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VRcade aims to be the world's first virtual reality arcade

In this era of home entertainment and personal computing, VRcade might just be what video game arcades needed to be cool again.

Turn a corner on the Internet and chances are you'll collide with some news about the Oculus Rift. Almost everyone seems to be working on some way to capitalize on this renewed love for virtual reality. As such, it was only a matter of time before someone (or a team of someones) took it into their heads to combine virtual reality with those coin-operated arcades your parents keep telling you about.

Enter VRcade. Described as the "first Virtual Reality Arcade for the 21st century," VRcade will essentially be a big, indoor space lined with optical motion-capture cameras. It's not open yet, but the VRcade team has constructed a facility of sorts in Seattle, Washington--a prototype for the finished VRcade. It will have sections dedicated to other activities, but all of the gaming will take place in an area known as The Grid.

When you take part in a game in The Grid, you'll be outfitted with an Oculus Rift, appropriate haptic feedback devices (these help simulate touch), and whatever other props are necessary to help complete the experience. The people behind VRcade are even looking into installing some kind of spectator network to allow you to watch your friends flail blindly in virtual space. Cooooool.

The VRcade team has various other plans in works: Custom-designed games, a software development kit, and a crowdfunding campaign to get it all running. Right now, it's still largely an earnest dream, but we'll let you know if VRcade succeeds at making gaming an athletic endeavor.

[VRcade via Road to Virtual Reality]

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