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  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: A Gentleman Robot and a Hungry Hungry Snake

    This week’s free game round up has two new twists on old favorites and a steam-powered robot in a top hat. That last one doesn’t really mesh with the first two, but I couldn’t bring myself to pass up a steam-powered robot in a top hat.

  • Opinion: Microsoft's SwordFight App Could Be the Next Generation of Motion Gaming

    Have you ever been so fed up with a stranger talking on the phone too loudly that you wish you could challenge them to a duel? Well, Microsoft might just have your back with its newly developed FAR technology.

  • Opinion: Secret World Diary 2: Cthulhu Vs. Shotguns

    I feel like I was somewhat unfair to the Secret World’s combat system last week after playing around with it a little more. My criticism at the time was that even though the game superficially abandoned the class and leveling systems of more traditional MMO games, the results still felt much the same. While the first few hours of the Secret World’s combat do feel superficially like combat in World of Warcraft, you quickly come to understand that the resemblance is somewhat of an illusion.

  • Opinion: Persona 4 Golden Might Just Ruin Our Lives

    If you’ve had a PlayStation Vita since day one, you might be at a loss of what to play. I was, but I discovered the wonder of PSP games downloadable through the PlayStation Network and catalogued my findings in a previous article. Since I made this discovery, I’ve put dozens of hours into Persona 3 Portable. Based on the amount of time that I put into Persona 4 back on the PS2, I might never be heard from again after Persona 4 Golden releases on October 30th.

  • Opinion: Fun with the Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod

    When does a two-year-old game become relevant again? When an awesome mod is built for it. Just Cause 2 was released in March of 2010, but has been gaining the attention of the modding community just this past weekend when a multiplayer mod was re-introduced for beta testing. The team at JC2-MP created a way to play the insane, action-packed game with a friend.

  • Opinion: Jonathan Maks Sound Shapes Adds Original Music From Beck

    We’ve been excited for Sound Shapes ever since we heard that Jonathan Mak –of Everyday Shooter fame– would be making a musical platformer for the PlayStation 3 and Vita at E3 last year. He sold us with his description of the game: “You can use it to make music, but then you can “play” that music like it’s a video game.” The game is so distinctly his style, it wouldn’t be coming from anyone but Mak.

  • Opinion: Waterfield's PS Vita Case Review: The First Case We'd Recommend

    I've never felt compelled to post about a handheld case before, and for good reason. They usually feel cheap, like they could break at any moment. That's why I don't use a case on any of my handhelds; even my iPhone doesn't have a case. I don't see a reason when I'll end up purchasing a new case in a few weeks after that one broke from being in a backpack for a few hours. My opinion changed when I got my hands on Waterfield's beautiful PlayStation Vita case, which they sent me for review.

  • Opinion: How Quantic Dream Is Taking The Leap That Games Need To Evolve

    It isn't often that we see games starring seasoned actors on display. That's not to say that it hasn't happened, but it just isn't very common outside of movie tie-ins. Of course the transition of star talent from television to movies has become extremely common, so it only makes sense that videogames would be the next logical step. Quantic Dream is taking that next step in an effort to help the game industry mature, and I think that's ultimately a good thing.

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: A Gun that Serves as a Jetpack and an Art Game with an Awesome Soundtrack

    All of this week’s free games create some surprisingly gorgeous scenes using fairly simple graphics. From stunning composition to well used filters to just plain great use of art and style, all of these games are very pretty and very, very cheap.

  • Opinion: Valve Targets Our Impulse Control With Steam Summer Sales

    Starting in the summer of 2010, Valve decided that they weren't receiving enough of our hard-earned income; they needed more. They figured that the best way to get to us was to question our impulse control. If they put up new games at 60 percent off, could we hold out on the purchase? They knew the answer before the sale even started, and so did we; abandon all hope, ye who enter the 2012 Steam Summer Sale.

  • Opinion: Steam Sale Kicks Off With Huge PC Game Deals

    The PC game download service Steam has launched its annual summer sale, starting with huge discounts on popular games such as Portal 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

  • Opinion: Trying Out Valve's Movie Making Tools With the Source Filmmaker

    When Valve released the last of their Team Fortress 2 “Meet the…” videos last month with Meet the Pyro, they also made waves by announcing that they’d release the tools used to make the company's machinima videos for Team Fortress 2, Portal and the various other Source engine games as a software package called the Source Filmmaker. After a short closed beta the company released the package on Wednesday for anyone to download; after a few hours with the tools, we've got some thoughts.

  • Opinion: Space Engine Lets You Be the Astronaut You've Always Wanted to Be

    The plainly-named SpaceEngine may be the closest most of us will ever come to intergalactic travel. Described as "free space simulation software," SpaceEngine is a rather heady combination of actual astronomical data and procedurally generated information. In other words, you'll get to see everything from an accurate model of Earth's atmosphere to the game's extrapolation of galaxies we have yet to even dream of.

  • Opinion: On The PlayStation Vita's Digital Past

    I love the PlayStation Vita. I'm not sure if it's the overall beauty of the handheld or what, but I just can't put it down. It's not often that a handheld launches with both a stellar launch lineup and an exceptional catalog of older games ready to be played, but that's exactly what the Vita has, and that may be its strongest suit right now.

  • Opinion: Some Thoughts On SimCity Social

    It's not often that I play social games on Facebook, mainly because I don't like to spam my friends with constant notifications. No one likes to get those, especially every single time that someone does something in the game. I just don't feel the need to be "that guy" on Facebook who does nothing more than spam his friends with countless game requests. SimCity Social has me so infatuated that I don't really care if I end up being that guy.

  • Opinion: Tabletop Forge, Tabletop Gaming Tools for Google Hangouts

    We sometimes like to shine a spotlight on deserving Kickstarter games but this week's project is a little different. Instead of a game played on technology it's a game played with technology, and it promises to make the online lives of tabletop gamers infinitely easier.

  • Opinion: Gamer Builds Ultimate Starcraft Keyboard Mod; Gaming World Looks in Envy

    Attention, Master League Starcraft II gamers: You may have pretty much mastered the game, but do you wish there was a keyboard more suited to you needs to help you improve reaction time and accuracy? If so, a Starcraft player already has the answer.

  • Opinion: Games We'd Like to See on Google Glass

    The biggest story at Google I/O this year was Google Glass, a pair of augmented reality glasses from Google. While the $1,500 price tag for a prototype developer pair and 2014 public release means most gamers are still a few years (and raises) away from getting their hands on the device, I'm already excited by the gaming possibilities that Google's always-on heads up display might provide. The Google Glass team is reportedly still looking for more uses for Glass, so here are three game ideas off the top of my head to usher in the augmented reality gaming future.

  • Opinion: Why Playing Diablo III Really Means Playing The Auction House

    It's been a month and a half since Blizzard launched the third game in the Diablo franchise and made it the fastest selling PC game in history, and the hack-and-slash game is now in a somewhat precarious position. While the bugs and stability issues that it suffered from at launch are largely resolved, hardcore gamers are starting to bristle at some controversial changes being made in Diablo III. Their complaints basically boil down to one central issue: This game is not Diablo II.

  • Opinion: Nexus Q Living Room Battle: Google vs. Apple TV vs. the Rest (Chart)

    With Google TV generally flopping with consumers, Google is trying a second approach to getting space in your living room entertainment center with the Nexus Q streaming media player. The new device is one part Apple TV and one part Sonos music streamer rolled up in a highly designed orb-shaped package. The Nexus Q is generating some early excitement, but the device is going up against tough competition that includes Apple, Roku, and [

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