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  • Opinion: Zerg Rush: Google's Starcraft-flavored Easter Egg

    If you're sitting at work bored out of your mind right now try typing in "zerg rush" to Google search and play a fun point-and-shoot that sure beats filling out TPS reports on a Friday. The term Zerg is a nod to the enemy alien species from the video game Starcraft by Blizzard Entertainment. In Google's version your search results are quickly overtaken by a falling wave of Google-colored O's--zerglings capable of destroying your little blue links. To combat your enemy you must click furiously over each enemy zergling to destroy it and stop the onslaught.

  • Opinion: Free Friday: A Typing Game That Teaches it Wrong and an Abbreviated Mario Brothers.

    This week we've got three titles made in 48 hours for the most recent Ludum Dare gamejam, including a typing game that teaches you to be a bad speller and a condensed version of the original Super Mario.

  • Opinion: Diablo III Beta Impressions

    I had a chance to sit down with the Diablo III beta during the open beta stress test period last weekend. With less than a month till the game's May 15th release we're starting to get a real sense of how the game and in particular the five available character classes will feel to play.

  • Opinion: Triple Town for iPhone and iPad

    A deceptive little beast of a puzzler, Triple Town lures you close and sinks its teeth in before demanding you feed it more of your hard-earned cash. This clever hybrid of match-three puzzles and settlement planning gameplay from Spry Fox is insidiously addictive, but poorly conceived micro-transactions soon suck all the joy out of the experience.

  • Opinion: MIT Building Becomes Playable Tetris Board, And It Looks Amazing

    Any self-respecting modder will at some point need to hack something on a grand scale. A group at MIT took the grand scale term quite literally, though, by turning a building into their playground.

  • Opinion: Orcs Must Die 2 Hands-On Preview

    After the surprise success of Orcs Must Die last year, Robot Entertainment has been hard at work on making a sequel that could live up to the high bar that they have set for themselves. They’ve gone through and tweaked some gameplay elements to work better and added cooperative play with a new character, so that you can murder orcs with a friend!

  • Opinion: Games With A Cause (And Not Much Else)

    Earlier this month we saw the launch of the beta for SuperBetter, an online game that promises to help you recover from injuries faster or raise your general level of health through daily “quests” and other game-related activities. SuperBetter is the brainchild of Jane McGonigal, the author of Reality is Broken, and one of the leading advocates behind the Games for Change movement. But SuperBetter and Games for Change in general have a dirty secret: they’re not very fun.

  • Opinion: Nintendo Scores Patent for Software Emulator: ROM Geeks Snicker, Smartphones Shrug

    If you're reading this, there's a good chance that you have at least some familiarity with video game emulators (which are legal), and ROMS (which are not quite legal). They've been around for years. But much like Columbus discovering America despite a presence of natives, Nintendo can now take credit for something that others had been doing for long time.

  • Opinion: Final Fantasy VIIs Midgar Gets Completely Reconstructed in Minecraft

    This week’s incredible Minecraft build is a full reconstruction of Midgar, the capital city of the Final Fantasy VII’s World Map. And when I say it's been completely reconstructed, I mean completely reconstructed.

  • Opinion: Free Friday: I Saw Her Standing There, SCP Containment Breach and More

    This week's roundup of free games is all about life or death situations with dangerous and deadly games about zombies, mysterious monsters and editing a newspaper in an Orwellian country.

  • Opinion: Draw Something Finally Gets Facebook and Twitter Support, 'Save' Feature

    Raise your hand (or your phone) if you've ever lost a particularly lovely Draw Something sketch — a pocket-sized pièce de résistance — to the digital void. Now put down those hands, then bring them together for a round of applause: The game's creators just added several new long-awaited features, including one that finally lets you save your favorite finger-sketched roughs.

  • Opinion: The Most Annoying Android Apps

    Not all Android apps are created equal, and most are far from perfect.

  • Opinion: Fibble for iPhone and iPad

    Fibble feels like what Pixar might come up with if the animation studio tried its hand at a puzzle game. The premise behind the game from Crytek even kind of sounds like a Disney movie waiting to happen: When a lovable alien the size of a marble gets knocked from orbit, it has to navigate its way through the hazards of a human household as efficiently as possible. Also, there’s a lot of hugging. And an octopus with a monocle.

  • Opinion: Epic Mario Project Re-Creates Super Mario Bros Level 1-1 With Lego

    We've already seen the insane amount of labor needed to create a virtual version of a Super Mario Land level. Zachary Pollock, an adult fan of Lego and brick artist, wants to wants to go one step further and recreate the entire first level (1-1) from Super Mario Bros. with Lego blocks.

  • Opinion: World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Preview

    It's a Wednesday evening in the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta and almost everything is broken. Needed items for quests just won't spawn. I'm given abilities that only function when used with other abilities that I won't get for another twenty levels. I sometimes have to just kill enemies for hours at a time to continue leveling up.

  • Opinion: Jordan Mechner Made An Apple II Game Called Deathbounce

    Last week, Jordan Mechner was the keynote speaker at PAX East, Penny Arcade's annual three-day celebration of gaming and gamers. Mechner kicked off the event with his personal story of how creating Karateka and Prince of Persia indirectly led him to fulfill his life goal of breaking into Hollywood, and how he has since revisited those properties many times across various media.

  • Opinion: Castlevania Re-created in Minecraft With Candles, Holy Water, Dracula, and All

    We've seen some awesome video game re-creations in Minecraft, like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and World of Warcraft. But what we love even more are the retro, 2D re-creations like this one made for the Nintendo classic Castlevania.

  • Opinion: SNES Wireless Controller Hack Means No More Tripping Over Cords

    The greatest thing about modern consoles--even more so than graphics or online multiplayer support--has to be the wireless controllers. I can't tell you the number of times I've died thanks to diving eagles in the original Ninja Gaiden because of someone blocking my screen as they carefully stepped over the controller cord, which they would just trip over anyway.

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Face Import To Be Fixed Next Week

    When Mass Effect 3 was released, longstanding fans were horrified by the mutant aberrations that stared back at them once they imported their Mass Effect 2 save games. Some shrugged off this bug that butchers any Shepard created back in the original Mass Effect, electing to accept either the male or the female default model; others struggled to meticulously recreate their personalized hero; and many more reluctantly settled in to wait for a fix, steadfastly refusing to play through the conclusion to the series with any character other than their own.

  • Opinion: Hands On With Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion

    The second phase of the Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion beta went live this week, so I spent some time playing with the new units and factions to figure out how Rebellion changes the slow, strategic pace that the space-based RTS Sins of A Solar Empire is famous for. While the average match remains the same (you'll still spend hours conquering planets and blasting pirates), the division of each side into Loyalist/Rebel factions and the addition of four new victory conditions make playing Sins of A Solar Empire: Rebellion feel like a new adventure.

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