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Free Game Friday: Take Over Europe and Land On Mars

This week we have an interesting online take on a Risk-style world conquest game and a Mars rover game directly from NASA.

Maybe it's just me, but despite all the continuing Olympic coverage I think the most exciting news of the week is the fact that we landed a nuclear powered robot on freakin' MARS. So imagine my excitement when I learned NASA had developed a game you can play as the new Mars rover itself. Even better, that's just one of three games in this week's roundup.

Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm is a short but fun puzzle game about manipulating a bunch of increasingly complex robotic arms. These arms can only rotate into certain fixed positions, but the number of different combinations makes your task (making sure each empty circle winds up over a glowing orange dot) very difficult in the later levels.

Card Wars

Card Wars is a combination of traditional card games and risk. The game involves winning more and more difficult world conquest scenarios using playing cards as troops. The higher the cards value the more powerful it is. The more territory you control the more reinforcements you receive. The game has some extra wrinkles like power-ups and judging by how it's eaten up my afternoon it's fiendishly addictive.

Explore Mars: Curiosity

Explore Mars: Curiosity is a game developed with the help of NASA where you play as and assist the new Mars rover. If that weren't enough the game is also regularly updated with new photos and information from the rover itself.

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