chrome Angry Birds, the browser-based version of Angry Birds. It's just as addictive and as fun as the mobile version. And that's why your productivity will end here.

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming February 14

    Four years and two months, that's how long it's been since Mass Effect ended the hard sci-fi roleplaying drought. Mass Effect 2 followed a couple years later, fixing much of what — despite the game's lovely graphics and D&D-love-letter gameplay — BioWare got wrong with the original. In less than two months, Mass Effect 3 will bring the story of Commander John Shepard (or whatever you named the protagonist) to a close.

  • Opinion: May Payne 3 Delayed Until May, Take-Two Revenue Tumbles

    How does the company that owns stuff like BioShock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto and over a dozen other iconic game properties suddenly post a loss? Welcome to the world of too-big-to-profit companies!

  • Opinion: Sony Not Fazed by PlayStation Vita Japanese Sales Drop

    When life hands you lemons, you make...sure no one sees you pucker while you suck on one. That pretty much sums up Sony's position on sales of the PlayStation Vita in Japan, which have plummeted since the device launched in the Land of the Rising Sun on December 17, 2011.

  • Opinion: See, They Told Us So: Sony Confirms No PS4 at E3

    Sony just confirmed we won't see a new PlayStation at CES, at E3, or, I think it's safe to assume, any other point in 2012. That much was never really in doubt, though I'd like to know why some sites think it's cool to just drop-claim things are going to happen (sources, schmorses!).

  • Opinion: Hand-on With Project Fiona, the Razer PC Gaming Tablet

    Project Fiona is an odd proposition. PC gamers are a fickle bunch, and you’ll be hard-pressed to beat the obviously superior mouse and keyboard combination. But Razer’s tablet concept aims to do just that, bringing portable PC gaming to a new form-factor. I had a chance to get my hands on the device here at CES, and it’s in impressive shape.

  • Opinion: GameTime Table Is a Game Console Meant for Your Bar

    Darts? Too dangerous. Billiards? Too difficult. If Alcatel-Lucent's GameTime concept catches on, though, your next bar game might well be happening on a giant touchscreen table--and your smartphone or tablet.

  • Opinion: SteelSeries Announces Bluetooth Controller for Mobile Gamers; New Headsets, and Mice for PC Gamers

    The most unexpected new product in SteelSeries' 2012 line-up aimed at stalwart PC loyalists is undoubtedly the SteelSeries Ion Bluetooth controller, which promises not only to work with PCs but also Android smartphones and tablets.

  • Opinion: Razer's Project Fiona: A Tablet for PC Gamers

    Razer--generally known for its gaming peripherals--is working on a tablet called Project Fiona. Let's just file this under "wholly unexpected."

  • Opinion: Kinect for Windows Available February 1, but Overpriced at $249

    Say what you will about Steve Ballmer's swan song CES 2012 keynote (and the ridiculous, mostly made-up hype preceding it), at least we got a launch date and price for Kinect for Windows. It's about time, too: Microsoft released the Windows SDK beta, which works with any Xbox 360 Kinect sensor, last June.

  • Opinion: Free Online Casual Game Entanglement Will Ensnare You

    Don't let the spa-like music or the simple aesthetic of its game board fool you: Entanglement is downright maddening--and I mean that in the best possible way. This free online game, in which you rotate tiles on a game board in order to create the longest, most tangled path possible, seems very simple at first glance. But give it a try and you'll see just how challenging it can be.

  • Opinion: Sony PlayStation Vita Coming to AT&T February 22nd

    The Sony PlayStation Vita debuted in Japan earlier this year, but next month it is finally coming to U.S. shores for $300. It will be the first handheld gaming device available from a carrier. The Vita has done fairly well in Japan selling 325,00 units on the opening weekend.

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