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  • Opinion: This Card Game Takes Your Nerd Altercations to the Next Level

    Battlestar Galactica vs. Babylon Five vs. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine--if this is the sort of deep conversations you have with your friends, Geek Fight by Kalan Vazquez might be for you. It'll take your real-life geek fights to the next level--the card game level.

  • Opinion: Minecraft Developers Creating a Game in One Weekend

    Mojang, the developers behind the indie hit Minecraft, are creating a new original game in 48 hours. The challenge started at 10 CET (that’s 3am EST), and Mojang has just 60 hours to make a working game in a style and genre chosen by fans in a poll posted on Mojang’s blog earlier this week.

  • Opinion: Play With Mechanical Puzzles In Your Browser With Interlocked

    Interlocked is a free Flash game, and a new take on a very old idea: mechanical puzzles. In Interlocked, you are presented with a three-dimensional shape composed of several interlocking parts (hence the name). You need to take the shape apart, piece by piece, by sliding the pieces around in the correct sequence.

  • Opinion: The Dark Room: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game on YouTube

    The Dark Room is a YouTube video adventure game produced by the comedian John Robertson, who is currently touring Australia and New Zealand.

  • Opinion: Game Boy Runs Android, Best Hack Ever?

    What's cooler than rooting your smartphone or tablet to run upcoming versions of the Android OS? Making other random gadgets run Android. One of the coolest of these hacks has to be by XDA-Developers member "flexoduss," who got Android 2.1 running on his Game Boy. Wait, what?

  • Opinion: World of Minecraft: Gamers Recreate WoW in Minecraft

    Minecraft's open-ended creation has made it possible to recreate places and objects inside its virtual world. We've seen Minecraft renditions of Hyrule, the Death Star trench run from Star Wars, and even the first level of Super Mario Land. Now, one gamer used the virtual world of Minecraft to recreate Azeroth, the titular world in the massively popular World of Warcraft.

  • Opinion: Gaming Wins Big at National Science Foundation's Visualization Challenge

    Protein-folding might not sound like an especially exhilarating way to spend a weekend, but puzzle mavens and scientific researchers alike rallied behind the game's innovative take on crowd-sourcing public ingenuity to tackle scientific conundrums. The effort has long since paid off, but this year the game adds another feather to its cap: taking top honors at the ninth annual International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, with a first place win in the Interactive Games category.

  • Opinion: Blizzard Releasing Diablo 3 By End Of June

    During their quarterly earnings call on Friday Blizzard representatives finally let slip a release date for the long awaited third game in their Diablo franchise. Blizzard Entertainment's Mike Morhaime said the company is planning to release Diablo 3 by the end of the second fiscal quarter this year, which means the game should hit store shelves by the end of June if everything goes according to plan.

  • Opinion: Flash Lives--Thanks To Facebook and Games

    Like a super-powered zombie, Flash just won't stay down. Even though it doesn't run on most mobile devices, Flash is still encountered everyday while browsing the web.

  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita: What You Need to Know

    Sony's gearing up to launch the PlayStation Vita in North America later this month and we've got all the details you need including specs, price, and a look at the Vita games that will be available at launch.

  • Opinion: Double Fine Raises One Million Dollars for New Adventure Game in Less Than 24 Hours

    Well that didn’t take long. Not content to wait for funding help from Minecraft creator “Notch” Persson, game studio Double Fine has launched a campaign on crowd-funding site Kickstarter to finance a new adventure game. The campaign, dubbed the Double Fine Adventure, was published late Wednesday night with an ambitious $400,000 goal. Even though that was one of the highest goals in the history of Kickstarter, Double Fine met it within 8 hours. Less than 24 hours later the project had earned over $1,000,000 in pledges.

  • Opinion: Preview - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    The Resident Evil series has yet to reach the two decade milestone but the same kind of heroes have been saving the world from a full-blown zombie apocalypse for about 15 years now.

  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita Hands-On Report

    The PlayStation Vita, Sony's newest entry into the portable gaming world, launches soon (February 22nd in North America) and we've gone hands-on with the device to tell you what you need to know. The Vita's got a lot of potential, a few problems, and games that don't quite know what to do with either just yet.

  • Opinion: Don't Own A Kinect? Play With One Over the Internet

    It seems like the recent release of Kinect for Windows has caused a resurgence in Kinect hacks over the last few days. The official Microsoft SDK makes it easier than ever to come up with interesting new uses for the depth-sensing camera system, and now there's a Kinect hack you can play with from the comfort of your own home without even buying a Kinect.

  • Opinion: PlayStation Vita UMD Passport Program Is Not Coming To North America

    Sony has officially announced that North America will not take part in the UMD Passport program, which allows PlayStation Vita owners to buy digital copies of physical PSP games they already own in order to play them on their Vita.

  • Opinion: PS Vita Firmware Update Brings Maps, Mac Support and More

    The PlayStation Vita hasn't even been released in North America yet and Sony is already sweetening the pot with a new firmware update that adds new features, including video recording and a new Maps app, to the device. The update, announced Monday, will go live for Japanese PS Vita owners on February 8th. Presumably the new features will be available on North American Vita units at launch.

  • Opinion: Play PC Games on Your HDTV

    Playing games on your PC is fantastic if you have the right hardware. Sure, playing console games on a big-screen HDTV is convenient when you have a group of friends gaming together, but games will always look better on a gaming PC with a beefy graphics card and plenty of extra RAM. Hooking your PC up to your TV is also a great way to play pixel-perfect re-creations of classic console games on your HDTV, the way they were meant to be played. This guide will walk you through what to do to get those pixels in order, no matter the emulator or the TV.

  • Opinion: Kinect Inside: Asus Bakes Motion-Control Tech into Laptops

    It sounds like Asus wants to cash in on Microsoft's recently announced Kinect for Windows setup -- the company roll out actual laptops that include Microsoft's motion-sensing technology built in. Why is anyone's guess, of course: Do you really want to wave your hands, arms (or legs, don't forget) around in front of your laptop?

  • Opinion: Valve Releases Steam Mobile App for iOS and Android Devices

    Steam is coming to your smartphone! Well, sort of; you won't be buying mobile games with your Steam app, and you won't be able to play your PC games on your iPhone, but then again, would you really want to? No, what you want is the ability to track Steam sales from the comfort of your couch or your spot on the train, and you can do that when Valve ends the beta period and releases the Steam Mobile App for iOS and Android devices. With the Steam app you can chat with friends, view profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content, and take advantage of the incredible Steam sales to pick up great games for a song. While the app may be free, that last perk will certainly impact my wallet, and I'm betting the folks at Valve know it.

  • Opinion: HyruleCraft Is a Complete Minecraft Re-creation of 'Ocarina of Time'

    Minecraft is a great place to make whatever world you want out of virtual building blocks-- whether it be a Game Boy emulator or the Death Star trench. For this week's Minecraft highlight, the mod group GenGame have made 1:1 scale re-creation of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OOT).

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