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This stop-motion Tetris game is made out of chalk and canvas

If you think normal Tetris is hard, try working with stop motion chalk blocks!

If you thought Tetris can get tricky enough on a computer screen, imagine trying to play it in real life, with chalk.

Artist Chris Carlson made an impressive 3D rendition of the much-loved game, and it features everything you'd expect from Tetris. Here's the kicker though: Chris's rendering is a chalk drawing on a curved blackboard, and he used stop-motion techniques to simulate falling and disappearing blocks.

His life-sized recreation is incredibly detailed; Chris started by drawing a grid on the board to make sure that his blocks were all the same size. He then used perspective drawing techniques to give his Tetris game a 3D effect.

While you can only imagine how fiddly and time-consuming it must be to draw, film, and then re-draw each block as it drops down, at least you'll never lose a game again because you get to control which blocks appear. (You eliminate the problem of a lone blank square when you don't have the shape you need. Grr!)

[AWE me Channel via Gizmodo]

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