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  • Opinion: Trying Out Valve's Movie Making Tools With the Source Filmmaker

    When Valve released the last of their Team Fortress 2 “Meet the…” videos last month with Meet the Pyro, they also made waves by announcing that they’d release the tools used to make the company's machinima videos for Team Fortress 2, Portal and the various other Source engine games as a software package called the Source Filmmaker. After a short closed beta the company released the package on Wednesday for anyone to download; after a few hours with the tools, we've got some thoughts.

  • Opinion: Space Engine Lets You Be the Astronaut You've Always Wanted to Be

    The plainly-named SpaceEngine may be the closest most of us will ever come to intergalactic travel. Described as "free space simulation software," SpaceEngine is a rather heady combination of actual astronomical data and procedurally generated information. In other words, you'll get to see everything from an accurate model of Earth's atmosphere to the game's extrapolation of galaxies we have yet to even dream of.

  • Opinion: On The PlayStation Vita's Digital Past

    I love the PlayStation Vita. I'm not sure if it's the overall beauty of the handheld or what, but I just can't put it down. It's not often that a handheld launches with both a stellar launch lineup and an exceptional catalog of older games ready to be played, but that's exactly what the Vita has, and that may be its strongest suit right now.

  • Opinion: Some Thoughts On SimCity Social

    It's not often that I play social games on Facebook, mainly because I don't like to spam my friends with constant notifications. No one likes to get those, especially every single time that someone does something in the game. I just don't feel the need to be "that guy" on Facebook who does nothing more than spam his friends with countless game requests. SimCity Social has me so infatuated that I don't really care if I end up being that guy.

  • Opinion: Tabletop Forge, Tabletop Gaming Tools for Google Hangouts

    We sometimes like to shine a spotlight on deserving Kickstarter games but this week's project is a little different. Instead of a game played on technology it's a game played with technology, and it promises to make the online lives of tabletop gamers infinitely easier.

  • Opinion: Gamer Builds Ultimate Starcraft Keyboard Mod; Gaming World Looks in Envy

    Attention, Master League Starcraft II gamers: You may have pretty much mastered the game, but do you wish there was a keyboard more suited to you needs to help you improve reaction time and accuracy? If so, a Starcraft player already has the answer.

  • Opinion: Games We'd Like to See on Google Glass

    The biggest story at Google I/O this year was Google Glass, a pair of augmented reality glasses from Google. While the $1,500 price tag for a prototype developer pair and 2014 public release means most gamers are still a few years (and raises) away from getting their hands on the device, I'm already excited by the gaming possibilities that Google's always-on heads up display might provide. The Google Glass team is reportedly still looking for more uses for Glass, so here are three game ideas off the top of my head to usher in the augmented reality gaming future.

  • Opinion: Why Playing Diablo III Really Means Playing The Auction House

    It's been a month and a half since Blizzard launched the third game in the Diablo franchise and made it the fastest selling PC game in history, and the hack-and-slash game is now in a somewhat precarious position. While the bugs and stability issues that it suffered from at launch are largely resolved, hardcore gamers are starting to bristle at some controversial changes being made in Diablo III. Their complaints basically boil down to one central issue: This game is not Diablo II.

  • Opinion: Nexus Q Living Room Battle: Google vs. Apple TV vs. the Rest (Chart)

    With Google TV generally flopping with consumers, Google is trying a second approach to getting space in your living room entertainment center with the Nexus Q streaming media player. The new device is one part Apple TV and one part Sonos music streamer rolled up in a highly designed orb-shaped package. The Nexus Q is generating some early excitement, but the device is going up against tough competition that includes Apple, Roku, and [23 June 2012

  • Opinion: Five Ways to Hack Your Video Game Controllers Into Something Awesome

    Games sure have changed since the days of simply shooing pixels upwards at descending "invading" pixels. Today we've got 3D graphics, asymmetrical co-op games, progressive multiplayer games, leaderboards, achievements, procedural level generation, and a whole mess of gameplay features.

  • Opinion: Mass Effect 3 Gets Expanded Ending Sequence; Available June 26

    Game developer BioWare is releasing an expanded ending sequence for Mass Effect 3 following negative feedback from players.

  • Opinion: Nintendo 3DS XL: Between a Thumbstick and a Hard Place

    The criticisms are already piling on for Nintendo's 3DS XL, a larger version of the company's handheld game console, because it doesn't include a second analog stick.

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: Three Free First Person Shooters

    I usually steer clear of browser FPS games for these roundups. They tend to be made with the Unity engine and end up being low-rez monstrosities take forever to load and want you to be impressed with the 3D while ignoring the lack of any actual game. This week's crop of free games, however, totally goes against the grain. All three games were made for the 7-Day FPS Challenge and all three of them are fantastic first-person shooters you can play right in your browser.

  • Opinion: Air Mail for iPhone and iPad

    It’s rare to find entertainment-for-all-ages titles in the iOS App Store. Typically, there’s little room between the throngs of uber-casual titles and the hardcore ports to find a game that has both the depth and breadth to be truly recommendable to all types of gamers. But Air Mail, a new flight simulator published by Chillingo (who discovers mobile studio talent better than anyone), might be just such a standout.

  • Opinion: Old SNES Meets New Wii U With This Hack

    You could probably say that Nintendo came up with the idea of putting a display on your controller first, but that doesn't make this modded Super Nintendo, modded Super Nintendo equipped with two screen-toting controllers any less awesome

  • Opinion: Microsoft's Mystery Tablet Event: Dawn of a New Microsoft?

    By possibly doing a branded tablet using the new Windows 8 Metro-based Windows RT, Microsoft may actually be trying to reposition itself in a whole new way for the post-PC era. And that may be the even bigger story than the product(s) that Microsoft actually announces today.

  • Opinion: Battleground Europe Game Is Realistic, But Can Be Frustrating

    Battleground Europe (various pricing, 14-day free trial) made its debut in 2001 as "World War Two Online." It followed a familiar pattern: Launched too soon due to financial concerns, it had constant hardware and software issues and lost momentum, unable to attract a large audience. Nonetheless, it has soldiered on (heh), and is still running, and trying to attract and retain new players.

  • Opinion: Learn Vim With Online Game Vim Adventures

    The Vim text editor is not the only piece of ancient software still popular today. After all, Microsoft Word was first released in 1983, a full eight years before Vim. But today's Word bears little resemblance to its original version, while text editor Vim looks and feels almost the same. And yet, Vim has a vibrant community of developers and evangelists working to keep it alive and kicking, with projects like the game Vim Adventures to bring new users into the fold.

  • Opinion: Diablo III Debuts Real Money Auction House

    The most disruptive feature in Diablo III has nothing to do with hacking and slashing your way through the forces of hell: it's the game's real money auction house that lets players sell in-game items for real world cash. Now, after weeks of delay caused by security concerns and server stability issues, Blizzard has finally launched the Real Money auction house. After poking around at the game's economy for a few hours we've got a few pieces of advice to help you play smarter.

  • Opinion: Android Users: Microsoft Debuts a Version of its My Xbox Live App for Android

    Android-wielding Xbox fans, rejoice! Microsoft debuted a version of its My Xbox Live app for the platform Wednesday. Also released: A significant upgrade to the iOS version of the app.

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