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Mayhem, chaos and the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod

It comes once in a blue moon, but this weekend you have 48 hours to check out the crazy Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod.

I mentioned this JC2-MP six months ago when it was first generating some popularity in the PC gaming world. It was chaotic, buggy and a ton of fun. If you own Just Cause 2 (which is ridiculously cheap on most digital distribution platforms, including Steam) you need to play this mod. The fun factor of your weekend depends on it.

It only comes around once in a while, but every so often the guys designing the mod will announce a 48-hour playtest period where upwards of 1,000 players can hop into one server and make the island of Panau their personal playground. This weekend is one of those times. At midnight PST tonight, the server will open and the players will flood in.

If you own the game, you should be one of them. Thankfully, installing the mod is a cinch; head to the website's download page at midnight to get the installer. The instructions are all bundled and it only takes about two minutes to complete. From there, all you need to do is type in the correct IP address (also provided) and pray for a decent connection.

Join a car race, enter the destruction derby, hijack a helicopter, ride on top of an airliner with a pilot who has no idea what he's doing or simply parachute over everyone and take in the hilarity. There's really no limits on the fun to be had.

There have been too many updates to count since the last time I took to the server. Hit detection for shooting players has been implemented and greatly improved, many bugs were squashed and the ability to ride on top of a car in stunt positions (and affect the car's physics while doing so) was added.

If you've written off Just Cause 2 as an old game with no life left, you'd be sorely mistaken and had better start reinstalling now to enjoy this rare treat of a mod. If you've played this mod before and were turned off by its bugs, time to give it another shot. If you're not a fan of fun, you have my permission to miss out.

Keep tabs on the Twitter and Facebook feeds of the mod team for their latest announcements.

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