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Castlevania Re-created in Minecraft With Candles, Holy Water, Dracula, and All

Bored with World of Warcraft re-creations in Minecraft? Check out this re-make of the original Castlevania game for NES.

We've seen some awesome video game re-creations in Minecraft, like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and World of Warcraft. But what we love even more are the retro, 2D re-creations like this one made for the Nintendo classic Castlevania.

Nick "Nario" Hagman--aka DJ17Nario on YouTube--made his pixel-to-block perfect re-creation of the first Castlevania with absolutely no mods aside from a single texture pack. The whole process took over 100 hours of build time in the course of 37 straight days.

The re-creation includes every single platform, candle, and sub-weapon from the original NES game. What's even more incredible is that Nick laid out all the background layers by hand--including Dracula's castle looming off in the distance.

The only thing that's missing are the bats that always seem to bump into you while you're in mid-jump. There aren't any real mobs or creeps to speak of in the game, probably due to a lack of creature generation tools. You will, however, encounter a few bosses in block form that you need whittle down with your whip.

If you want to try out this Castlevania map for yourself, you can download it and take it for a spin. Hagman also put up the texture pack and Simon Belmont skin up for download, too.

[YouTube via Game Spy]

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