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  • Opinion: Microsoft's Mystery Tablet Event: Dawn of a New Microsoft?

    By possibly doing a branded tablet using the new Windows 8 Metro-based Windows RT, Microsoft may actually be trying to reposition itself in a whole new way for the post-PC era. And that may be the even bigger story than the product(s) that Microsoft actually announces today.

  • Opinion: Battleground Europe Game Is Realistic, But Can Be Frustrating

    Battleground Europe (various pricing, 14-day free trial) made its debut in 2001 as "World War Two Online." It followed a familiar pattern: Launched too soon due to financial concerns, it had constant hardware and software issues and lost momentum, unable to attract a large audience. Nonetheless, it has soldiered on (heh), and is still running, and trying to attract and retain new players.

  • Opinion: Learn Vim With Online Game Vim Adventures

    The Vim text editor is not the only piece of ancient software still popular today. After all, Microsoft Word was first released in 1983, a full eight years before Vim. But today's Word bears little resemblance to its original version, while text editor Vim looks and feels almost the same. And yet, Vim has a vibrant community of developers and evangelists working to keep it alive and kicking, with projects like the game Vim Adventures to bring new users into the fold.

  • Opinion: Diablo III Debuts Real Money Auction House

    The most disruptive feature in Diablo III has nothing to do with hacking and slashing your way through the forces of hell: it's the game's real money auction house that lets players sell in-game items for real world cash. Now, after weeks of delay caused by security concerns and server stability issues, Blizzard has finally launched the Real Money auction house. After poking around at the game's economy for a few hours we've got a few pieces of advice to help you play smarter.

  • Opinion: Android Users: Microsoft Debuts a Version of its My Xbox Live App for Android

    Android-wielding Xbox fans, rejoice! Microsoft debuted a version of its My Xbox Live app for the platform Wednesday. Also released: A significant upgrade to the iOS version of the app.

  • Opinion: IO Interactive Debuts New Tech For Hitman: Absolution

    Hitman: Absolution has come a long way since its debut at E3 last year. Square Enix and developer IO Interactive have focused on building an interactive world filled with choice. As Agent 47, players will have the ability to perform missions any way they like. The game features interactive crowds that Agent 47 can use to hide in during and after taking out a target. Roberto Marchesi, art director for Hitman: Absolution, talks about the inspiration behind one of the most-anticipated games of this year in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: Free Game Friday: An HTML 5 Adventure Game and a Game Based on a Sitcom

    After last week's roundup of platformers this week we've got a nice range of game genres that should have a little something for you no matter what type of game you prefer from an old school adventure game to a fan game that's creating an 8-bit open world based on a fake video game in a sitcom.

  • Opinion: The Best Indie Games Of E3 2012

    You could be forgiven for missing the IndieCade pavilion amid the massive booths and pressing crowds of E3 2012. Nestled in a quiet corner of the L.A. Convention Center, this tiny oasis of independent game design is packed with laptop PCs running games made by students, artists and independent game developers.

  • Opinion: Crytek Unleashes Crysis 3 at E3

    One of the big games at E3 2012 comes from acclaimed developer Crytek. Electronic Arts showed off Crysis 3 at its massive booth. Coming in 2013 for PC and consoles, the game utilizes the latest CryENGINE technology. Players take on the role of Prophet as he returns to New York, only to discover that the city has been encased in a Nanodome created by the corrupt Cell Corporation. Rasmus Hojengaard, Director of Creative Development at Crytek, talks about what's in store in this new first-person shooter in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: E3: Console Games Only Need Attend

    After covering the E3 2012 conference this week, I see that, ultimately, E3 doesn't really represent today's broad swath of gaming. Traditional, turn-based war games are completely absent from the mix in Los Angeles, so breakthrough titles similar to last year's Unity of Command are missing in action.

  • Opinion: Firaxis Brings XCOM Back for a New Generation of Gamers

    One of the most beloved turn-based strategy games of all times is getting a contemporary update from one of the most successful strategy developers out there. Firaxis is bringing XCOM: Enemy Unknown to PC and next-gen consoles, putting players in control of the entire XCOM organization. The gameplay focuses on managing resources, improving technologies, and overseeing the combat strategies and individual unit tactics, while battling a terrifying alien invasion around the globe. Powered by Unreal Engine 3 technology, this new game is at E3. Garth DeAngelis, lead producer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, talks about what's in store for fans old and new in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: E3 2012: Virtual Violence Fatigue Settles In

    Violent video games are nothing new, and that’s part of the problem with E3 2012. Microsoft, Sony, and big-budget publishers held press conferences that were chock full of enough blood and gore to turn the stomachs of journalists who cover violent video games for a living, suggesting that we may be on the cusp of a significant change in how video games are developed and sold.

  • Opinion: E3: Hands On with the World of Warplanes Game

    Roughly 30% of players in the free-to-play MMO World of Tanks spend real world money to upgrade or add cosmetic changes to their vehicles. It's a phenomenal conversion rate, and likely the highest in the crowded Free-to-Play market.

  • Opinion: Sleeping Dogs Game Brings Hong Kong To Life At E3

    What began as True Crime: Hong Kong has evolved into one of the most impressive open world games at E3. Sleeping Dogs will allow players to immerse themselves in all aspects of the Hong Kong underworld, going deep undercover as Wei Shen, who's out to take down the Triads. The game offers a trio of explosive gameplay options, including vehicular combat, martial arts and assorted guns and weapons. Jeff O'Connell, senior producer on Sleeping Dogs at United Front Games, talks about the new open-world action adventure in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: Ubisoft Delves Deeper into the Jungle in Far Cry 3

    Ubisoft is returning to the roots of Far Cry with this third outing, although they're adding an element of insanity to the mix. Far beyond the limits of civilization lies an island, a lawless place ruled by violence and human suffering, where your only escape is through drugs or the muzzle of a gun. Stranded on this tropical paradise with a bloody underside, players will find all of their first-person shooter skills tested to the limit. Last E3, the developer focused on the game's beginning with protagonist Jason and the insane Vaas. After trying to kill Jason, both men survive the ordeal and Jason's nightmare begins. Dan Hay, producer on Far Cry 3, talks about what's new at E3 in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: 5 Things You Need To Know About The Elder Scrolls Online

    Plenty of Elder Scrolls fans are cynical about the impending release of The Elder Scrolls Online, and understandably so; the game looks like a generic fantasy MMORPG from five years ago. After checking out the game at E3 we can confirm that The Elder Scrolls Online is a hardcore fantasy MMORPG for PC and Mac, so if you're not into that sort of game you probably ought to steer clear of this one when it comes out next year. But if you're a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, I'm filing this report from the E3 show floor to tell you that you ought to be interested in how Zenimax Studios is designing The Elder Scrolls Online. Here's a few reasons why:

  • Opinion: Ninja Theory Gives Capcom's Devil May Cry a Reboot

    After a decade's worth of best-selling action adventure games from Japan, Devil May Cry's protagonist Dante has headed West with a new master, the UK developer Ninja Theory. The new team hopes to breathe fresh life into the Devil May Cry franchise, which now goes by DmC. The reboot chronicles demon hunter Dante's early years, set against a contemporary backdrop. Alex Jones, producer for DmC at Capcom, talks about what's in store in this new take on the classic third-person perspective action series in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: THQ Rides with Death in Darksiders II

    THQ and Vigil Games are serving up the second chapter in the adventures of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Darksiders II follows the exploits of Death in an original story that intersects with the original game and features appearances by that game's protagonist, War. This sequel, of sorts, sends the agile Death and his horse Despair on a journey of redemption through light and dark realms as he tries to right his brother's name. Han Randhawa, art director at Vigil Games, talks about this deeper blend of role-playing game exploration and action in this exclusive interview.

  • Opinion: Sony: Games Take Center Stage

    Sony is doubling-down on games this year, judging from its E3 keynote, showing off some eye-popping game trailers. Despite hardware taking a back seat to software, Sony did talk up a Wonderbook device and showed how its PlayStation Vita will enhance game play on popular and new game titles. In all, I like what I saw, but was craving more game and title release specifics.

  • Opinion: Company of Heroes 2 Invades the Eastern Front of WWII

    THQ and Relic are heading back to World War II with the new real-time strategy game Company of Heroes 2. Focusing on the Easter Front of the way, players will be commanding the Red Army to defend Soviet soil from the ongoing full-scale invasion from Germany. Developed on Relic’s proprietary Essence 3.0 Engine, the game developer promises this tech will deliver enhanced levels of destruction and increased graphical fidelity. Quinn Duffy, game director on Company of Heroes 2, talks about the 2013 PC release in this exclusive interview.

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